No One Loves Your Side Hustle As Much As Your Competition Does!

I’m not sure I've met many people who have a thicker dose of "Entrepreneurial ADHD" than me, so please know this about this post — I'm making it as much for me as for you.

I was a living, breathing example of this in my early practice years. Thankfully I had incredible chiropractic mentors like Dr. Rick Elbert, Dr. Richard Burns, + Dr. Michael Cody, who taught me how to adjust + get insane results with chiropractic alone. But despite their best efforts, it wasn't enough to keep my attention away from all the bells + whistles being sold to me.

Within my first 5 years of practice, I had already added rehab, massage, orthotics, supplements, primitive reflex + neuro-integrative care (PT/OT type therapies), and even a specialized fitness + weight loss program to top it all off!

Each of them fed my desire to be taking on something new... at the same time, each of them limited the growth of my actual chiropractic practice. You know, the 1 thing I can do that no other provider...

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Our Favorite Time of the Year

Our favorite time of the year - a bin STACKED full of New Patient ROF folders !!!

Q4 is always a time for massive growth for Pediatric + Family practices as added stress + illness stacks up on families... but the last thing we do is sit back and hope they call and come in!

Instead we take massive, strategic action and here's what we've been doing that's been working:

  • Crushed a Perfect Storm Workshop 2 weeks ago with 24 ideal, already educated + ready to go new patients
  • Organic Social Media (Instagram especially) is consistently on fire and producing NPs left + right
  • Our local community connections are referring sick and stressed kids to us left and right, as they get busier this time of the year too

PX Tribe -- get ready for full step-by-step training on every vivid detail of what's working RIGHT NOW on our big December 8th Annual Impact Planning Zoom Summit!

And if you're not an active PX Member right now, you've got plenty of time to sign up and get rolling with before...

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The Ultimate Goal of Every Parent

So often I get asked how I explain chiropractic to parents or how I help parents to set goals for their child’s care. Sometimes, this can feel distant or difficult to docs and CA’s getting started or switching over to this model of care.

Truly, that is the simplest part of what I do.

Over all the years that I have been able to connect with moms, no matter the struggles or diagnosis that their child has, they all want one simple thing…

They want their child to be happy and relaxed in their own body.

The next time you are connecting with a parent, lead with that.

You will hear the words…”Yes, that is exactly what I want!”


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A Holiday Party + A Rockstar Pediatric Seminar = YES PLEASE!


A holiday party + a rockstar pediatric seminar?

Yes, please.

Join Drs. Tony Ebel, Jake Holman, Matt Hill, and Denisa Weber for a holiday party like none other.

This seminar is jam-packed with best practices in pediatrics, what's working right now, and 2024 strategic planning.

Plan to walk away from this seminar fully equipped with your 2024 goals, strategy, and marketing calendar in hand.

You don't want to miss this opportunity to grow your pediatric practice and see more kids in your office. We'll see you in Dallas!!

Register Here

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We are…

Storytellers who use the power of story and chiropractic triumph to educate parents.

Healers who use our words, our kindness and inclusiveness to heal our practice community.

Guides who call our patients up to higher ground, mentor and uplift them.

We are Care Advocates!


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Have You Heard of Our PX Docs Site for Parents?

We write these articles on the PX Docs Site for parents, but man are they absolute gold for us as Neurologically-Focused Pediatric + Family Chiros to not just learn how to communicate what we do via the latest science, analogies, and metaphors... but also just to grasp it better ourselves and see the "Big Idea " that Pediatric Chiropractic truly is!

Check out this latest one on the Sympathetic Nervous System, as well as recent ones on Infantile Spasms, Sensory Issues in Kids, Nervous System Dysregulation, and so much more!

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Your STORY is your MISSION, and it’s where the world needs you the most!

Over the last 8 years, I have told my son's chiropractic story hundreds, possibly even a thousand or more times. I’m so used to telling it that sometimes I genuinely wonder if people want to even hear it anymore.

This week on our Tuesday training, I featured his story when teaching on the Power of Wellness and the long game with chiropractic. I couldn’t help but get a little choked up when I looked at the zoom screen and saw his “after” picture. ♥ Hoping that at least one of the people on live and listening after the fact would be inspired and encouraged by what they heard.

Yesterday, during an Immersion with a Patient Care Coordinator who was training with us, she mentioned the Tuesday training and asked me how many lives I thought I had changed in all the years, telling his story. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I had never thought about that. I just keep telling it, trying to reach one more person.

She went on to share that a new team member who had...

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There is a Difference Between Listening and Waiting for Your Turn to Speak.

Above all else, the most important ability for a CA to possess is listening with Empathy.

Not following a script
Not a great cash practice explanation
Not knowing what scan technology we use, what they mean and how to interpret them
Not presenting financials
Not performing a scan
Not recalls
Not collecting
Not anything besides...

Just listening.

One thing I know is this, if a CA is a great listener, they can learn to be great at all those other things and then some.

There is simply nothing more important or effective we can do for families than listening with empathy to the concerns and goals that parents seek care for. I promise that it’s the one thing parents need more than anything else and it’s also something that they are not getting anywhere else.
For the last 8 years, moms have told me hundreds of times…“no one listened to me when I told them something wasn’t right”.

And each time I have heard that phrase, it affirmed all we need to know about how...

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4️⃣ Reasons Your Practice Should Catch Fire Every Fall 🍂


If you know this stuff, you do this stuff... and it works!

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What a Peds + Family Practice Back to School/Transition Seasons Mean for Your Practice!

Every. Single. October.

When you run a Peds + Family Practice, back to school and fall / winter transition seasons means you EXPLODE and the phone rings off the hook, DMs roll in, and the SKED New Patient scheduler gets a workout !!!!


It’s simple. The stress + tension that was already building for years (Perfect Storm ) reaches a breaking point, and kids with ADHD, Anxiety, SPD, Allergies, Asthma, and chronic illness not only struggle more, but get pushed to drugs and medications more.
And today’s parents do NOT want more drugs.

They want YOU.

This means all of the branding + marketing you’ve been cranking, posting, and working hard on will pay off now and in the coming months!
Key practice tips for this season:

1. Don’t wait for it, expect it and prepare for it during summer months with marketing, hiring, improving systems and efficiencies, etc. (If you missed this year, don’t forget this post come next year).

2. Open up bandwidth —...

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