5 Steps to Massive Influence & Impact

This one will speak right to the heart of those who are especially mission-minded and purpose-driven, looking to achieve big things ! Doubling down on that, it will especially speak to you if you want to achieve those big things not for your own personal gain, but in order to massively impact kids and families in your community.

If you're in it for you more than them, you won't make it very far down this list before you run out of . This takes work, commitment, consistency.

Our practice is going through some insane growth again over the last few weeks to months, and this morning it had me reflecting on exactly what 'steps' it took to get here over the last 10+ years. I wanted to share them, because it's my hope and dream to see so many of you not only take them... but take them faster, better, stronger than we did so that you can impact and influence even more kids and families!

So, here goes:

1 - Adjusting

While of course I studied for exams and boards during school, those...

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The Growth 📶 Paradox

The #1 thing we all want so badly, growth , quickly becomes the #1 thing that trips us up and stresses out to the absolute max! 

Been there, done that haven't you? 

If you've been in practice for even a short period of time, it's likely you know all about how growth works... and how it doesn't. 

Growth does NOT have a tendency to come in consistent, steady, bite-sized chunks like this little emoji here - . Nope, instead, it tends to come seemingly all once and awesomely sets fire to most everything in our practice and lives!  

We end up: 

  • Working straight through lunch, preparing ROFs, and catching up on paperwork  
  • Staying late to fit more patients in, finish paperwork , and keep everything else in order 
  • Our systems we worked so hard to sort out, are rendered near useless and start to look like a 1988 dial-up phone  
  • Our team gets worn out, exhausted , cranky, and perhaps even quit ‍ 

What gives? Why is exactly what we...

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I met Olivia 2  years ago. Mom, Tanya, had tried chiropractic care for Olivia before but didn’t quite feel like they were in the right place for her specific needs. Curious to learn more, I dug deeper.

Olivia had a very traumatic injury at birth setting off a storm  that showed up as a toddler with absent seizures, extreme anxiety, and sensory processing challenges. Noise , lights , and sensory overload. These challenges became so difficult that her and her family had a hard time even leaving the house   and adapting to what most would consider simple, everyday life. 

Chiropractic was a “piece of the puzzle,” mom said. “We’ve gone for years with Olivia, but we’re not sure we are really making any progress…seizures and anxiety are so bad right now we are having to take her out of school and sports ‍.”

“I’m glad you’ve continued to get her adjusted,” I replied, “when was...

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Care Planing -> Life Time Care for Babies 👶! 2 🔑s that will TRANSFORM your Retention! 🔥

Alright PX crew! The PX Care Plan Builder is active and rocking!  But in no way will this stop us from going deeper, analyzing more, and sharing the principles that got us to this point! 

So, let’s be honest for a minute. How many of us have had a “gut check” moment when talking to a mom and dad about a 2 to 3 month (or beyond) care plan for their little one? It’s not the easiest thing to explain to a mom and dad the need for a longer and more frequent Care Plan for their under 6 month son or daughter when they are new to chiropractic.

Well, this deep dive is meant to change that! Create that EASE in your certainty and communication. And along with the Care Plan Builder to give you the utmost confidence in walking into that report and having mom and dad leaving feeling maximum confidence. We are letting them know they are in the right place to meet their goals and get them beyond that care plan to lifelong wellness! 

Here is...

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Team Tip Thursday - Aptitude (GSD) is Everything!

Aptitude (GSD) is Everything

The absolute top things you want in every single team member are humility, hunger, and then this... the ability to take an idea , project , and important plan you lay out and are excited about... and handle it start to finish quickly and effectively, without hardly needing you at all!

Now for many of us as leaders/owners, we actually have team members who are more than capable of that, and want to... but we are in the way. We think we're "supporting" and "doing our job" with micromanaging and essentially doing it all ourselves anyway ‍. But, we're straight up screwing things up.

That is what managers and dictators do, not leaders.

Leaders set the vision for the plan and project, put the right people in charge, go over the outline and resources needed, and make sure to set the expectations of time , quality, and outcome.

Then, get out the way.

That happened in the best of ways for us this week at PWC and PX with Dr. Matt Hill! For 10+...

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The PX Care Plan Value Ladder 🪜

This 17-minute training video our amazing Peds, Prenatal, and Family Profession really needs! Can't wait to have this video help you HELP THEM MORE !!!
This will help you:
  • Get UNSTUCK from talking symptoms , conditions, diagnoses only
  • Get UNSTUCK from talking (and examining) the spine , muscles, posture, etc. only
  • Get parents to see way past just their child's problems and to their potential
  • Get full families ‍‍‍ converting to lifetime wellness care left and right
  • Move you to a all cash practice, completely free of the insanity and worthlessness that is insurance
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Output = Input

Not sure if you've noticed this trend, but currently it seems like all yoga ‍ teachers and massage therapists now double down as "life coaches" and counselors. They often do a lot of talking and sharing of various mindsets and principles as they do their thing 😝 . 

Often times the message floats right on by for me as I've got plenty of positivity and empowerment floating around in my own crazy brain , but this past weekend our rockstar instructor kept talking about the "principle of exchange" and how what you put out into the world 🌎 , and what you put forth in terms of effort... is exactly equal to what you put back in. 

Couldn't agree more. 

(And real quick, yes as I approach the old 4-0 my friends... I've "exchanged" a lot of my barbell 🏋‍ time for time on my yoga ‍ mat instead, living that #lululife I guess! 😝 )

Alright, let's bring this to your practice and purpose of serving kids 👶, pregnant mamas, and full...

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How to Make a Facebook Post Go Viral 🔥


This was straight fire that you'll want to block out time , and watch in full - every single minute! 

Dr. Touhill is the Impact, Influence, and Social Media Strategy wizard ‍ for Dr. Josh Axe and now Dr. Tony and PWC/PX as well, so his ideas , strategies, and systems don't just have theory to them... they have absolute proof . 

On this Facebook Live done in our Pediatric Chiropractic Today Facebook group, they discuss the 3 Steps (and many "essential elements" within those steps) on how to make a Facebook Post Go Viral ! 

When Levi the Legend's family and story got connected to Dr. Tony, it wasn't just that one awesome element that led to the 54,000 Engagements, 4.1K Comments, and 2.6K Shares and insane Page Growth... it was the fact that the Influence & Impact "pump was primed" and ready to explode BEFORE all this came about! 

This level of impact, reach, and life-saving action for kids everywhere is NOT just for Dr. T and PWC... it's absolutely...

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Communicating Hope

“When will Kelly start talking?” The question hit me like a ton of bricks. Kelly, now a 6 year old, had been under care for the last year and a half. Mom and dad received her Autism diagnosis at 3, and started searching for anything and everything that could help.
Through a friend's invite they attended the Perfect Storm workshop and started with a 6 month long restoration plan the next week. Much of her sensory, behavior and sleep challenges were incredibly improved and she remained consistent with care continuing to get adjusted at 2x a week…but that final goal on her intake. Speech. And we're still not there. "What do I say? How do I say it?" I thought to myself. What is mom going to accept, how do I encourage, and be realistic?
Kelly’s mom had been to all our workshops, adjustment after adjustment of “table talk” and was as Chiropractic’ally educated as any! She knew that we do not “treat” the...
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Adaptability is the Language of Today - Can You Speak It?


Stress, Adaptability, and Technology are the language of today!

Don't believe us? Check in with Tesla, WHOOP, Garmin, Apple Watch, any number of meditation ‍ apps , your local hot ‍ studio... and see if they are in GROWTH mode or on the struggle .
Therefore, if you position your chiropractic practice right where it belongs, OWNING the conversation around Stress, Adaptability, Neurology brain , etc... you too will be on growth mode!
And then, back it up by using the latest, best technology ‍ to SHOW your patients their functional, objective, neurological , adaptive changes with the Insight! Talking about it is nice, BRINGING ABOUT IT is the game-changer.
 In contrast, stay stuck on the spine or symptoms and you'll be seeing the world and impact pass you by!
Want a quick look at how we do it each day in our practice, watch this one minute sneak peek from our PX Clinical Zoom Training yesterday where we share on an case and talk about how we have the...
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