Do babies 👶 struggle with chronic health challenges?


Lately, in babies, we’ve seen more HRVs plotting lower on the autonomic activity index and more blue Thermal DTGs than ever before.

In PX, we train regularly that these two aspects of the HRV and DTG are your “DEPTH” finders. They show more deep-rooted and oftentimes chronic, long-term stress.

This stress in babies may not be “chronic” as we classically define chronic, but I promise it’s chronic.


Simply by a % of life and beyond that babies have been in that subluxated (stress stuck on) state!

Think about the scary path we often see in practice...
moms stressed ‍from all 3Ts preconception
then into the prenatal world excited at first, then scared with all the policies and tests thrown around in the mainstream OB/Med world
so mom limps into delivery emotionally and physically stressed
then intervention happens, and that deep-rooted emotional stress baby felt ‍ gets physical stress added to it.

Add it all up, and a baby's motor,...

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5 Crucial Lessons Learned about Pediatric Chiropractic in 2022


As we bring this year to a close, this is the chance to look back, reflect and get ready for a fresh new year ahead. Not all of these lessons were full of sunshine and unicorns , but they are valuable and essential to carry with you into 2023, nonetheless!

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3 Moves to Hire A++ Players


Hiring A++ players is the one move that changes absolutely everything! Here are the 3 moves we make to make that happen.

1. Go after people you absolutely want, even if you don't think they'll say yes (yet!).

2. Be an A++ leader and be ready to level yourself up!

3. Give them ownership & empower them!

And when you can do these 3 moves, you will find, hire and keep those team members you've always wanted to add to your team.

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Hungry, Humble & Heart-Centered

This week we started training another CA in our practice to present financials and have also been working with a team member on giving a great new patient phone call experience. It has been such an important reminder about the fundamentals of an excellent patient connection but also an even better reminder that the best teams are lifelong learners.

Sometimes when we become skilled at certain aspects of our roles, we can get a little fancy or even gasp…think we are now exempt from being able to or needing to keep learning.

And that is when the demise starts. There is no such thing as arrived. There is no such thing as exempt. There is no such thing as “knowing all there is to know,” no matter how “great” you are at something. When this happens, we’re in the “me zone” and not the “them zone,” our patients.

Everything we do all day, every day, needs to be about them. They need that from us. When we do this, we are relentless...

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Trust the Mom Gut!

Truer words than these were never spoken. So often, we think of everything we need to do to create an incredible experience that we can forget the proper hierarchy of the most important one, listening.

Listening not to agree, not to disagree, and not to respond but to understand.

When we have true empathy for a patient, what their struggles are, and what they aim to achieve with care, it is then, and only then, that we can truly serve them in the best way possible.

The great news here is that not only are we, as a profession, already doing this well, but we’re also getting better and better all the time. This alone sets us far above the rest.

But that’s not all; pair that with Scans, Care Plans, and World Class Care…we know that ends one way.

The best way. The only way. It must be because they deserve nothing less than the BEST LIFE POSSIBLE!

I’m so thankful for the incredible wisdom that moms share with us, their words are always the True North that help...

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5 Variables to "Change Up" Clinically if Change Isn't Happening Fast Enough


This changed our clinical way of thinking for Pediatrics , Perfect Storm and the toughest of “stuck” cases!

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3 Steps for Progress Report Communication & Interpretation


Do you ever feel stuck on a progress report?

First off, It's very normal to feel this way!

There's nothing more frustrating than scans looking different than what you thought they would or like them too.

And sorry to break it to you…but no matter how much practice or experience you have, this WILL still happen; you can’t escape it .

We have the whole framework rolling out in this month's PX Clinical Call, but here is a sneak peek…

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4 Steps to Strategic Planning Like A Boss


'Tis the season to slay your Strategic Planning Meeting!

You best be digging into spreadsheets, metrics, and KPIs ... laying out your marketing calendar ... dialing in that Org Chart ‍ ... and more!

I love this stuff and am damn good at it, so if you need help... watch this video !

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Chiropractic Is (and should be) Enough!

Have you ever considered that our patients get inundated with hundreds of options for health + healing options? Everything from drugs, medicine ‍, diet changes and detoxes , 5000 supplements, herbs, and essential oils.

And as docs, we are just as inundated with self-claimed experts who continually sell us on things NOT chiropractic that we "should" add to our practice and lives.

Every single seminar + class we take on rehab, therapies, nutrition, detoxes, tongue ties , primitive reflexes, and lasers  take us FURTHER AWAY from the certainty, clarity, and understanding of chiropractic. We need to master chiropractic and become a world-class doctors of chiropractic truly!

Don't forget you spent 7-8 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a degree!

We can believe that because we have a chiro degree and have been doing it for a short bit, we've "earned our keep" and can move on to other stuff without losing our skill.

That's not true.

Kobe ...

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Communicating the EMG scan to Parents


Tis the season for parents to feel overwhelmed, low energy, and stressed to the max …
So, time to get mom and dad under care ASAP!

But do they know that Chiropractic helps with sleep, energy, and mood ?

Here are 2 easy communication and verbiage keys when communicating the EMG scan to parents that we double down on during the Holidays and “Gift of Health” season!

1. Energy Distribution = Efficiency and Ease. Poor organization leads to a "wound up, yet word out" feeling

2. Kids respond with hyperactivity, sensory, or anxiousness while adults respond by "throttling down", impacting mood, energy, and performance.

Not a good place to keep your brain in, so don’t forget to get adjusted yourself

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