The Difference Between Brand Building and Scripts + Sales!


I am so very thankful 🙏 that a few business + marketing mentors taught me this lesson early on in practice because after doing just ONE ☝️ spinal screening in my first year of practice… I was 💯 certain I never wanted to do one again in my entire life.

Now, can screenings, scripts, sales pitches, discounted exam pop-ups on your website, and $19 Facebook “voucher” ads 🎟️ build a practice? Yes, they can. That’s why you see them everywhere.
But, that’s a practice built upon the sand, not the rock.

A practice built around screening, scripting, and sales tactics continually extracts and lowers the Brand Value + Equity in their community… and comes with short-term gains but long-term “side effects” and damage 🤕 to your brand and business over time.

Instead, we have always taken the long game, brand-building approach with our practice. We absolutely deploy the “Give, Give, Give, Give…” strategy by continually pumping out incredible patient testimonials 🥰 and social proof, educational videos 🎥 (short form reels 🎞️ and long form) and articles 📝, social media posts, blogs, email 📧 newsletters, workshops, webinars, and more!

As a result, we not only continue to have a massive flood 🌊 of ideal, excited new patients coming in every month… it happens consistently and predictably because it’s built upon brand, not sales + scripts.
Watch this detailed training video 🎥 I made to walk you through the major differences between these 2️⃣ approaches, and then decide for yourself — will you build a brand with your practice or memorize scripts and sales pitches!?


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