"What We Learn with JOY, We Never Forget."

We are onboarding a new Tech CA to our team right now. This is an awesome mom in our practice, Traci, who has been on our “we’re going to hire you” list for over a year. As a Tech CA, the bulk of her onboarding and training is done by Crystal on our team, who runs our Tech department. *Crystal is one of the most calm, joyful, and connected people you will ever meet. *She thrives when teaching CA's.

I recently overheard Crystal calling PWC and pretending to be a patient so Traci could practice her phone skills. The role-playing they were doing on the phone made my heart swell with such pride. Then, Megan sat down with Traci as she worked to schedule “the patient” and talked her through some scheduling suggestions.

**Ugh, STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!! **

Nothing could make me more proud as a leader than to see the absolute excellence and JOY that they were having with this interaction. This is **EXACTLY WHY **hiring and onboarding is one of my favorite things...

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Care Planning for Tough Cases + Kids in Tough Spots 🥵


Care Planning is what truly brings about the results, and one word summarizes this with simplicity → MOMENTUM!

On this 'Teaching Tuesday' ‍ I wanted to share one of my favorite whiteboard analogies and visuals to help clarify this for parents and also to help us as Pediatric Chiropractors.

Truthfully leaning into 2x a day, daily, or 3x a week for adjusting frequency can be a big shift if you didn't start there as a doc that's ok. Embrace being 'uncomfortable' with it and work on it... the results for the kids and families will be more than worth it!

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Stop shrinking yourself to fit places and people you've outgrown

Stop shrinking yourself to fit places and people you've outgrown - Coach Javier Babin

This advice from Coach Javi is absolutely accurate but quite hard to implement.

As you grow, not everyone and everything in your life will often love what you have. Most people and places that will surround you each day strive to exist, be comfortable, and get by simply.

So when your purpose + passion for serving kids + families take you to new places and levels of impact + success, you must be ok with leaving those unwilling or unwilling to keep up in the dust.

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Stuck on Progress Report Interpretation?


Scan interpretation and progress reporting are pillars of keeping a family engaged and committed to the care plan.

But we’ve all had those times when prepping for a report that patterns, changes, and results don’t look as expected.

These aren’t the easy high fives and celebrations. These are the 'put on your hope dealing boots' and dig-in reports!

So for this Teaching Tuesday , let's look at an example together and apply 3 steps to make progress interpretation and communication easier and more impactful!

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True Humility is Not Thinking Less of Yourself it's Thinking of Yourself Less

True Humility is Not Thinking Less of Yourself it's Thinking of Yourself Less - C.S. Lewis

We all know story after story of someone who achieved some measure of success in practice, business, life, status, money , etc... and almost as quickly as they got there, things fell apart. Their business went to crap , family life fell apart, or all over the above.

Most often, in these cases, the person had plenty of hustle, hunger, and motivation in the world to be successful... but for the wrong reasons.

They wanted to achieve success to fuel their ego further and improve their own life rather than help transform and improve the lives of others first and foremost.

Or even those who initially had the right intentions ended up trapped by their success and achievements. Sadly it's easy to do because perhaps the riskiest place to be is comfortable.

This is exactly why we love our PX Tribe, and we work hard to ensure that everyone who comes on board with this mission + vision is in it for the right...

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Uniting Together to Offer Hope, Answers, & Help ♥️

Day in and day out, one common thread connects us all….LOVE for our children and their desire to have the best lives possible.

Within the last two weeks, we have had parents reach out to us from India, France, Australia, Croatia, the UK, and hundreds of cities around the United States.

The messages are always the same…….. Please help us.

This thread that unites us is where our power lies.

It lies in the stories of parents.

It lies in giving Hope, in sharing the Answers they have been searching for and in offering them Help.

Uniting together is what it will take to ensure that we never have to tell them there is no one there to answer the call for help.


Join us on May 25th at 8:00 for our Global Perfect Storm Webinar.
Share it with your practice and your community.


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When we make ALL of our patients our top priority, everyone wins!

A few years back, we implemented a concept called Growth Teams for one of our weekly meetings. On the 2nd Monday of each month, our Marketing and Wellness teams split up to meet. Our Wellness team's purpose is to identify and implement strategies that enhance the experience and education of our Wellness families.

So often in practice, we can become so focused on the experience of new patients that we can neglect the opportunity to pour into our well-established Wellness patients. **Deepening our connection with our Wellness patients is just as important to our Flywheel as it is to attract New Connections. **The unparalleled quality Wellness patients provide to our practice community, the commitment they have made to care, and the value they place into chiropractic are essential ingredients to the success formula of our offices.

We have worked diligently to plan Wellness events and engagements that excite and delight our patients. Ever since we have made this a priority, so have...

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Marketing Gets a Bad Rap... By Those Who are Bad at it

It’s human nature to want people to like the things we like and dislike those we don’t. And that certainly is true when it comes to marketing.

My perspective on marketing is simple — it’s our first chance to transform and save a child’s life.

Therefore I’ve never NOT loved marketing, even when it wears me out or isn’t working, which of course, has happened a few times in the last 15 years since that’s simply the name of the game with marketing and anything else worth doing.

But what about those who have pure disdain and dislike for marketing? What should they do?

First, flip your perspective.

If you love transforming and saving lives through the power of chiropractic adjustments , and you understand how a patient life cycle first begins with at least some form of marketing every time… then it’s a simple perspective shift that can get you to see that ‘marketing is where the miracles begin’ just like we do.


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How do you communicate what happens neurologically 🧠 within the care plan?


We’ve all finished a Day 2 report , feeling good and ready to ‘moon walk’ to the first adjustment ... when mom asks, “so when am I supposed to start seeing results and changes?”

It's a great question!

While we can be very ‘predictive with neurology ’ here and share specifics, it’s so important to get ahead of this question, not to get stuck in symptoms, and to give them the “why “in terms of length and time of the care plan we are recommending.

So in this teaching, let’s walk through the 3 phases to communicate what happens when kiddos start, continue and thrive under a Neurological focused care plan.

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The "Controversy" of our PX Care Planning Model Fully Explained + Addressed 💪


In this life-changing, practice-changing video I break down exactly why we ADVANCED our delivery of Pediatric Chiropractic from 2x/week for 6 weeks (with tons of fascial work, neuro-integrative therapies ‍ , and nutrition as taught)... to now "over-utilizing" chiropractic for countless kids in our practices at 2x PER DAY!

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