Our Favorite Time of the Year

Our favorite time of the year - a bin STACKED full of New Patient ROF folders 📂 !!!

Q4 is always a time for massive growth 📈 for Pediatric + Family practices as added stress + illness 🤒 stacks up on families... but the last thing we do is sit back and hope they call 📞 and come in!

Instead we take massive, strategic action and here's what we've been doing that's been working:

  • Crushed a Perfect Storm 🌪 Workshop 2 weeks ago with 2️⃣4️⃣ ideal, already educated + ready to go new patients
  • Organic Social Media (Instagram especially) is consistently on fire 🔥 and producing NPs left + right
  • Our local community connections are referring sick 🤒 and stressed kids to us left and right, as they get busier this time of the year too

PX Tribe -- get ready for full step-by-step training on every vivid detail of what's working RIGHT NOW on our big December 8th Annual Impact Planning Zoom Summit!

And if you're not an active PX Member right now, you've got plenty of time to sign up 🙌 and get rolling with before this massive December 8th Live Event!!!

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