Chiropractic 3.0 Model (👶 + 🧠 + 💰)

Looking Back

I wasn’t there obviously, but I gotta imagine the earliest days of chiropractic will forever be our most badass days. Not only did they literally create and promote a brand new healing art, they did it with absolute tenacity and style. 

They lived in a mansion on top of a hill (“I’m all the way up!” - Fat Joe ), and then built a monster school next to it. 

They bought a radio station to take the message to the world. 

They helped facilitate healing not just in back and neck pain (easy stuff by their standards I’m sure), but in the toughest of tough cases from all over the world. 

And they went to freaking jail and came out stronger on the other side. 

That literally had to be the greatest generation of chiropractors, and man I wish I could meet and talk with some of the men and women who literally built our foundation back then! 

For the purpose of this blog, what is most important to illustrate and present...

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My Formula for Hiring, Giving Bonuses and Reviewing Our Chiropractic Team


Are you struggling with hiring and leading your Associate Docs and CAs?

One of the core foundations of our PX content revolves around Team & Leadership. After you’ve mastered certainty in adjusting and communication, it’s time to focus on developing a rockstar team to run alongside you.

We’re diving right into the successful formula that has been used at PWC to not only sustain but also keep growing at such a rapid pace.

Over 15 years we’ve hired and managed A LOT of great staff members. After all of those years, we’ve developed principles to keep up with the constant growth of our practice.


Dr. Tony Ebel breaks down the top 3 questions he’s asked when it comes to his chiropractic team.

1. When should I hire?

I break this down to 3 timeframes:

  • Hire Early
  • Hire On-time
  • Hire Late

The chiropractic profession attracts solopreneurs that often don’t have the foundation of hiring skills and are left to trust books and random advice...

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The Work ⚒️ Comes First

“The work comes before the belief.” - Andy Frisella 

Dang y’all, I love me some Andy Frisella and have for some time. But when he dropped this line and the context around it on a recent podcast, I freaking lost it because he perfectly articulated something I’ve struggled to effectively explain for a long time!

MUST WATCH: The Work Comes First

The Order Matters Most

You see, for a long time I watched so many chiropractors get great advice and coaching, but in the wrong order . 

They’d be fed video after video, and go to seminar after seminar that spent 99% of their time talking about “Belief Systems” and “Mindset” and so on and so forth! 

And because that was the only topic discussed again and again, it took up all the time that was needed to share with these docs what they needed most - A FREAKING STEP-BY-STEP game plan of how to do the work. 

They would go home and think all they needed to do was work...

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Don't Get Too Comfortable!

Confession 🤭 :
When I first started fresh out of Chiropractic school I was scared 😢 to death on Day 1. Especially when I came to communicating to moms about their kiddos. Maybe it was the memorized "18 questions" we learned at Palmer, maybe all the talk from speakers that "OPQRST" 🩺 🥼was the wrong move... not enough and that I needed to share the "truth" about how the body heals regardless of the paradigm I felt like I was winging it.
I was trying my best to make a great first impression, gather the needed info, and just get to day 2.💨 I figured if they knew, liked, and were starting to trust me I was on the right track... and it turns out I was.
Kids, moms, and dads all signed up for care. I gained confidence 💪 and the scared feeling turned into more comfort 🙂! ...But then I crashed 💥 and burned 🔥. Let me explain...
A 2 year old came in with the same diagnosis as my special needs son. Mom explained the history as I nodded and agreed. I shared my...
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Feeling Over Function 😉 = Retention + Referrals


No one love the concept of "function over feeling" more than us chiros! 

Until the Neuro Fuse Box poster came around from Well Aligned Product, it no doubt was the top selling poster in the profession (heck, maybe still is - they make one too). 

But for this blog, I want to let you know the one absolutely pivotal place in your practice where the opposite is entirely true! 

When it comes to building a lifetime family wellness practice, the 'Patient Experience' is the most important thing you need to focus on.

And for most chiros, we have a long ways to go .


Before we dig in on how to build that dream family wellness practice, let's be sure to define what it actually is. The one I'm talking about is where entire families come in every single week for care NOT just for pain, problems, and symptom relief... but because they know it's a crucial ingredient to a kick ass, full, vibrant life! 

And most...

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3 Awesome 👏 Lessons Learned from 2021

2021 kicked serious ass ! 

Yes, for many outside of our practice, our profession, and our style of people (of which there are 100+ million, see below)… it was a chaotic, stressful, and toxic year. 

But if you were inside the rapidly expanding circle of influence we live in and lead from, this year was freaking fantastic !!! 

I wake up every single day not only committed to living full out this incredible life God has granted me, but also getting the perspective and actions steps that led to it shared with as many of you as possible. 

So in that light, here are the 3 most impactful, most helpful-to-you lessons I learned in 2021.

Read on, learn, and if inspired… get after these three things like never before in 2022!!! 


1. If you focus too much on math and profits, you lose your meaning and purpose. 

Like all things in life, running a business (practice) means always seeking to maintain a delicate balance. I like to refer to this as...

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3 Things I'm Doing Before the End of the Year 🗓

Here we are once again my friends, 6 weeks out of from the end of the year ! 

Regardless of whether it was a great year, average year, or crap year for you... these three (3) "R" things are something each of us should be doing extensively in the next 6 weeks to get ready to grow (personal and professional) in 2022 and beyond. 

1. Review  

The main mode you should be in right now is learning mode. 

First look at your practice's metrics and stats, and simply look for two main things: Where were you strong , and where did you stink? 

The general flow of looking at our practice metrics is to look into our marketing efforts and results first. What were your main sources of New Patients in 2021? Did you get a solid ROII (Return on Impact + Income ) from where you put your time, effort, and money? Remember, marketing is as much about effort and outputs as it is money, especially if you are still a startup and have a lot more time and energy than you do extra...

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3 Straight 🔥 ROF Tips

1. Bring More Inspiration and Enthusiasm than Information and Education

As absolutely obsessed chiropractic philosophy and science nerds , so many of us immediately fall into the trap of wanting to dive deep into the 33 principles, science of subluxation , our fancy digital x-rays, or go hard at explaining Thermal DTG, Surface EMG, and HRV!

That is an absolutely wonderful plan to take IF you're teaching CEs to a room full of chiropractors, but you're not. You are speaking to a parent.

A parent who has been completely beat up, inundated, and overwhelmed (yet underwhelmed at the same time) by the traditional medical system , and probably biomedical and natural medical world already.

They've already had all the blood work, lab tests, genetic testing, MRIs, EEGs, and more... and yet they have NOT yet found the Hope, Answers, and Help they seek to get their child well.

Therefore what they need from you more than anything else during this visit is an obsessive, almost obscene amount...

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Why I Stopped 🛑 Making Videos for our Facebook Page


In today's world nothing moves the needle more with your marketing and serving your community than video ! So, why stop? Watch the short video and find out! 

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3 Must Do Moves for Q4 2021 Marketing


Watch this 10 minute video with Dr. Tony as he talks the '3 Must Do Moves for Q4 2021 Marketing.' Stay tuned into PX for more details and trainings coming!

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