The 4️⃣S's of a Successful + Impactful Associate Doctor Relationship!


If you're looking to hire, retain, and GROW as Doc Team right now... this is a must-watch all the way through!

You'll especially love the details on how to do profit sharing just right so that you don't just have short-term success, but long-term sustainability and a win-win for both for life!

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The 3 Instant Growth Moves Far Too Many of Us Still Are NOT Making!

Hey doc!

We often set things up one way in the beginning and don't even consider changing it because it doesn't feel broken. This post is all about 3 relatively small tweaks you can make to drive immediate growth within your practice.

We are blessed to guide + mentor many of you as you look to further impact your community and grow your practice, and just like we do with patients... we don't look for just the superficial + easy stuff that creates growth (Marketing, Retention, Systems, etc.).

We dive deep when we search for the real-life subluxations holding you back. And I'm telling ya, these 3 are extremely common things we continue to see.

I'll expand just a bit on each...

1. Expand Your Hours

Each Saturday, we see between 175-200 adjustments and process 5-10 New Patients! THAT one morning shift is a solid practice in and of itself.

More so than ever, kids + families today are BUSY as heck. You can bemoan it and think it should be different... but it is what it...

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Essential 6 Part Follow-Up Process to Drive More Care Plans

Our practice has noticed over the last 6-12 months that some families need another day or two to decide which payment option they prefer to use when starting care. When this began, we took a step back to look at our processes and procedures to assess if we had a breakdown somewhere that caused this.

When we took a look, what we found was not that we were converting less or that we were providing a subpar experience. Patients come in with more lit-up, stressed, and subluxated scans than ever before. We are giving more care. These larger care plans are essential to getting them the results they’re looking for. And while they’re all in for that, they sometimes need more time to deliberate and sort out logistics.

They needed us to follow up to help them get started.

This was a crucial notice for us. This meant that we needed to be even more impeccable with our follow-up and that we needed more “whos” rocking here to be more effective here.

What does an incredible...

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The Top 2️⃣ Adjusting Mistakes Made Today with Pediatric Adjusting 🙌!


Please watch this one, I get a wee bit passionate ! This will help kids in your community so much!

After you watch it, make sure to head over and check out our Neuro-Tonal Adjusting Seminar details page. This seminar in collaboration with Life University is our 80-hour Pediatric Chiropractic Certificate of Proficiency Program that you don't want to miss!

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"I didn’t know chiropractic could help with that"

One of the things we hear very often during the CA session is…”I didn’t know chiropractic could help with that”.

This statement always gets me super excited. Hearing those words lets me know that we are about to leap into a whole new world for them, their certainty, their communication, and how they serve their community.

Does your team know what chiropractic can do?

It sounds like a simple question, but in all seriousness, I don’t think it’s something we are asking or addressing nearly enough in our profession. If we want our teams to be their best at dealing HOPE as they can be, they need 3 essential things from us to lead them there.

1. Education

We need to ensure that our teams have access to (and are regularly engaged in) comprehensive training about the Power of Chiropractic; let’s help them geek out with us about the science, the 10 D’s and The Perfect Storm. They need to understand why neurologically based care is different,...

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Most Common Traits of Successful & Impact-Making Chiropractors


Over the last 15 years, I have 'stalked' successful + impactful chiropractors always eager to keep learning and pushing myself to grow

I not only have attended well over 200 seminars in my day, but every single one I've always gone up to speak to the teacher or presenter and do what I could to learn even more from them than what they dropped during their talk or seminar.

I'd like to share with you 3 different "tiers" of successful + impactful chiropractors (and just people, period). 

I share them with you here in this video, and break down exactly how you want to:

  • Become a Tier 3 person yourself
  • Surround yourself with people who are in Tier 3 (both who you hire as mentors, and who you hire on your team)

If you're thinking about becoming a chiropractor, or growing as a current one, these common traits &  important qualities that you should possess.

Pull these off and you're off to a great start!


Doc, are you ready to connect and grow your Pediatric,...

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Dr. Tony's 'TED Talk' on Tongue 👅 Ties!


Tongue Ties are a hot button and trending conversation amongst parents and us professionals — and if you don't take the WHOLE thing in here, it's easy to take bits and pieces of it out of context.

The Tongue Tie Talking Points I Cover:

  • What's causing them (Medical vs. Natural/Nutritional vs. Neurological Chiro viewpoints)
  • What is the 'Neurological Sequence ' of subluxation onset, Tongue ties, and all the troubles linked to them
  • How do you communicate that to parents who've asked about it, already had it revised, etc.?
  • How do you clinically case manage + CARE PLAN appropriately for these infants with all these challenges and who's parents bring up the Tongue tie question and conversation

This video's entire goal is to help us help more kids live full lives. That will only happen if subluxation is annihilated and "well cleared" from their lives early and often. 

I pray   that this video does that through you, for them!



Doc, are you ready...

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Subluxation: Putting it All Together for Parents to Understand


Here's a quick explanation and example of "putting it all together" to explain subluxation, stress, and struggle for parents...

If you've ever struggled to enter the conversation (ETC) on how to explain the struggle & symptom, then the science. You aren't alone!

That's exactly where I started!

I remember not knowing what question to ask or what direction to take on Day 1 with a mom, relying on a script, or simply "punting " communication to Day 2!

But on the flip side, I love explaining the science, using an analogy, and making it relatable to the mom and dad's experience.

Here is an example I thought would be helpful as I break it all down in this video above.

In this case, we are entering the convo for a grade-schooler struggling with focus and learning!

I promise you've got all the tools:

• Perfect Storm Science
 An iPhone or Tablet
 A family ‍‍‍ who needs your help in your office
 A heart to serve
 The most...

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Creating a Vision Worth Pursuing

“Meaning is found by taking action toward a vision, not by accomplishing that vision.” — Donald Miller

Far too many chiropractors settle for a vision that is more watered down and scaled back than what is truly in their heart ♥ and soul, simply because when they share their REAL vision with others… it gets discounted and dismissed.

The most common example is when a young chiropractic startup has a vision for seeing kids, pregnant moms, and entire families in a crazy, fun, subluxation-based, all-cash model. 

But then, they are told by traditional professors and chiropractic coaches that to ‘make it’ and pay back all their school loans, they need to ‘accept’ a model focused on back pain, neck pain, headaches, rehab, modalities, and the woeful insurance game instead.

Many who accept that practice model are successful in terms of stats and financial figures, but they struggle to find real meaning and purpose.


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36 First

When I first got into practice and serving kids and families, I was so excited to not only introduce them to chiropractic and get their nervous systems :brain: restored and rocking again… but having completely transformed my lifestyle and received a certification in family wellness, I wanted it also get them started on basically EVERYTHING in that wellness world :broccoli: :woman-running: world immediately as well! 

My intentions were awesome. But the application failed, miserably. 

I not only overwhelmed :open_mouth: parents and patients with trying to learn and DO all of that at once… but I also entirely overwhelmed their healing + restoration pathways as well. 

The take home here is just flat out based in neurology :brain: and it's practical application — subluxation disconnects and exhausts the entire nervous system. 

The longer it's been there, the most exhausted the system is… and the LESS you should do when first starting to try and...

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