5️⃣ Things We (chiros) Should NOT Run In Our Practice

1. Scheduling
2. Financials
3. Scanning
4. Operations + Systems
5. Marketing

Obviously, life is different as a startup chiro, and you need to be, should be, and can be wearing many hats in that short season of practice.

But even a startup office should have at least one CA running the show-up front with the schedule, financial conversations and systems, etc... and then as you keep growing, you keep hiring.
Simple. As. That.

As you grow in practice volume, you need to grow in business + leadership understanding... and, most significantly, the art of delegating .

Few things hold this profession back more than the "do it all ourselves" and "micromanaging/perfectionism" aspects that so many get entirely consumed by!

Let's all work on this together! The path through this all is not easy, but it is attainable. And life for ALL is freaking fantastic on the other side!

Want to know how I get so much done ? I don't. But together, we all sure do!

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β€œIf can help even one family, it will be worth it.”

People are wired to help other people. And yes, society can give us many reasons to become skeptical of the help offered, especially in our world of Perfect Storm cases that have been through hell and back. They’ve tried every therapy, various procedures, meds…you name it.

We sometimes used to say that we should answer the phone with “welcome to the last resort” because we knew that families had likely exhausted every option before they got to us, but the tide has turned.

An incredible by-product of the care and healing that our patient's experience is the empowerment they feel and their love of chiropractic. This is how we create chiropractic evangelists. I have yet to meet a mom whose child was healed that didn’t want to share their experience. They’re ready to shoot it from the rooftops.

This incredible mom, Nicole, shared her son Cole’s story for the first time at the Perfect Storm a few weeks back. They started as an Intensive family...

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3 Tips to Effectively & Efficiently Communicate with Your Team


Team is everything.

Communication is everything.

So that means communicating with your team is everything.

This is a must-watch! 

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Let's Get Comfortable with Having Financial Conversations πŸ’΅

For nearly 7 years, I have been a Care Advocate. From Day 1, part of my daily role in serving our patients has been communicating with patients about money. Even if they do not present financials on Day 2, CA's need financial communication training.

At every Team & Leadership event we host, CA's complete a questionnaire to help us understand their challenges (and opportunities). The number one item shared with us is CA's desire strategies and resources to help them be more effective and less stressed regarding financial patient interactions.

We dig into this deeply within our membership; Bi-Weekly live team training and our CA Momentum Course. And even then, we find that no matter how much we train in this topic, they are hungry for more.

Interestingly, docs also express that they want their CA's to take over being the financial communicators in their practices but are worried about a dip in the quality of the communication or conversion.
These 4 essential strategies help teams...

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How do you pivot you voice to kiddo’s that may have β€˜lesser challenges'?


We spend much of our time talking, training, and working with kiddos on the Perfect Storm

One question we commonly get is “How do you pivot your voice to kiddos that may have ‘lesser challenges.’”

Dr. Jacobe Holman and I tackled this answer on our PX Clinical Call today - and we wanted to share it with you all as it all comes down to one of the coolest core principles of Chiropractic.

D.D. Palmer said it best ,

"I desired to know why one person was ailing and his associate, eating at the same table, working in the same shop, at the same bench, was not. Why? What difference was their in the two persons that caused on to pneumonia, typhoid or rheumatism, while his partner, similarly situated, escaped? Why? This question had worried thousands for centuries and was answered in September , 1895."

It all comes down to adaptability.

Embrace meeting that mom where her kiddos are. And then, grow with both sides of your practice. A Perfect Storm Miracle side AND...

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Who's Ready - Club Wide PX Call - March 27th 7PM on Zoom

Can't wait to unleash this next Monday night!

If you're an active member of Club PX (students) or the PX Membership, keep an eye out in your email inbox for the Zoom Link!

As millions start to head our way, it's more important than ever that we each have a deep understanding of:

  • Chiropractic Science , Art, and Philosophy (principles)
  • Clinical Excellence (what it takes to get real results)
  • Branding, Marketing, + Communication (with clarity and confidence)
  • World Class Business Systems + Patient Experiences (leveling up our location, layout, team, systems, all of it)

It's go time for this tribe and this profession!

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The 3 Keys πŸ”‘ To Truly Incredible Clinical Results!!!



Far too many chiropractors have bought the BS that adding more things to their chiropractic care plan "advances" it and increases clinical results.

But only the true masters ‍ know that it's through pure simplicity + focus that you get truly insane clinical results.

Focus on just these 3 things repeatedly, with every single patient, every single time... and watch your practice explode as people come from all over to receive care!
Hint: no lasers or gyro machines are needed!

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Brain Age 🧠 vs Body Age πŸ‘¦


Kiddos that struggle with developmental delays often exhibit behaviors not consistent with their size, structure, or motor ability.

This can be a meaningful conversation with parents during the healing journey, especially for kiddos struggling with autism, sensory processing, or other cognitive delays, as an initial change of the nervous system does not equal calm.

Substitute the word 'calm' for 'curious.' When a nervous system wakes up, a child's sensory system can be more seeking or sensitive, and behaviors can return to the "terrible 2's" or challenging rules or decisions.

As stressful as these behaviors are for parents - they are extremely good clinically and a sign the nervous system is catching up!

Here are the quick keys to celebrate the fantastic healing journey and support parents through the tough changes.

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90% of chiropractic coaches all focus on the same thing


It seems that 90% of chiropractic coaches all focus on the same thing (and pretty much only this thing) —  Mindset.

So if that many people talk about it, it’s got to be important. Right? It absolutely is.

But the real key and difference maker is figuring out that most do just that, talk about it.

But then they don't actually teach the strategic, actionable, real-life steps to earn your way to a strong mindset.

Guess what won’t do it?

Listening to stories and lessons from others, or standing in front of a mirror speaking affirmations into it and “holding space” for becoming your “best self” — or whatever any and all of that actually means anyway.

This is what WILL get the job done :

1. Surround yourself with humble, hungry, action takers ‍(the last element being the most important one there)

2. Commit to consistent, daily + weekly outputs + actions directed at whatever thing you are most challenged with.

Don’t have...

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The Difference Between Brand Building and Scripts + Sales!


I am so very thankful that a few business + marketing mentors taught me this lesson early on in practice because after doing just ONE spinal screening in my first year of practice… I was certain I never wanted to do one again in my entire life.

Now, can screenings, scripts, sales pitches, discounted exam pop-ups on your website, and $19 Facebook “voucher” ads build a practice? Yes, they can. That’s why you see them everywhere.
But, that’s a practice built upon the sand, not the rock.

A practice built around screening, scripting, and sales tactics continually extracts and lowers the Brand Value + Equity in their community… and comes with short-term gains but long-term “side effects” and damage to your brand and business over time.

Instead, we have always taken the long game, brand-building approach with our practice. We absolutely deploy the “Give, Give, Give, Give…” strategy by continually pumping out...

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