7 Must-Take Steps to Slay Social Media


In today’s digital age, social media marketing has become a vital tool for businesses to reach their target audience and grow their brand. This is especially true for pediatric chiropractors who aim to impact the lives of children and families. In this context, consistency, strategy, and effective communication are key. In the following text, we’ll delve into some essential tips to dominate social media and take your practice to the next level. If you’re ready to learn more, read on!

  1. Always be obsessively consistent .
  2. Crush organic first and foremost, and do NOT get caught up in the discounted exam + first adjustment race to the bottom.
  3. Be wildly strategic and systemized (aka content calendars are life), and have your team help ‍.
  4. Deploy stories ♥ far more than stats.
  5. Learn to speak our science in simple, relatable ways (aka not overly complicated or overly weird)!
  6. Speak to one niche and breakthrough there first, then to the entire...
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Simple and Powerful Impact of Chiropractic

I have spent the last seven years on the other end of a phone listening to moms pour their hearts out about their kids' struggles.

With every connection, there is a common thread that connects each parent's story. EVERY single one knows there’s something more going on. Thousands of mothers have shared with me that they know there is a cause for their child’s struggles beyond just the diagnoses, labels, and “they’ll grow out of it” they are being told about their child.

I always empathetically listen, connect and seek to understand what they are experiencing even when I already know the missing piece to their story.


That is what gets me so excited about what we get to do every day. I already have the answer for the concerns they have for their child. And better yet, I have the answer that gets to the source of their issue and one that works every time.


When parents see those scans and hear the plan, they know.

They know that...

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4-Month-Old Case Study


Let's go full Case Study today to answer 2 questionsthat commonly come up with Case Interpretation:

1 Scans (objective findings) Look "better" than expected to start care
2 Scans Look WAY different than "expected" at the first progress report

This was the case when this 4-month-old who was struggling with motor movements (tummy time, latching easily, head turning) came and saw us.

I'll discuss how to approach it with the care plan, communication, and why we are seeing this more than ever when subluxation sets up shop!

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Raising The Standard For Pediatric + Family Chiropractic


Dr. Tony is taking you thru the 5 different pillars of your career and helping you 'draw the line in the sand' to truly LEVEL UP and raise the standard of pediatric and family chiropractic in your community!

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Care Plans Create Miracles!

As Pediatric + Family Chiropractors, our number one responsibility is to help our patients achieve optimal health outcomes and meet (or surpass) their goals!

When you break it all down, one could easily argue that your Care Plan has more to do with your Adjusting Technique.

Yes, as chiropractors, we have a generations-long obsession with battling over whose technique is better, yet this truth remains — they all work.

But no matter which technique or how proficient and skills you are at it, it won't work if your Care Plan recommendations are weak and don't provide enough frequency and duration to bring about full + complete neurological restoration and recovery.

The truth about Care Planning reveals itself most clearly when working with tougher neurodevelopment cases such as Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Seizures, and so forth. In this world, it's clear that a Care Plan that starts at 2x per week needs to be a thing of the past, just like dial-up phones and...

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How Chiropractic Can Help with Energy Drain in Parents!


Has anyone else noticed how stressed parents are in this season? Straight 'wound up and worn out!'

It's wild how, with spring schedules fill up so fast with sports, concerts, and end-of-school-year events without anything else dropping off.

I am not calling out anyone on here. We are the caregivers, but holy moly, what a shift!

Parents know to work out more, sleep earlier, and eat better, but the time variable cuts into decision-making.

But how awesome is Chiropractic - that it takes 5 minutes to get adjusted and refuel! 
The most efficient and timely answer for parents to handle stress better! Especially if they are already driving to our offices with their kids!

Huge conversation to have here, especially when looking at sEMG scans!

For this week's Teaching Tuesday ‍I wanted to talk through the massive energy drain our parents are experiencing…how we can see it, talk about it, and help fast!

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Stop 🛑 using the words "Muscular and Tension" in your sEMG communication.


Now, this may sound harsh, but I promise you there is a better way!

In this teaching ‍ case study , we chat about an 8-year-old girl who is on the spectrum and struggling with high energy , poor coordination, and a very rev'd up sensory system.

I'll talk through how we communicated for it, care planned for it, and table talked during it. Focusing on energy, input to the brain, coordination, and response... all WITHOUT having to talk about tension and muscular stress.

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5️⃣ Things We (chiros) Should NOT Run In Our Practice

1. Scheduling
2. Financials
3. Scanning
4. Operations + Systems
5. Marketing

Obviously, life is different as a startup chiro, and you need to be, should be, and can be wearing many hats in that short season of practice.

But even a startup office should have at least one CA running the show-up front with the schedule, financial conversations and systems, etc... and then as you keep growing, you keep hiring.
Simple. As. That.

As you grow in practice volume, you need to grow in business + leadership understanding... and, most significantly, the art of delegating .

Few things hold this profession back more than the "do it all ourselves" and "micromanaging/perfectionism" aspects that so many get entirely consumed by!

Let's all work on this together! The path through this all is not easy, but it is attainable. And life for ALL is freaking fantastic on the other side!

Want to know how I get so much done ? I don't. But together, we all sure do!

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“If can help even one family, it will be worth it.”

People are wired to help other people. And yes, society can give us many reasons to become skeptical of the help offered, especially in our world of Perfect Storm cases that have been through hell and back. They’ve tried every therapy, various procedures, meds…you name it.

We sometimes used to say that we should answer the phone with “welcome to the last resort” because we knew that families had likely exhausted every option before they got to us, but the tide has turned.

An incredible by-product of the care and healing that our patient's experience is the empowerment they feel and their love of chiropractic. This is how we create chiropractic evangelists. I have yet to meet a mom whose child was healed that didn’t want to share their experience. They’re ready to shoot it from the rooftops.

This incredible mom, Nicole, shared her son Cole’s story for the first time at the Perfect Storm a few weeks back. They started as an Intensive family...

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3 Tips to Effectively & Efficiently Communicate with Your Team


Team is everything.

Communication is everything.

So that means communicating with your team is everything.

This is a must-watch! 

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