The 3 steps we can all take to get READY for THEM!


The 3 steps we can all take to get READY for THEM!

I want to talk to you about why there is a great resignation happening in healthcare. Now this term, “the great resignation” is something that's being kicked around in a lot of online articles about the workforce and workplace. When everything got disrupted with the lockdowns and work-from-home situations, a lot of people chose to change their job, switch their career, start their own company, etc. 

I want to take the term great resignation and turn it into something that is phenomenal. The fact that there is a huge resignation also means that millions of parents are leaving the faulty trust and care they never really had with Pediatricians and taking action on that gut and hunch that something wasn’t right and they're leaving. There's a great resignation from traditional healthcare, the medical system, pharma system, that pill for every ill - the gig is up, people are aware that what they always wondered is...

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Be Different But Not Weird

Heads up Pediatric chiropractic homies !

Right now parents are absolutely starving for something unique and vastly different than traditional medicine . They want to learn WHY their child is sick, WHAT is causing it... and WHAT they can do about it that does NOT involve drugs .

But in the same breath, they still want a professional, well-spoken, scientifically sound doctor to lead their family back to health (or preserve and promote if they still have it).

As much as we love our natural , granola, hippie ‍ lifestyle... it's just a bit too weird and far-fetched for the majority of parents today. You can be crunchy on the inside, just put some shoes on and at least look professional on the outside!

Here are some branding tips we can give you from building the largest Pediatric + Family Chiropractic practice in the world over the last 15 years.

1. Don't just be kind of, sort of kid focused!

If you want to see kids, you need to put nearly of your branding and...

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The 4 things to grow your BRAND to STAND OUT and be wildly different


I want to dive right into some elements that will really move the needle and grow your practice. I’m going to list out four things that will set your brand on fire and position your practice vividly and distinctly different from everybody else. Not just in chiropractic, but in healthcare as well. We're going big with this one! None of this is fluff, this is what we do that works

A few weeks ago I dove deep into this topic inside of the Pediatric Experience membership and we taught on personal and practice branding. We brought on a marketing and branding expert that helped us out, so I'm going to give you the cliff notes and foundation of it here. If you execute these steps and understand this concept, your practice will really catch fire. 

The Subluxations That Hold Your Brand Back

First off, let me cover the two subluxations. I really think it's one subluxation that has two parts that hold our profession back from seeing more families.

#1 we just aren't even...

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Output = Impact

While there probably are 1M+ books on how to be successful, I've never found one as on point and practical as this one.


While having a positive mindset and badass strategy are crucial building blocks to success, they don't matter at all if you don't show up every single day and put in the work

The single most obvious place this shows up for us practicing Pediatric + Family Chiropractors is in our Marketing and New Patients (or lack thereof).

We all want to have our practice flooded with ideal, already educated New Patients but, how many of us are willing to:

  • Make a high-quality post on Social Media every single day
  • Create and nurture at least 1 professional connection every single week
  • Rock 1-2 Workshops every single month
  • Throwdown a kick-ass Internal Referral Campaign (ie. Gift of Health, Back to School , etc.) every quarter
  • The actual strategic plan for how to succeed and blow up your practice is right there in front of all of us.

At PWC and PX we've...

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The Single Most Important Chiropractic Science & Philosophy Video You’ll Ever Watch!


Let’s stop blaming toxins () and get the “order” of our stories straight so parents know what matters MOST in getting their children well and keeping them well!

Whether you're still in school or you've done a bunch of extra training, you most likely know about all the things that I'm going to talk about here today. But I'm going to provide a level of clarity that few of us have. I'm very passionate about it because we need to be first to get it in the right order, with the right perspective and clarity. Then we can educate our communities and patients. Right now the vast majority of us don't have it in the right order and I know that and am speaking to that because it wasn't my understanding after all my training. 

I went to school, I'm fully ICPA certified, I've been at autism one, I've trained at it, all of that.  Most importantly I've been in practice and I've taken care of a lot of really sick, struggling kiddos and I've put my chiropractic lens...

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The #1 Absolute Lamest Yet Insanely Important Key to LONG TERM Success in Practice

A successful chiropractic practice doesn't happen overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, and most importantly, consistency

This is why it's so important to have a long-term game plan in place from the very beginning. When you know what your goals are and you have a clear vision for the future, it's much easier to stay on track and make informed decisions that will help your practice grow.

Of course, it's also important to be flexible and adjust your plan as needed, but having a solid foundation to work from will make all the difference in the world. So if you're serious about building a successful practice, make sure you have a long-term game plan in place from day one. 

As exhausting as it is during the startup phase, it is much more difficult to sustain impact, success and maintain consistency of your energy.

For me personally, one of my strong suits is my straight-up boring, regular obsession with consistency and I want to teach you exactly what it does, how...

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Speak Hope

Today on the way to school in the truck my daughter cued up one of our favorite songs, “Speak Life” by TobyMac, and like so many songs it took me immediately into our purpose as Pediatric Chiropractors in a major way!

Truth is that our job to “Speak Hope” into our community is not just a fun, rewarding part of our jobs… but it’s actually the absolute most effective first step in branding and marketing ourselves and our practice as well. It’s emotional and perfectly strategic.

There is zero chance that any mom in your community is going to watch a single one of your educational videos or read an educational article about subluxation, neurology , our technique, or anything of the like… if you didn’t FIRST inspire her about what’s actually possible for her child to heal or have an incredible LIFE right from the jump!

So expanding on our Friday Fire quote for today a bit — Speak Life First .

We teach our PX Tribe how...

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What it takes to be a great student, communicator, leader and marketer.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Matt, about his recent interview with Dr. Angus Pyke where he shares what it takes to be a great student, communicator, leader, and marketer.

The Backstory

I'm gonna be vulnerable for a minute in this post.

I’m a bit nervous to even share this podcast

When I got the ask to do this, I was nervous, I know the Chiro badasses who have come before me and I wanted to make sure I brought it and lived up to those expectations and my own.

The other really cool thing about being on his Podcast is that no “prep” went into it. Dr. Angus Pyke specifically didn’t give me an outline , questions or the flow… it's was all in the moment.

Then it was titled “How to be the best...”, which was just a tad bit daunting, to say the least.

Uncovering What's Working

Dr. Angus and I dig into 3 important topics for all Pediatric Chiropractic offices and teams. Whether you are just starting out,...

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The 4 Most Common Mistakes (Subluxations) Chiropractors Make With Their Team

We all make mistakes. They're often learned through trial and error, but if we take note then it becomes easier to avoid them moving forward with our practice! After 15 years in business, we continue to see these 4 patterns happen during different phases of the practice. 

Take a look and make sure to watch the video below to break these habits and create a healthy team moving forward. 

Here are the 4 common mistakes we see docs making with their teams:

  1. Waiting too long to hire  
  2. Hiring + Hoping , aka NO Onboarding + Training 
  3. Making it all about metrics , goals, incentives, and money  
  4. No Organization + Accountability  

All of which = Owner Burnout , Frustration , and Doing It All Yourself Anyway  

It really doesn't have to be this way homies! Sort of like communicating and marketing chiropractic, 90% of us just make it too complicated and end up getting bad advice.

I fully understand the burden of school loans, rent, utilities,...

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Subluxation Happens First

As Doctors of Cause, we can’t just be focused on finding “all the things” that cause kids to get subluxated, sick, and stressed — we need to actually take it one step further.

We also need to be obsessed with learning and knowing the exact order or ‘sequence’ with which they got sick. And once a Pediatric & Family Chiropractor is really tuned in to the importance of this crucial, granular piece of clinical information, you’ll find it exactly this way in 90% or more of your pediatric cases today — subluxation happens first.

Before they are exposed to toxins (inhaled, ingested, or injected) and things like dairy, grains, and food dyes — they are subluxated.

Before they are exposed to mental and emotional stress (hello the last two awful years for this) — they are subluxated.

No child will get to live a life free of physical, chemical, and emotional stress (3Ts). But it’s not exposed to these stressors...

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