The 4 Most Common Mistakes (Subluxations) Chiropractors Make With Their Team

We all make mistakes. They're often learned through trial and error, but if we take note then it becomes easier to avoid them moving forward with our practice! After 15 years in business, we continue to see these 4 patterns happen during different phases of the practice. 

Take a look and make sure to watch the video below to break these habits and create a healthy team moving forward. 

Here are the 4 common mistakes we see docs making with their teams:

  1. Waiting too long to hire  
  2. Hiring + Hoping , aka NO Onboarding + Training 
  3. Making it all about metrics , goals, incentives, and money  
  4. No Organization + Accountability  

All of which = Owner Burnout , Frustration , and Doing It All Yourself Anyway  

It really doesn't have to be this way homies! Sort of like communicating and marketing chiropractic, 90% of us just make it too complicated and end up getting bad advice.

I fully understand the burden of school loans, rent, utilities,...

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Subluxation Happens First

As Doctors of Cause, we can’t just be focused on finding “all the things” that cause kids to get subluxated, sick, and stressed — we need to actually take it one step further.

We also need to be obsessed with learning and knowing the exact order or ‘sequence’ with which they got sick. And once a Pediatric & Family Chiropractor is really tuned in to the importance of this crucial, granular piece of clinical information, you’ll find it exactly this way in 90% or more of your pediatric cases today — subluxation happens first.

Before they are exposed to toxins (inhaled, ingested, or injected) and things like dairy, grains, and food dyes — they are subluxated.

Before they are exposed to mental and emotional stress (hello the last two awful years for this) — they are subluxated.

No child will get to live a life free of physical, chemical, and emotional stress (3Ts). But it’s not exposed to these stressors...

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What's Working Now: The Why & How around Driving New Patient Growth


Our practice and so many like it are on absolutely fire with New Patients right now (29 last week!) — let me break down WHY and HOW that is happening so YOU can get in on the impact and action too!

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Impact Is Better When It's Made Together

For the last few weeks, our team has been working on a very special project that is very near dear to my heart.
As part of the preparation for this project, I had the opportunity to connect more deeply with some of the most incredible teams that we have in PX.
We asked them for their feedback on what they feel their teams have learned in PX, what the direct impact has been in their practices/communities and what level of value they felt had been created by having their team participating in our program.
I was completely blown away!
As a Perfect Storm Mom and Chiropractic Evangelist, I always struggled with the concept of chiropractors as solopreneurs. I’ve experienced firsthand just how much Impact a Care Advocate can make on a patient's experience and even more importantly, how they can help to change someone's life. I’ve also experienced how incredibly well-rounded and invaluable having a DOC TEAM can be for the depth of a patient's...
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Find it, Care plan for it, Adjust it, Repeat!


We can never stop with the message of Neuro-development and milestones!

There is no better way to enter the conversation with mom ‍‍ about their child’s struggles. Milestones are truly a bridge to take a parent from symptoms to bodily systems all the way to the Nervous System .

Symptoms tell us system struggles so never shy away from getting mom to tell her kiddo's story! As hope dealers, it gives us clues!

Above is a whiteboard video recorded a while ago tying together the CDC milestones changes with crawling and how that motor milestone ties into the digestive and the immune systems .

We used it to invite parents to our Raising Healthy Kids, Naturally workshop!

And...this is also EXACTLY what we dove into clinically on today's PX Clinical Excellence Call...helping us find the CAUSE and PHASE in development where the subluxation took place! So we can...

Find it, Care plan for it, Adjust it, Repeat!


Want to join us on these weekly Zoom calls plus SO....

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The S.H.A.R.E. Formula with Dr. Angus Pyke


Each and every week inside of The Pediatric Experience we host Zoom calls with our core leadership team as well as the occasional special guest.

Dr. Tony recently brought in our good friend and absolute marketing genius Dr. Angus Pyke from Australia to co-teach with him, and dial absolutely granular and detailed on the one thing Angus knows best — making badass videos !

“There’s someone in your community who is WAITING for YOU to STEP UP, LEARN this, and get over your fears! FIND them, HELP them.” - Dr. Angus Pyke

 He teaches us his absolute TOP value content that helped Dr. Tony & Dr. Matt’s start to really catch fire and move the needle last year — the S.H.A.R.E. Formula — which is absolutely perfect for Pediatrics , Perinatal , and Family practices!

The timing is absolutely perfect for this one.

Never before have moms and dads been taking in hours upon hours of video content on online — Facebook, Instagram, TikTok,...

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What's Working Now: The "Whiteboard Wednesday" Strategy


Read first, then check out the video


Who likes doing Facebook live videos? ….

I’d be willing to bet that almost all of us on Peds today would prioritize a tough progress report w/ a dad whose a pediatrician over a Video recording of ourselves…ok that may be too far.

But even if you feel more comfortable in an insta Reel dancing than a live video, here’s the call to action for today…

Do long-form “whiteboard” videos (Facebook lives, Instagram TV, and blogs) because you never know who is watching!

Here’s my “Case Study ” on it!

The goal: 5-6 months back we committed, as an office, to create more educating and entertaining content (edu-taiment) to share our pediatric brand, culture, and excitement! AND along with the FUN we committed to ONE whiteboard, longer form (5-10 mins) live video each week to drop in the middle of it.

The results: Overall WAY more viewership of our Instagram content (due to the reels, fun,...

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3 Ways To Know If You Really Are a Neurologically-Focused Chiropractor

3 Ways To Know If You Really Are a Neurologically-Focused Chiropractor

  1. Is Your Exam Entirely Focused on Measuring Function (or lack thereof, subluxation) of the Central & Autonomic Nervous System ?
  2. Do You Care Plan Entirely Based Off of Measurements of Autonomic Function (ie. scans, NOT symptoms)?
  3. Do You Use a Neuro-Tonal Model of Adjusting Every Single Visit (ie. not simply adjust segmentally, structurally, etc.)

This 'Move the Needle' post is entirely inspired by something we are consciously and very actively leading not just in the profession, but flat out online and in health care as a whole -- the explosion of awareness and action towards the vital importance of the Brain and Autonomic Nervous System, Vagus Nerve , Neuroplasticity, Neurodevelopment (Perfect Storm work), etc!

It's absolutely imperative that our profession lead this movement both within health care, and more importantly - within the "market place" (aka, take it straight to moms like we are with...

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The Truth Behind Building and Growing a Pediatric-Focused Practice

Building and growing a pediatric-focused practice is far more difficult initially than building a pain-based practice. Key word there — initially.

95% of chiro school curriculums and 95% of coaching and management systems know the pain-based, insurance-dependent model only.

Combine that with the unfortunate reality that for now, 95% of the population thinks of chiropractors primarily for back and neck pain as well, and we’ve got quite the conundrum if we want to really serve kids and build an actual family practice one day!

That’s why so many get stuck in the pain-based practice model — it’s easy.

The Peds-First model we train our tribe on inside The Pediatric Experience Membership and Live Seminars requires a lot of work upfront.

  • Your certainty needs to be an 11 out of 10
  • Your communication skills need to be an 11 out of 10, using empathy , trust, and science instead of scripts and sales
  • Your clinical results must truly be at...
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The 3 Chiropractic Practice Models of Today ๐Ÿฆด ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ ๐Ÿ‘ถ (Choose Wisely)


This 20-minute "Chiro TED Talk" style video could be one of the most important ones you watch in your entire career! And for students and start ups, it could be the most pivotal EARLY awareness and "Oh snap that's so true!" understanding you ever get... and put you on the right course for you future practice right out of the gates! 

Let's break down each one in some more detail here: 

Practice Model #1 - Back, Neck, Spinal , Pain, & Insurance-Dependent Practice. 

Every bit of our standard training prepares us to put on the white coat with our name "Dr. Back Pain" stitched on it, and along with "spinal manipulations" you are supposed to rock rehab, massage, PT, traction, and a whole host of other "spine stretching" therapies to help you alleviate their pain in 8-12 visits or less, rack up the insurance bill, and send them on their way! 

This Spinal Doctor Model brings with it

  1. Extremely hard to market and stand out , meaning you're usually...
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