Why a PX Date Night?

Being a chiropractic spouse is different. It's a unique partnership, a different lifestyle, and a different way to parent. From the moment Tony started his chiropractic school journey, it's been an us thing. So we wanted to have a monthly, open and honest "Date Night" for any couples on this chiropractic journey together.

We will be live with you on Zoom once a month (which staying awake after the kids are in bed AND looking somewhat presentable is going to legit be hard for me!) 

We are far from perfect, we've had struggles and we still struggle but we've learned so much along the way about running a business together and we want to share it with you. We also want to be super real with you because I think it's so hard when we only see other people's business and life wins. Sometimes there are some oh shit moments in there and it's important to be honest about that so we can learn from each other and also know we're in this together! Because if we win, they win.



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Something Has Got to Change

This past week has been straight crazy, filled with reflection for Tony and I. A lot of questions, a lot of soul searching, and a lot of worry…but only by me, Tony doesn’t worry. Like ever. 

We knew the path was going to be different but we didn't know how or what until we stopped trying to make it about ourselves and make it about pediatric and family chiropractic. It was at that moment that the ideas came flooding in and the path became so freaking clear!

It’s so clear, it’s almost surreal we didn’t see it sooner. The path to take pediatric chiropractic to more kids and families is by realizing no one owns it. The more we try to protect it for ourselves and our own gain, the more we suffocate it. “You can’t be in growth and protection at the same time” Bruce Lipton is something from the very start of our journey that I say to myself often when I get scared making business and life decisions.

Funny how that same quote made...

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