Free Training

Take Your Team & Leadership to an Unheard of Level

For too long chiropractic practices have stayed too small. We embrace the 'solopreneur' and 'DIY' mentality way 😬 too much, and almost get trapped by our individual drive and success. Change all of that by leaning into the real game-changer that every huge practice and business knows, that TEAM is everything. This immersive, live training event is everything you've been waiting for!

October 28th - 29th, Crystal Lake


Become a True Leader

The Leadership 'muscle' is one we don't even know we need, until we wake up one day and realize we haven't trained it, developed it, and strengthened it. 


Real Life Examples

You'll be taught by people doing it in real life, each and every day. Owner to Owner, Associate to Associate, CA to CA. We've learned what works and what doesn't, and can't wait to share it with you. 


Org Charts and Systems Galore

The most productive teams are the most organized and efficient, and we'll teach you every single trick we've got from inside the 4-walls of PWC!

Team & Leadership Live Training

Take Your Entire Team to a Whole New Level!









Breakout Sessions

Do you know what drives CAs (and really everyone) crazy? Being told what to do by people who don't actually DO their job. This event is for Entire Teams, with BA breakout sessions where our CAs pour into and train 📝 your team for you! And the same goes for Associate Docs, with breakouts led by our All World Associates! Ticket options below. 

Our Binders = Your Binders

The true value of a training is not how much content you learn, but how implementable and long-lasting it is. When you arrive, you'll be trained on each aspect of our practice operations and organization systems 📂.


Once the training gets done melting your brain 🧠, we'll cool off and have some fun out at the Ebel's 'Farm Sweet Farm' with appetizers, drinks 🍻, good laughs, and more brainstorm chats and conversations! 

Saturday Shadow Sessions

Train on Friday, then experience it LIVE on Saturday and soak up every real life element we've got! After registrations, we'll book you to a time slot to see our thriving Saturday morning shifts going at full tilt 🚀. 

Ticket Options

*Owner Doctor Ticket 🎫 must be purchased first.