Vacuum Extraction Births + C2 Subluxations (Neuro Nerd Time)

It’s absolutely wild how much clinical data you can gather from a pediatric case history form when you know these two things in depth:

1. The neurology of the subluxation in kids
2. The ‘neuro-bio-mechanics’ of the birth process + interventions

After 15 years of specializing in #birthtrauma and #perfectstorm cases, we’ve been able to really track down subluxation with our case history, INSiGHT Scans, and Neuro-Tonal analysis … and it’s truly fascinating work!

 This video breaks down the clinical correlations between vacuum extraction birth intervention, C2 major (primary) subluxations, and the resultant “S” conditions + health challenges that come from it down the road for countless kids you’ll see in practice!

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Can Chiropractic Help?


One question I get regularly, especially during an adjusting shift, is...

"I have a friend whose kiddo struggles with ______ . Can chiropractic help?"

The answer is almost always YES! We absolutely can "whiteboard" ‍ the answer out for our crew... but how do we get that info to the mom or dad whose kiddo is struggling?

Drumroll, please...

The articles here have been a lifesaver to text and share with patients! All pediatric chiropractic centered, with neuro education and a clear call to action to get to a PX doc on the directory!

This was an absolute lifesaver recently during an adjusting shift, so I recorded a quick walk-through to help navigate so you can all share too!

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Top 4 Tips for Getting Incredible Neurological 🧠 Results with Chiropractic

Here are my Top 4 "S" tips for those who want to get absolutely incredible neurological results with chiropractic alone !

(Meaning, no need for lasers or gyro machines, no primitive reflex or vision therapies, no supplements or detoxes, etc.)

1. STUDY the science + neurology of #subluxation to the fullest

2. SCAN the child's nervous system, instead of relying on palpation and posture alone

3. START with a higher frequency of adjusting than you ever have before, going 1x/day or even 2x/day on the toughest of neuro cases

4. STAY with a high frequency even as the initial results + improvements begin to happen

Some of the biggest things holding us back from these kinds of clinical results are our own doing...

- We study nutrition and reflexes more than neurology and subluxation.

- We rely on physical exam findings only, and try and parlay that into neurological info.

- We wuss out on the initial care plan frequency because our certainty + communication skills aren't on...

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We get phenomenal outcomes, together!

We recently had a new patient on the schedule who was referred by their pediatrician.

This little one had a traumatic birth, a 2-month NICU stay, surgery, and now has torticollis and colic.

This pediatrician is one of our community partners. We collaborate. We co-care. We get phenomenal outcomes, together.

This provider and her team are patients here at our practice and bring their families in for care. Our team brings our children to her and her team. We deeply value what each other brings to the table.

We strengthen ourselves with our collaboration. We strengthen our community with our relationship. We value and are committed to the same things. Thriving, healthy families are our number one focus!

I’m so thankful that when a patient like this little sweetheart mentioned above has a start in life and their team knows to send them to us for care and support.

This is so important to furthering our mission!!! It’s easy to rage against the machine. It’s easy to...

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The Most Simplified, Yet Advanced, 10-Minute of Subluxation Neurology


Hint to how powerful this video right here is... most Peds Chiros can only handle ONE of subluxation's elements with their adjusting protocols, and then turn to therapies (PT, OT, primitive reflexes, etc.) to handle the incoordination component.

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We Will Make It Through The Storm

From Jacqui...

I had one of the most challenging conversations in practice yesterday. The kind of conversation that sticks with you forever. The kind that you remember being on the other end of before chiropractic. And you remember the hell that it was back then. When you were just a desperate mom looking for help with your kid, you didn’t know what chiropractic could do.

It’s wild how each day inside these walls feels more like a divine appointment than a job. And that’s because it is. It is that and more for all of us in this profession. Our experiences, stories, and lives are colliding together in a Perfect Storm that will change this world through chiropractic!

We’re going to make it so that no mom ever feels like she has been abandoned by a society that doesn’t want to see their mess or care about their struggle.

We will have the hard conversations about progress not being where we wanted it to be when a kid is struggling under care....

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The Simple Yet Often Overlooked Way to 10X Your Results with Pediatric Chiropractic


If you're looking to 10X your results in practice, I'll be bold here and say it — be a better Care Planner.

And take your training beyond just increasing the number of visits…get granular with:

Initial frequency

Total duration of the plan

Neuro-momentum they are starting with

The adjustment is rad - but Adjustment(s) get you to the miracles!

And here's your video on how to communicate it to your tribe!

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3 Tips for Adjusting Infants

Dr. Tony's 3 Tips for Adjusting Infants:

  1. Take it way easy early on ‍
  2. See them with much higher frequency early on (1-2x per week does not cut it for today's subluxated child)
  3. Don't add anything else (probiotics, tongue tie talk, etc.) early on

The neurology of the tiniest little ones we see in practice is the most 'fresh' and, in many ways, simple to work with. But that also means it's the easiest to overwhelm.

If you add in too many adjustments per visit early on, or bring a bit too much 'oomph" to the adjustments... you may overdo it.

You'll often make a super light, tonal adjustment to these little ones who are in the middle of the screaming + colic storm... and you'll doubt if you did enough. You did. Trust it. Be patient. You can always add more on the next visit.

Focus on adding more ease into their delicate nervous systems, be persistent (care plan frequency), and be patient. Do NOT get into nutritional changes, probiotics, and tongue tie conversations too early...

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3 Benefits to Hire Early in Your Chiropractic Practice


A question we always get is who and how to hire.

But those are not the first questions you should be asking.

In this video, we'll cover WHEN to hire because the other two fall into place if you do this step correctly.

Watch this video above as Kristina and Dr. Tony share their three top reasons to hire early every time!

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5 Steps to Creating Consistent Content (that actually works!)


Nothing is more impactful for both kids + families in your community, and YOU and your practice... than the absolutely key thing I'll teach you in this 10-minute video!

If you want a legendary practice instead of an ordinary one, follow these 5 steps detailed out above and never stop .

After you watch this video, snag your copy of our social media posting guide here!

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