90% of chiropractic coaches all focus on the same thing


It seems that 90% of chiropractic coaches all focus on the same thing (and pretty much only this thing) —  Mindset.

So if that many people talk about it, it’s got to be important. Right? It absolutely is.

But the real key 🔑 and difference maker is figuring out that most do just that, talk 🗣️ about it.

But then they don't actually teach the strategic, actionable, real-life steps to earn 💪 your way to a strong mindset.

Guess what won’t do it?

Listening to stories and lessons from others, or standing in front of a mirror 🪞 speaking affirmations into it and “holding space” for becoming your “best self” — or whatever any and all of that actually means anyway.

This is what WILL get the job done ☑️:

1. Surround yourself with humble, hungry, action takers 🏃‍♂️(the last element being the most important one there)

2. Commit to consistent, daily + weekly outputs + actions directed at whatever thing you are most challenged with.

Don’t have anyone around you who has a strong mindset and takes consistent actions to build success?

Hire and pay 💰 a mentor or community that does if you need to.

Don’t have confidence in your adjusting skills 🙌 yet?

Get on a mission trip surrounded by one, teaching docs who are crazy confident and good at teaching… and two, hundreds of patients who are awesomely in love with whatever adjustment and hope you can possibly give them!

Don’t have confidence in your communication 🗣️ and marketing (practice building) skills yet?

Make a list of 5 different people and businesses you can walk into and talk to about chiropractic every week, and knock them out one ☝️ per day or take it on the chin and knock out all five one ☝️ day per week!

Those are 3️⃣ of the moves I made starting out when I absolutely did NOT have one-tenth of the confidence and mindset 💪 in chiropractic, communication, and practice building I do now.

I sucked so badly at these things that I hired 2️⃣ different coaches, with Dr. Troy Dukowitz being the one that really got this taken care of for me!

From there, I went on a mission trip and adjusted hundreds of kids and parents.

Then even back in school, I forced myself to go out and do as many talks and screenings (yep, yuck 🤢) as possible to get “reps” talking about and communicating chiropractic.

Don’t sit around and wait for your magical 🪄 mindset to show up, and don’t listen to any podcasts 🎙️ or coaches who only talk about it but never provide any tangible action steps.

Know this — action and results are the only things that will get you there.


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