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Blow Up πŸ”₯ Your Peds & Family Practice with Social Media, Speaking, and More!

There has never been a marketing course in chiropractic even remotely close to as awesome and effective as this! Watch every second of this short video to learn about our NEW BA Pediatric Chiropractic Online Marketing Course!

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Introducing The NEW Pediatric Chiropractic Online Marketing Course!

Join us at the first-ever online marketing and branding training course, hosted by the leading experts in Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Chiropractic who are committed to helping bring our message of Hope, Answers, and Help to communities all over the globe! Take your Impact and Influence to a whole new level!

You'll get everything we teach at our live event
packaged into this online course!



Top Speakers

Including Dr. Tony Ebel, Dr. David Touhill, Dr. Dan Sullivan, Dr. Jason Day, Dr. Angus Pyke, and Caleb Hodges! Prominent speakers, strategists, funnel builders, and Influencers and Impact Makers! 


Top Strategy

We will get fully detailed and granular, but most importantly will help you build your custom "Flywheel" so that everything fits and works together... meaning more results, with less work! 


Speaking & Social Media

Every bit of your training will be designed to elevate your impact through the two channels proven to explode your practice and create impact like nothing else can! 

Dr. Tony Ebel - Be Yourself, Have Fun, and Make a Huge Impact!

If you know Tony, you know that his 'secret' to massive impact and influence simply starts with being yourself, bringing the joy 🀩, and sharing your passion! But what you may not know is how incredibly strategic and systemized he is... and he'll teach you his exact weekly and monthly system πŸ“ for for GSD and major impact!

Learn Directly from Dan & Dave!

If you don't know and love these two, you will the moment they dig in and start teaching! Two of the key πŸ”‘ mentors and masterminds behind our success at PWC and PX, these two are absolute Marketing, Communication, and Influence machines! 

The Communication Wizard - Dr. Jason Day

Very few can deliver a talk 🎀 or rock a πŸŽ₯ like Jason... well, until now! He'll be teaching twice during this course, breaking down the exact steps and components of what makes a talk and video so dang great... so you can be great too! His talks will truly blow your mind 🀯! 

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Right in the Palm of Your Hand - Social Media Made Simple 

We truly have the ability to impact thousands of people in our community right from the phoneπŸ“± we hold in our hand nearly 24/7, but too many of us simply overcomplicate it. You'll learn 'Social Media Made Simple," especially from special guest teachers Caleb Hodges and Dr. Angus Pyke! 

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Listen to What These Docs Have to Say About This Training

So many takeaways and action steps you can put in play right away! No other marketing event dials it in such a detailed, organized, and effective way! 

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All the Tools and Strategies You Need to Master the Art of Storytelling

No matter which platform is hot in the moment, the most successful influencers and impact makers are the ones who master the art of storytelling. We'll train you how to tell your personal story, the story of science, patient stories, and MORE like never before! 


What are you waiting for? Your face won't melt itself. 


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