3 Ways to Grow + Scale šŸ“ˆ Your Practice Fast in 2023!


The "Great Resignation" from the medical machine is on absolute fire , which means your practice should be in mega growth and expansion mode too!

Do these 3 things ASAP y'all!

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Want to Go Deeper with Pediatric Chiropractic and Development?


This conversation around motor tone, nociception, proprioception, and the brain's response will do just that! 

Subluxation is more than just fixation and a baby not nursing on one side or latching well - its the cerebellar input that comes from that (the afferent pathway aka š˜æš™®š™Ø-š™–š™›š™›š™šš™§š™šš™£š™©š™–š™©š™žš™¤š™£ ) sending babies into protection mode, fight or flight way to early on!

So communicate and Care plan BEYOND fixation and symptoms to go with a full Neuro , congruent and life-changing plan of attack!

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The 3Iā€™s Every Piece of Content šŸŽ„ Should Contain


The 3I’s Every Piece of Content Should Contain (and the 3 Places You Should Post + Put Your Content)

We had no idea ‍ when we built out this super simple 3I Formula many years ago it would be so dang effective, but it has changed everything with how we write copy and create our videos !

Instead of so much of our content missing 1 or 2 key elements, we know to work in these 3I’s nearly every single time… and our conversions have gone through the roof.

Want to make your content far more engaging + effective?

Make sure your content has all 3 of these all the time!

  • Inspirational
  • Informational
  • Invitational
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The Top 3ļøāƒ£ Missing Elements to Most Practices Marketing

It's freaking awesome that so many offices are now crushing IG Reels and Short Form , consistently putting up Patient Stories and Testimonials , and showing a lot of fun BTS (Behind the Scenes) type content on the regular!

Seriously, loving seeing it all, and great work... keep it up!

But, if you want to blow things up and 2-3X the results of your marketing efforts + outputs then you've got to get in the game with Long Form Video and Written Content and Email Marketing... and far too many offices are "all over the place" with their topics and themes.

What I mean by that last part is that if you're posting about infants and colic one day, adults with headaches the next, and then nutrition and essential oils the next... you're far too 'general' and 'random' with your content. You'll never cut through all the noise enough to generate new patients.

Posting too much 'General Family Wellness' content that doesn't thread and tie together could hurt your brand more than help.


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3 Reasons Why We're Able to Get These Results


“We have made more progress in 3 weeks getting him adjusted here than we did in 12 months with the previous 2 chiropractors.”

That’s what a mom told me tonight regarding her tough Perfect Storm kiddo tonight… and here’s 3 reasons why we were able to get those results!

So many clinical and adjusting tips with this case!

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The #1 thing holding Pediatric + Family Chiropractic back

My absolute #1 secret to MORE impact !

The math behind making a difference in kids' and families' lives in your community is simple.

How often do you show up in their lives?

The #1 thing holding Pediatric + Family Chiropractic back is simply obscurity. Most parents simply don’t yet know we exist as a different, drug-free option to traditional medicine.

It’s YOUR job to give them the opportunity to find out, and that is exactly why “Outputs = Impact”

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If you struggle with communication, this video šŸŽ„ is for YOU!


It's one thing to understand the science #subluxation in kids at a high level. Still, it's a whole other thing to be able to communicate + explain it effectively to parents and other health professionals in your community.

If you struggle with communication, this video is for YOU!

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How to Re-Ignite the Fire in Your Practice using these 2 Levers


Being a pediatric chiropractic makes for an absolutely amazing gig! But that’s not to say that at times we, as docs, don’t struggle a bit!

We can go through phases of we are rocking it ALL. Anxiety , stress , massive motivation , burn out or even boredom …a huge swing, right!

But 2 key variables can keep us in our Flow State.

To accomplish this flow state, we need to achieve two things:

1. We need to be challenged regularly

2. We need the skill set to meet that challenge

Check out the video above to see how this works and how you can achieve this flow state no matter what situation you're in right now.

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A Lesson in being Present and in Awe

One of the most profound experiences we will ever have in this profession is when we see that chiropractic spark light up in someone for the first time.

I remember when that happened for me as a mom when my son Logan (5 at the time) felt the physiological queue to go to the bathroom for the first time after an adjustment.

Ever since that day, I have remained in awe. Chiropractic became part of my soul that day.
In practice, we will always have systems that need tweaking, metrics that need a closer look, teams to lead, content to create, and prep that needs to be completed. These things are just part of the business of making miracles.

But we simply can not be so busy in the doing that we miss the most important thing of all, seeing. Our presence with our patients and being IN AWE OF MIRACLES IS THE WORK!

The best part is, when we do that, we get to see that sparks are flying everywhere!

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3 Communication Mistakes to Avoid in Your Pediatric & Family Practice


As Pediatric + Family Chiropractors, we face 3 huge communication challenges with every single New Patient:

  1. Not getting caught talking only about symptoms + conditions (pain, problems, etc.)
  2. Not getting stuck talking about the spine only, when trying to move the conversation to the brain and neurology
  3. Not getting too overly weird and chiro crazy (talking vitality, salutogenesis, universal intelligence, etc.

This 8-minute video will teach you the exact lessons I learned from making all 3 mistakes early in my career, and how I now know how to deploy 'patience' + 'persistence' in my Day 1 and Day 2 ROF Communication to find just the right "sweet spot" between their concerns (symptoms) and our science and philosophy!

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