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This week, we had a Facebook Reel we made on the PXDocs page of my son's story go viral. In the 8 years he’s been under chiropractic care, 7 of those I have been on the team, we have told his story many, many times. It’s been viewed 👀1 million times, with over 3k likes and many shares. My heart is swelling with Joy, thinking of all the people who can’t unknow what they now know after seeing it.
It truly never gets old knowing that I have shared Hope, Answers & Help with someone who needs it.

Chiropractic always gets to be the hero of his story because it is just that.

Every write up, Reel, interview, video, new patient phone call…literally every time I share his powerful story of healing and restoration, I know I am making a massive deposit into the future of the people listening.

It’s wild to me that we always get comment after comment from parents who don’t even know that chiropractic can help or that we even exist at all.

I/we are absolutely heaven-bent on changing that. 🙌

The coolest part is that while I hope some of the families that find chiropractic care because of our reach will come to PWC, the fact is that the bulk of them will never come here.

They’re going to be on the other end of your phone number 📞 looking to schedule, come through your doors looking for a different experience than they have had everywhere else and most of all, they will be eager for the results you will provide that will change their life.

So if you ever have that feeling that tells you “This family doesn’t want to share” or “I don’t want to be awkward” or “It doesn’t matter if I post every day”...***..squash it.

Each story has the power to change thousands of lives.

Every. Kid. Counts.
-Jacqui 💗


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