Find a way, make a way, BE THE WAY

The other day, I was listening to a reel where the interviewer asked a very known and high-achieving person what the worst piece of advice they ever got was. He shared that the advice was “Be realistic.”

What has being realistic ever gotten anyone? Average and basic results, that’s what! Bold as I may be to say so, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Did we come this far just to go this far? Heck no we didn’t!!

Did you dream of helping and healing people to be completely now underwhelmed by the results? Did you dream of building a healthy, thriving community in your practice only to see your PVA number be in the gutter and watch patients leave faster than they come in? Did you plan a care plan according to the patient's needs but now find yourself facing the uncomfortable truth that it’s impossible to properly care plan in a patient-centric way while also taking insurance?

Here is the truth: You get what you expect, what you work for, and what you...

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Letting Go to Level Up 📈

Those who are continually committed to personal and professional growth will know how unequivocally true the words above in this post are, as well as the ones I'm about to write in this quick, expansive comment on the principle.

When you look to push forward to the next phase of growth + impact you know must go after to achieve your mission and chase your vision, you've got to know that NOT everyone will be ready and onboard for that push forward. Some who are with you right now need to be let off at the next bus stop to make room for the ones who are fully committed and hellbent on helping you climb that next mountain and keep the mission moving forward!

It doesn't always feel good, but continuing to grow, improve, and create more impact is NOT for everyone. Some grow tired , get lazy, like things easy, and want to coast . That's totally ok and totally up to them.

Love them on the way off the bus and wish them well, then close the door and celebrate like mad that you've just...

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The Problem with the "Waiting List" Practice

It has long been my observation that the terms "Waiting List" and "Referrals or Word of Mouth Only" continue to be inappropriately lauded in multiple "chiros talking to other chiros only" Facebook comment threads.

It continues to blow my mind ‍ that people carry the perspective that these things are "net net" good and makes their practice more awesome and exceptional than those who continue to brand, market , and push the message out to their community full of sick, subluxated, suffering people who desperately need our help!

Which is my first major problem with this perspective -- while having a referral only + waiting list practice for sure makes for an easier life on the chiropractor and practice, meaning way less hours, effort, and work -- it also means said person is ok with prospective kids, families, and parents in their community staying subluxated and suffering longer than needed.

And when it comes to kids, one more month subluxated and with a neurological...

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Who are you doing it for?

Recently, someone asked me two really awesome questions:

1. Who are you chasing?
2. Who are you doing it for?

I LOVED this because I love people who dream, push, and like to talk about things other than TV shows and other people.
To me, someone I’m chasing is someone I look up to and who inspires me to be a better me. Two people instantly came to mind; they’re both on our team at PWC.

Kristina is the first person I’m chasing. Kristina has the biggest heart and she’s the hardest worker in the room. No one cares more about quality than Kristina. She pours her whole heart into everything she does. She’s relentless, and she leads from the front. Be it from a colleague, friend, or mission standpoint, I’m chasing her.

Jen is the other person I’m chasing. Jen loves to serve. Hospitality is her love language. Helping someone and connecting with them is Jen’s sweet spot. Jen is as authentic as they come! And listening to her share...

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The Moment Your Stop Learning, You Stop Leading

This season, we have focused on adapting to new systems and onboarding crucial responsibilities for different team members.

It has been such an important reminder that with growth, comes change, but it has also an even better reminder that the best teams are lifelong learners.

Sometimes, when we become skilled at certain aspects of our roles, we can get a little fancy, or even gasp…think we are now exempt from being able to or needing to keep learning.

And that is when the demise starts. There is no such thing as arriving, no such thing as being exempt.

There is no such thing as “knowing all there is to know,” no matter how “great” you are at something. When this happens, we’re in the “me zone” and not the “them zone,” our patients.

In everything we do, we must focus on being the best we can FOR THEM. They need that from us. When we do this, we are relentless with it and make it THE PRIORITY everything else flows as...

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The Power of Personal Accountability

It may be unpopular, but I have always loved the phrase, "If it's meant to be, it's up to me."

I love it because it holds me accountable for contributing to every situation in my life. It means that if God placed a mission, goal, or dream in my heart, he equipped me with the grit I need to do the job. It means that he will place the right teachers, mentors, and people in my path to help me. It means that I will learn the lessons I need along the way and that my dream will come to pass.

It doesn't mean that we won't get tired, that it will be perfect, that we will never weather the storm, that it will happen fast, or that it will look exactly as we expect it to.

I control how hard I work and my attitude if I remain disciplined and do more than is expected of me. I choose to be excellent in my effort, knowing that when I do that, the results will be better than I could have ever imagined.

The world will tell you to do the minimum, that doing less will get you to where you want to...

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People will never forget how you made them feel

This week, we hosted an incredible 2-day Team Immersion Experience at PWC; during one of the sessions, we discussed some of the experiences we encounter in practice. We talked through strategies to keep patients engaged and delighted, wowing them with their care, results and experiences but we also talked about the tough bits too.

Cancellations are always at the top of that list. They sting, and they always will. How we handle them says everything about who we are and how we have the opportunity to be different. This is not the time to teach them a lesson about how wrong they are for stopping, but it IS an opportunity to show them we really do care by loving them on the way out.

Below I have shared an oldie but goodie that has earned a spot on this page every year as a reminder of who we GET to be.

Whenever we get an email with a cancellation attached, regardless of the reason, it stings. We’ve all felt it… that pit in your stomach while reading it and thinking about...

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No One Loves Your Side Hustle As Much As Your Competition Does!

I’m not sure I've met many people who have a thicker dose of "Entrepreneurial ADHD" than me, so please know this about this post — I'm making it as much for me as for you.

I was a living, breathing example of this in my early practice years. Thankfully I had incredible chiropractic mentors like Dr. Rick Elbert, Dr. Richard Burns, + Dr. Michael Cody, who taught me how to adjust + get insane results with chiropractic alone. But despite their best efforts, it wasn't enough to keep my attention away from all the bells + whistles being sold to me.

Within my first 5 years of practice, I had already added rehab, massage, orthotics, supplements, primitive reflex + neuro-integrative care (PT/OT type therapies), and even a specialized fitness + weight loss program to top it all off!

Each of them fed my desire to be taking on something new... at the same time, each of them limited the growth of my actual chiropractic practice. You know, the 1 thing I can do that no other provider...

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Our Favorite Time of the Year

Our favorite time of the year - a bin STACKED full of New Patient ROF folders !!!

Q4 is always a time for massive growth for Pediatric + Family practices as added stress + illness stacks up on families... but the last thing we do is sit back and hope they call and come in!

Instead we take massive, strategic action and here's what we've been doing that's been working:

  • Crushed a Perfect Storm Workshop 2 weeks ago with 24 ideal, already educated + ready to go new patients
  • Organic Social Media (Instagram especially) is consistently on fire and producing NPs left + right
  • Our local community connections are referring sick and stressed kids to us left and right, as they get busier this time of the year too

PX Tribe -- get ready for full step-by-step training on every vivid detail of what's working RIGHT NOW on our big December 8th Annual Impact Planning Zoom Summit!

And if you're not an active PX Member right now, you've got plenty of time to sign up and get rolling with before...

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The Ultimate Goal of Every Parent

So often I get asked how I explain chiropractic to parents or how I help parents to set goals for their child’s care. Sometimes, this can feel distant or difficult to docs and CA’s getting started or switching over to this model of care.

Truly, that is the simplest part of what I do.

Over all the years that I have been able to connect with moms, no matter the struggles or diagnosis that their child has, they all want one simple thing…

They want their child to be happy and relaxed in their own body.

The next time you are connecting with a parent, lead with that.

You will hear the words…”Yes, that is exactly what I want!”


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