7 Must-Take Steps to Slay Social Media


In today’s digital age, social media marketing has become a vital tool for businesses to reach their target audience and grow their brand. This is especially true for pediatric chiropractors who aim to impact the lives of children and families. In this context, consistency, strategy, and effective communication are key. In the following text, we’ll delve into some essential tips to dominate social media and take your practice to the next level. If you’re ready to learn more, read on!

  1. Always be obsessively consistent 🪨.
  2. Crush organic first and foremost, and do NOT get caught up in the discounted 💰 exam + first adjustment race to the bottom.
  3. Be wildly strategic and systemized 📂 (aka content calendars 📆 are life), and have your team help 🙋‍♀️.
  4. Deploy stories ♥️ far more than stats.
  5. Learn to speak our science 🧠 in simple, relatable ways (aka not overly complicated or overly weird)!
  6. Speak to one niche 🌪️ and breakthrough there first, then to the entire family.
  7. Don’t miss what’s trending (Reels 🎞️ , ChatGPT, etc.), but don’t expect it to be your savior either.

If you’re not absolutely slaying it on social media and with digital marketing 📣 in today’s environment, you are truly missing out on an opportunity to impact so many kids + families and explode 🚀 your practice at the same time.

Moms 👩 are up late at night searching Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more looking for us — Hope ✨, Answers, and Drug-Free Help! 🙌

When you see the results we can get with kids and families clinically, we feel strongly it becomes your responsibility and obligation to learn social media + online 👩‍💻 marketing… so that you can reach, serve, and transform hundreds to thousands of more lives that so badly need it. It’s that simple to us.

That’s why we first teach our PX Tribe to get in the game with a full understanding of what it really takes to dominate and blow up 🚀 your practice with social media, and that first and foremost is a commitment to doing the work 💪 it takes to really succeed.

To pump out enough highly effective (engaging) content consistently, it takes both a team 🙋‍♀️ and systems 📂 to slay social media.

Most family chiros try and jump into the social media waters 🌊 all by themselves, managing Facebook, Instagram, email 📧 , landing pages, workshops 🎙️, Ads, and everything 💯 on their own… and that’s why they go up then down 🎢 , and can never find their way to consistency.

Right now, Pediatric Chiropractic is taking over the internet because we’ve taught our nearly 1000 PX Members how to really take on social media in a way that works, and we’re just getting started. There are millions more kids to serve + save, so we need thousands more of us at least to take this work on alongside of us! 🏃‍♂️

Are you ready?

If you want help taking on the beast that is Social Media Marketing for Peds + Family Chiros and branding + marketing 📣 overall in today’s practice environment… Click here and get our latest playbook!


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