3 Moves We Made This Year to DOUBLE the # of Infants We See

3 Moves We Made This Year to DOUBLE the # of Infants We See This Year!

  • Rock 1-2 Instagram Reels Per Week
  • Rock 1-2 Long Form Facebook Live videos Per Week
    Create + Nurture 1-2 Professional Collaborations with Holistic, Natural Pediatricians + Practitioners

Breaking it down for take-home, application...

First, never worry about making your Reels and Videos perfect.

If it sucks and no one but your grandma watches it, that's ok... you assess, learn, and make the next one better.

DOING things is the best way to learn. Always.

Second, go granular.

There are endless topics that #subluxation interferes with and jacks up in an infant's life... from latching and nursing to sleeping , to digestion, pooping , and colic. Literally, we could (and are) do a video per week on infant and toddler health and easy have a year plus of content ideas .
If you make things too "big picture" and general (ie. "The power that made the body" sort of weirdo chiro speak and jargon)... your content will...

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Live Interview with Incredible Pediatric PT and OT Experts on WHY They Love Chiropractic!


Get a peek inside of the PX membership with this Live Interview with this rockstar crew!

Just like being able to lean in, listen, and connect with moms and dads in your community helps you enter THEIR conversation in the most helpful and effective way — it’s just as helpful to do the same with other Pediatric Care Professionals! 

So we brought in two of our 10+ year referring and collaborating rockstars at PWC onto the mic with Dr. Tony and Jacqui to dive into what YOU need to know from them… to find THEM in your community, and build that badass relationship.

We’ve got an All-World PT Guru, Beth Saip, alongside just a heart-centered, rockstar OT Jana Smith. We interviewed them “podcast” style so you really find out what it took to first start the relationship, nurture and build it… and then how we work best together today!

This is the perfect “anchor leg” to our month-long focus on Building Kick-Ass...

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Less is more, ALWAYS!


Give me 8 minutes of your time and I'll walk you thru how to actually APPLY this clinically, and in your personal + business life too! Double value with this one!

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Learn the formula we use every day to attract more moms to our practice


Why do so many “rules” with social media, videos, and marketing to NOT apply the same to those of us building a brick and mortar Pediatric + Family Chiropractic practice?

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Are you diluting your chiropractic brand?


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci.

Adding additional therapies to chiropractic does not make it more advanced. Instead, it makes it more diluted and distracted.

For so many advancing the “art” of the adjustment seems like a long-lost cause. Rather than spending an entire career refining, advancing, and improving the one offering we can bring to the world that no one else can — so many who develop and teach “advanced” programs in the profession spend no time teaching their students how to better understand chiropractic, apply chiropractic (care planning, analysis, adjusting ), and communicate chiropractic to the masses.

Instead, they put their entire focus on non-chiropractic things such as nutrition, primitive reflexes, tongue ties, soft tissue work, lasers, and vision therapies.

If we’re being honest, much of the work put out under the umbrellas of ‘Pediatric Chiropractic’ has...

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Educational Video Content Wins on Connection Not Engagement


We need to step back and not always focus on the numbers that Facebook is telling us.

And here's why...

If you are rocking it with testimonials , baby pictures , and reels and loving those engagement numbers, make sure you're also adding in those small drips of education content too.

Parents need to see the explanation of how we can help will...and they will tell you about it when they come in! Seriously!

We used to do this in "not so small" drips with webinars and longer online presentations (old school right ), but shifted to shorter whiteboard videos, and parents now frequently reference these videos on the  1st phone calls or on Day 1!

If you are struggling with content, all you need to do is break down every slide, snippet or core point from your live workshop or long-form webinar you "retired" from service and use that as a stand-alone "quick share." for your audience.

In fact, to make it even easier you can go live from zoom to share a 5 min explanation of a...

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The Great Insurance Debate

Dr. Tony’s post last week about the insurance game has really had me thinking.

The insurance debate is always so interesting to me because, in my experience, CAs do not waiver at all on if they want to offer insurance-based care or not.

In fact, I have never, EVER, had CA say to me that they want to offer insurance-based care.

Not One. Single. Time. In the thousands of times I’ve had that conversation in all these years.

As CAs our primary focus is providing absolutely incredible experiences and creating relationships with our patients. And the fact is that insurance has a real possibility of messing up that relationship. Not only that but it introduces a new authority into the mix. One that is not at all aligned with the best care plan, let alone the best outcome for the patient.

Insurance companies have one role and that is to limit their liabilities, period.

These points below sum up most of the feedback that we have gotten over the years from CA’s…

  • ...
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These Kiddos Need Care Planning

In Chiropractic, care planning is a touchy subject. Many are in the camp of care planning being an absolute must and some are in the “we’ll see” or “that doesn’t work” camp.

I get it, truly, I do. It can feel like it doesn’t work (in the sense of conversions) or that parent will comply more if we take a more “let’s see how it goes” approach. The challenge we face as a profession if we miss the mark here is monumental.

Here’s why….

I remember this day on the left like it was yesterday. It was April 4, 2010, Easter Sunday. A day meant to be enjoyed with family and fellowship. It was the end of the day and I really wanted to take a picture with my baby boy, Logan. The trouble was that Logan cried, all day, every day. You can see how drenched his shirt is, that's because he would suck down his bottles so fast that it would spill out the sides of his mouth. Unless he was eating or bouncing, he cried incessantly and...

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Step Up, Not Out… to Scale Up

The first mistake most well-meaning chiropractors make when they bring on a new associate doctor and start to move towards a team-driven model is mistakenly thinking their first move is to “step out” of the practice.

This fills them with worry and anxiety almost instantly. It certainly did for me early on before I had help and mentorship around true leadership, building a team, and scaling up .

What will the team and patients think if I’m NOT in the practice adjusting and “doing things” all day every day like I have been?

How will I make sure they know I’m still working hard and looking to grow the practice?

These are questions ‍ that went unanswered for years for me. And therefore, I struggled. As I looked to scale PWC, it was a long series of starts, struggles, stops, and slides back down .

And honestly it was all because I was missing this crucial, foundational piece said perfectly in the quote above — I wasn’t supposed to...

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We can't get enough of talking about "Tone" when it comes to kids


We can't get enough of talking about "Tone" when it comes to kids !

Watch this video above that Dr. Matt shot for parents and use it to create your own version.

Hugely important topic, especially for parents in your community that may feel their kiddo is "stuck" or plateauing with progress in therapies (PT, OT, SLP's, etc.)

Some keys to talk through:

  • You can't have low tone without high tone first!

  • The tone is just distributed in the wrong areas (most commonly the neuro-spinal system) aka subluxation

  • We can measure it with our Insight sEMG scans

  • The most common cause is a difficult, traumatic birth

  • Turns into a Perfect Storm when you add in other childhood stressors (3T's)

End with a Call to Action to get scanned and find out!

You'll gain bonus points with every PT, OT, SLP because when you combine Neuro-Tonal Chiropractic with their amazing care results will go through the roof!!!

Try it out and let us know how it work!

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