You Don't Build a Business. You Build People and Then Build the Business

There are two important questions🙋🏻‍♀️ to ask ourselves whenever we are evaluating our systems and procedures.

Am I setting myself up for growth with this system etc?
Am I building my systems with longevity in mind?

Why are these questions important? Because there are few absolutely NOT answers to those questions that must be avoided at all costs if the growth of your practice and impact are your goals.

1. Running as a solo doc/no CA office
2. Manually running/posting payments….no auto-debits, EHR/payment system integration
3. Using paper systems like travel cards, patient document hard copies instead of digital, etc
4. Manually maintaining ledgers/charges/care plans
5. Docs performing scans and presenting your own financials

The great news 📰 is that the answer to fix these things is insanely simple: automation and people.

These are both absolutely non-negotiable. Here’s why…

If we wait until we can “afford it” to hire a CA to run our systems, we immediately set a cap on how far and fast we can grow. 😳

If we wait until we “need to” implement automation, we will be forced to slow down when we gain incredible momentum!

Team & Systems are necessities, not luxuries….WHO and HOW!


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