Do babies 👶 struggle with chronic health challenges?


Lately, in babies, we’ve seen more HRVs plotting lower ⬇️ on the autonomic activity index and more blue 🔵 Thermal DTGs than ever before.

In PX, we train regularly that these two aspects of the HRV and DTG are your “DEPTH” finders. They show more deep-rooted and oftentimes chronic, long-term stress.

This stress in babies may not be “chronic” as we classically define chronic, but I promise it’s chronic.


Simply by a % of life and beyond that babies have been in that subluxated (stress stuck on) state!

Think about the scary path we often see in practice...
➡️ moms stressed 🙍‍♀️from all 3Ts preconception
➡️ then into the prenatal world 🤰excited at first, then scared with all the policies and tests thrown around in the mainstream OB/Med 🏥 world 🌎
➡️ so mom limps into delivery emotionally and physically stressed
➡️ then intervention happens, and that deep-rooted emotional stress baby felt 👩‍🍼 gets physical stress added to it.

Add it all up, and a baby's motor, sensory, and autonomic systems are all wound up immediately.

Subluxation is running the show, and the nervous systems 🧠 efficiency is toast!
And It’s sad 😞 from what we know as Pediatric docs! Overactive motor systems, where babies are walking before crawling but at the same time not sleeping 💤, nursing 🤱, or pooping 💩 well at all.

Above in the video is a quick case study on a 4-month-old who found Pediatric Chiropractic after struggling with reflux, constipation, colic, and not gaining weight… the 2 chronic indicators of HRV and DTG directly mirroring the stuck spot his nervous system was in!


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