The Wrong Path - Part Two (The One Thing)

"Oh man we miss coming to see you Dr. Tony, but don't worry... we still do everything you taught us to do. We eat healthy, take our vitamins, never take the flu shot, and are keeping up with all our OT appointments for him!" 

My heart ♥  sank. 

Out of all the words that mom said to me when she spotted me at the local Dolphin Swim Club where our kids took lessons, I only heard one - everything. Obviously, there was one thing missing - coming to see me, aka getting their family adjusted still.

I'm so thankful for that day and for seeing Cyndi. Her words carried so much weight and provided me so much clarity that I've carried with me into everything we do to this day. 

Here I was a Pediatric Certified Chiropractor, and this family took many valuable health-promoting lessons from me during their time under care, just not the ONE that I should've been most obsessed with. Man those "should've" moments in life can be the best lessons, if we shut up, listen,...

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The Wrong Path - Part One (Back Pain Bob)

It was my very first month of practice, and I could not wait to sprint home and tell Kristina (my wife) the good news! I had just made an unreal community connection and professional partner with the Director of a local gym, and I was so certain it was going to be insanely fruitful for the growth of our new practice and a prime spot to do talks and screenings for New Patients! 

This wasn't just any gym folks, it was THEE gym in Crystal Lake. It was huge, beautiful, fancy, and always busy. It was the "Cadillac" of gyms, run by the local hospital group that dominated health care in our community. 

Which is perhaps the reason I was so insanely stoked about this connection -- not a single chiropractor had ever been able to infiltrate this premier gym, because it was medically-connected. But there was a family connection to the gym's boss lady through my wife, and also it turns out her kids were heading off to chiropractic and acupuncture school, because through their...

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Today sucked. And here’s what I’m going to do about it!


Yesterday was one of those days in practice that I really wore my heart on my sleeve, connecting with so many kids and families who are struggling so much due to this Comorbidity-19 BS. Perfect Storm kids regressing, parents on the brink of divorced due to the weight of the quarantine and now remote learning. 

It just sucks. 

But, I'm not a complainer. I'm a chiropractor. We were called to serve in good times and in bad, and right now it's time to step up and serve like never before. 

Watch this video blog, and I promise it will help you help them! 

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Flip the Script on the Expectation of Struggle


5-minute video blog here from Dr. Tony that takes what is "expected" for us as chiropractors, and our patients as parents, and flips it firmly on its head! 

You'll want to soak this one up and share it! 

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Stay In Your Lane, Now More Than Ever


The world seems more subluxated than ever before here in 2020. It's full of anxiety, anger, divisiveness, etc. That sucks. 

We want to change it? But how? How can we do the most GOOD each and every day? 

Well thankfully as Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Chiropractors - we can do a A LOT of good, and we can do it in the most simple, powerful, focused way possible - an opportunity not afforded to most anyone else. 

So, why would we do anything else but that? 

Carve out 15 minutes to watch this in its entirety today, and I promise you it will help either redirect your course if you've become distracted and distraught by the 'outside' world right now... or help galvanize your course if you're like me and you've stayed anchored and committed to your lane now more than ever! 

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A Guide for Start Ups!


Important Intro Disclaimer:

The style of practice depicted in this article is a very certain one. In today’s chiropractic market there is two prevailing start up styles that most DCs take on. 

The first is the path that allows for taking on anyone with a pulse, screening every weekend offering free or cheap exams to anyone who walks by, accepting insurance, memorizing and regurgitating scripts, and working 80-100 hours a week with seemingly no end in sight. This path gets many to the “number” they want to hit in terms of PV/week, but typically leaves them falling fall short in the quality department - quality of patients they serve, and quality of life they live. 

The other common path today is to bootstrap it. Start small. Rent a room from someone. Borrow and buy nothing. This path has many hero stories to it, and it absolutely can work. However, the majority of these stories you’ve never heard from because they never left that room, and...

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Automation is BS

Here are things we love like nothing else in life: 

  • Free time, family time and vacations with our kids 
  • Date nights and long walks just us 
  • Working on the farm (mowing, caring for the animals, etc.) 
  • Reading a good book in our cozy living room 

So, a few years back when we were moving our practice's branding and marketing message heavily online, we were easily marketed to ourselves. Anything and everyone that promised us "plug and play" and "easily automated" forms of getting our message out to the community, we didn't even think... we just bought and signed up for any and all of it! 

And then, we experienced what we're sure 95% of you have too... NONE of it worked. 

It was BS.  

Every marketing system and software we brought into PWC was either so off brand that we just couldn't possibly release it, OR we had to spend so much time editing and re-doing, that we easily could've saved time and money just doing it ourselves from scratch. 

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Leading Your Community

Let's break down this title, and take the words in order here...


Don't think of yourself as a Leader? Why not? Long before Covid-19 showed up and threw our lives sideways, there was plenty of crisis and absolutely every community had already been hit with the 'Perfect Storm Pandemic' of sick, struggling kids, and stressed, burnt out adults. 

In the midst of that crisis, over the last decade especially trust in the traditional MD and Pediatrician ‍ advise and path had already eroded mightily amongst truly millions of parents. Never before have we seen such a flood of families leaving the traditional route and looking for things natural, holistic, or whatever similar adjective you want to use! 

When they lose faith in their pediatrician, they then immediately start looking (scrolling , Googling, talking to other moms) for a 'new place' to put their trust. A new person. A new doctor. A new practice.

NOW more than ever is the time for...

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Why a PX Date Night?

Being a chiropractic spouse is different. It's a unique partnership, a different lifestyle, and a different way to parent. From the moment Tony started his chiropractic school journey, it's been an us thing. So we wanted to have a monthly, open and honest "Date Night" for any couples on this chiropractic journey together.

We will be live with you on Zoom once a month (which staying awake after the kids are in bed AND looking somewhat presentable is going to legit be hard for me!) 

We are far from perfect, we've had struggles and we still struggle but we've learned so much along the way about running a business together and we want to share it with you. We also want to be super real with you because I think it's so hard when we only see other people's business and life wins. Sometimes there are some oh shit moments in there and it's important to be honest about that so we can learn from each other and also know we're in this together! Because if we win, they win.



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Something Has Got to Change

This past week has been straight crazy, filled with reflection for Tony and I. A lot of questions, a lot of soul searching, and a lot of worry…but only by me, Tony doesn’t worry. Like ever. 

We knew the path was going to be different but we didn't know how or what until we stopped trying to make it about ourselves and make it about pediatric and family chiropractic. It was at that moment that the ideas came flooding in and the path became so freaking clear!

It’s so clear, it’s almost surreal we didn’t see it sooner. The path to take pediatric chiropractic to more kids and families is by realizing no one owns it. The more we try to protect it for ourselves and our own gain, the more we suffocate it. “You can’t be in growth and protection at the same time” Bruce Lipton is something from the very start of our journey that I say to myself often when I get scared making business and life decisions.

Funny how that same quote made...

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