Make. More. Videos.

"Make More Videos !" - Team PX

Posting cute, engaging photos with some awesome chiro inspirational and educational copy is a freaking excellent start to slaying social media and online marketing. But, it's just that — a solid starting point.

It does not matter the industry; those making the most significant impact and reaching the most people are those consistently making videos and posting them on each platform!

What type of videos should you post? All of them.

Short-form Reels are now slaying not just in Instagram and TikTok but Facebook as well. And if you want to get moms + dads to know, like, and trust you — long form (5-15 minute) educational videos are a must!

No one in #chiropractic studies social media and online impact more than we do, and no one produces, tests, and teaches more than we do. So when we say 'Make More Videos ' is the one thing we are certain will blow up your practice more than anything else in 2023, we mean it and have proven it to be...

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The Spark You Never Knew You Needed ✨

It was an amazing weekend at our Pediatric Certificate event at Life U !

I had an absolute blast talking all about subluxation, neurology , development and how Chiropractic is THE puzzle piece for kiddos who are struggling.

This weekend was the perfect balance between story and science - story to motivate and light the and the science to remind us and prepare us for the mastery we need to analyze, care plan, and clear subluxation in our world today!

A massive thank you to all the attendees! The Host Life U and Dr. Gilles Lamarche Dc, and the motivation delivered by the moms, dad,s and Dr. Dawn Thomas, who shared the miracles happening with their kiddos during the live adjusting time!

If you need a spark in practice, we promise this event will leave you with a full heart and a desire to push pediatric chiropractic forward!

♥ Dr. Matt Hill

(Get 15% Off Now Until Feb 12th) Join us at our next event and reserve your seat NOW! 

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The 3 Dominant Practice Models of Chiropractic Today


Which model do you practice in now?

What model do you want to practice in?

Here are the 3 Dominant Practice Models of Chiropractic Today:

 1. Integrative Wellness Model
2. Back + Neck Pain Model
3. Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family 'Neuro' Model

Sadly, too many graduating and practicing chiropractors don't fully understand how many choices they have when choosing the ideal, perfect practice model. Instead, most default to the standard direction and path of back pain, neck pain, spinal care, sports injuries, etc.

But what if that is NOT your true calling? What if you were meant for something more? Something different?

In this video that could very well change your life's course by changing your practice's focus, Dr. Tony breaks down the 3 very distinct practice models out there today… and the 'Pros' and 'Cons' of each one?

He'll break down how to successfully brand and market each one, which ones are high vs. low overhead , and direct your path if you want to be...

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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Mentor


The most foundational step is choosing the right mentor for you and your path!

And then once you’ve done that, here’s how to make sure and not only get the most out of them… but give the most back to them, and to the people, you will turn around and one day mentors yourself !

1. Don't ask questions to ask questions! Thought first - question second!

2. Do.The.Work!

3. Be okay with being the smallest fish in the room!

Now, this next point is how to give BACK to your mentor!

4. ALWAYS give gratitude! 

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Content Quantity vs Quality: Which One is More Important?

The question we often get asked is, how do we manage to produce such a high volume of content that is also of high quality.

After many years of listening to branding + marketing geniuses like Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Dave Touhill, GaryVee, Hormozzi, and Ed Mylett… we didn't just buy into their concepts; we did exactly what they did.

Concepts and ideas are useless without action and implementation.

Pro Tip : Don't hire someone for your marketing without finding YOUR voice FIRST!

This video will walk you through my journey and the exact strategic steps to get to the ultimate goal for content — Quantity AND Quality!

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The Energy of Chiropractic Students ❤️

One of my absolute favorite parts of chiropractic is the students. Their energy, eagerness, and engagement is such a precious thing.

It’s precious because those traits will help them be the best doctors they can be as they move on their journey.

Continuing to be excited, servant-hearted, and leaned-in each day is exactly the standard of excellence we ALL must have to go where we’re going with our mission.

That’s why I love this picture and what it represents.

This picture is about reaching the people… student people, new doc people, and veteran doctors.

We’re bringing our message of Neurologically Focused Pediatric Chiropractic to the profession because we know this is the exact model of practice you dream of having.

We know how much your communities need you and how desperate they are for what we offer. We know the health of future generations depends on our shared mission!

So yeah, we’re going to be loud  about that. We’re...

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Care Planning for Neurology, Not Symptoms


Parents want us to help them with _______.

Truthfully fill in the blank with any condition!

When first stepping foot in your office, I guarantee you they are NOT thinking to fill in the 'blank' with “helping the nervous system.”

It's important to listen to their symptoms and understand the systems that are struggling. These symptoms can provide insight into the larger system of the nervous system.

Lean in and listen in to those symptoms , because they are a window to the systems that are struggling. And those systems a gateway to the big system - the nervous system !

Here’s the “cheat code” in all this… listen, analyze, and learn the symptoms (story) but always care plan for the neurology!

This Teaching Tuesday, we will be discussing three key principles for effective care planning. By focusing on neurology and keeping things simple, we can achieve powerful results for parents who are dealing with specific conditions. These principles will help...

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Going from Good to Great with Your Team

Last week I took time to reflect and plan to be more effective as a leader and team member this year. As I made notes and recounted wins and tough spots… I continually came back to one thing. The effectiveness of our team, how far we can go, and how big of an impact we can make is directly related to Giving to Grow!

For many, me included, this takes some leaning into. And while a person can feel justified in “just doing it myself,” the bottom line is we hold ourselves, our team, and our practices back from so much when we do that.

Yes, when you’re in growth mode , we can often resist “slowing down” to delegate or empower team members properly, fearing that we will lose momentum or all the many other things we tell ourselves.

But what if this was an opportunity to learn a really important lesson? One that we ourselves needed to learn or re-learn?

Below you will find a massive lesson learned from a year ago that is just as true now as it was...

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Discover the Power of Focus in Your Practice

Staying focused. Holy mother, is this difficult for me. Anyone else?

With a solid case of ADHD (aka my superpower, thanks to chiropractic!) and an absolute love of entrepreneurship and taking on new visions + projects — staying focused and fully present in practice has been a difficult journey for me.

Thankfully, I had a fantastic mentor, Dr. Mike Cody, who taught me the value of it. I developed ‘Systems + Strategies’ to stay focused in practice… AND falling in love with it more and more each day!

If you are struggling even a little bit with this right now, watching this video w/ a pen and notepad is an absolute must for you my friend!

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Parents Are Taking Notice! 👀

There is something special about this time of year. We reflect, plan, prepare and we move forward.

And so do our patients and future patients.

We all plan for something to be different and for our lives to be better than they were before.

This message came in on the day of our annual planning meeting from an intensive mom. I love how direct and on purpose she is, she gets it. And she knows that there are millions of other parents out there just like she used to be, who don’t know about us, yet.

But they need to know. And they need us within Pediatric Chiropractic at our freakin best.
I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what the experience she outlined means for them, the families we serve and hope to serve and how it can guide us within PX & Pediatric Chiropractic to be the best we can be.

And while the details, systems and how to’s are important, the fundamentals that keep us grounded and connected to our path forward are wonderfully simple.


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