3 Major Branding Mistakes Most Kid Chiros Make

As chiropractors we spend so much time sorting out and choosing our primary adjusting technique 🙌 , and we wear that title with such pride that we mistakenly try and take it 'outward' to our community. What do I mean by that? I mean this stone cold reality is true - less than .1% of your community cares what technique you use my friend. 

I've found that the vast majority of chiropractors are absolutely freaking phenomenal at adjusting 🙌 (albeit not all by any means), but really terrible at the topic of this email -- brand positioning. 

Read thru the 3️⃣ Major Brand Mistakes that most Pediatric Chiropractors make, and then be sure to check out the end of the email 📧 where you can get clear direction on what brand position you DO want to take... if you want to make massive impact on kids 👶 and families in your community, and have a wildly successful 🔥 at the same time!

Mistake #1 - Thinking 'Family'...

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Mandate Updates and Support Round Two 🛡


 A very important, short 4-minute update video from Dr. Tony that lets you know the latest goings on with all the C-word BS and mandates. And most importantly, lets you know why clicking the links below and supporting the Chiropractic Defense Council is crucial right now! 

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The #1 Reason Parents Do (or do NOT) buy 💰 Pediatric Chiropractic


The #1 thing we all love to do as Pediatric Chiropractors (talk about it 24/7) is NOT the very first thing  you need to be doing when communicating with parents in your community, or on a Day 1 Consult. 

We all need to stop trying to jam the science, art, and philosophy down their throats right out of the gates... and first take the time to listen , connect, and lead with empathy. 

You do that, you "win" and convert the pediatric patient under care every single time. 

Skip that step and go right to the fire hose of spewing science and scripts all about how amazing chiropractic is, how it works, etc. first... and you convert very few. 

It's the "order" of things that matters most! 

Don't worry doc, you still get to nerd out on them... just AFTER you make that empathetic, emotional connection first. 

Watch this short video blog by Dr. Tony to learn a monster mistake you likely are making nearly every single time you chat with a parent about...

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5 Must Know Tips on Associates and a Kick Ass Group Doc Practice

1 - Don't Wait and Be Late

So many of us wait until we are about 500 miles past the burn out and exhaustion stage, where we're too busy to even see straight... and then 3 years later after that hire our first associate.  

This leads to being so overwhelmed and busy upon hiring, that you have no time and energy to immerse, support, and train the new doctor. They won't work out, you blame them (not you)... and the burn out and frustration cycle continues. 

Don't be cheap. Invest early and often, and your growth will never be slowed or stopped! 

2 - Don't Pay  Poorly 

This is a huge, direct reason why this profession continues to stay smaller than it should. We limit ourselves with poor, awful business decisions. 

There is no greater potential you can invest in than another amazing subluxation slayer to saddle up alongside you and serve! Stop paying them a low salary, giving them a dry spine and screening kit, and sending them to Costco each weekend...

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What Drives You? Purpose Before Profits 💰


This is a quick-hitter blog post, designed to refuel or recenter your purpose - depending on where you currently are in this conversation! 

Look, making a massive income and taking tons of vacations are freaking great. But if that is your primary purpose, then every single mom and dad in your community will sniff that out in a hot second and NOT bring their kids to see you. 

If you want a thriving Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Practice then you've got to get your priorities and purpose in the right order. 

If you got into this primarily to make a ton of money and have a ton of time off, then PI and Peripheral Neuropathy are for you - not Peds and Family.  

Enjoy this 90-second "rant" my friend we pulled out from one or our Tuesday PX Membership Zoom Trainings! 

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The Hierarchy of Health + Healing 🧠


As a profession, we get so frustrated when parents turn to the pediatrician ‍ and medications first. But let's be honest, what does the majority of our own profession turn to first when a tough case comes up? 

Chiropractic adjustments of course is the answer, right? Oh how I wish . 

Just like a pediatrician who continues to throw out antibiotics and steroids for every respiratory infection   gets under my skin, so does this sad reality our profession faces - when push comes to shove 50% or more of us turn to primitive reflexes and probiotics before principled chiropractic and slaying subluxations. 

Not good. 

I just finished going through the last 15-20 posts in our Pediatric Chiropractic Today Facebook Group that had a chiropractor looking for help with a case clinically, either a patient or their own child. What I found was that in just over 50% of the responses, our very own profession recommended these docs try something besides...

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We Don't Prevent, We Prepare 💪

Never before have parents been absolutely over and done with the medical profession, and their focus on fear, treatment, etc.

Whether they've joined 1 or 100 holistic, crunchy Facebook groups... the gig is up. Parents today know that the traditional medical ‍ approach is crap . 

They are leaving it in droves and looking for something different.

That's why now today, more than ever, it's absolutely crucial the message you share with your community (marketing ) and patients must clearly provide contrast to the message of medicine . 

Contrast just may be my favorite word. I'm obsessed with it! It allows you to stand out and stay separate and distinct from others, without bashing or talking down about them! 

For the last 2 weeks we had six Perfect Storm Intensive patients at our practice, staying for 2 weeks to get 2 adjustments per day. These patients especially have literally done it all, tried it all. They've exhausted the medical system of drugs and surgery,...

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The Gift of Contrast

I’ll never forget the day this picture was drawn for me. One of the most difficult cases we’ve EVER had, at PWC, drew it for me during a ROF with her mom. I remember thinking that I would keep it forever as I never wanted to lose touch with what it represented. 💕
That day mom told me how she felt the world saw her daughter and what she KNEW about her daughter. 🙏K sat there drawing and chiming in to tell me how drawing helped her feel calm and happy, reciting names of animals and creatures she dreamt up to draw.
Providing care for K was a challenge. She needed a lot of care for a long time. Sometimes she needed special accommodations in the office, she’d physically refuse to come in from the car. If her PANDAS started to flare she would regress with a huge pendulum swing. She’d say things no little girl would ever want or intend to say. She was mean, really mean, and sometimes physical. It was difficult to watch her experience these things....
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5 Steps to Massive Influence & Impact

This one will speak right to the heart of those who are especially mission-minded and purpose-driven, looking to achieve big things ! Doubling down on that, it will especially speak to you if you want to achieve those big things not for your own personal gain, but in order to massively impact kids and families in your community.

If you're in it for you more than them, you won't make it very far down this list before you run out of . This takes work, commitment, consistency.

Our practice is going through some insane growth again over the last few weeks to months, and this morning it had me reflecting on exactly what 'steps' it took to get here over the last 10+ years. I wanted to share them, because it's my hope and dream to see so many of you not only take them... but take them faster, better, stronger than we did so that you can impact and influence even more kids and families!

So, here goes:

1 - Adjusting

While of course I studied for exams and boards during school, those...

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The Growth 📶 Paradox

The #1 thing we all want so badly, growth , quickly becomes the #1 thing that trips us up and stresses out to the absolute max! 

Been there, done that haven't you? 

If you've been in practice for even a short period of time, it's likely you know all about how growth works... and how it doesn't. 

Growth does NOT have a tendency to come in consistent, steady, bite-sized chunks like this little emoji here - . Nope, instead, it tends to come seemingly all once and awesomely sets fire to most everything in our practice and lives!  

We end up: 

  • Working straight through lunch, preparing ROFs, and catching up on paperwork  
  • Staying late to fit more patients in, finish paperwork , and keep everything else in order 
  • Our systems we worked so hard to sort out, are rendered near useless and start to look like a 1988 dial-up phone  
  • Our team gets worn out, exhausted , cranky, and perhaps even quit ‍ 

What gives? Why is exactly what we...

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