About Us

PX Mission Statement: 

To train and equip 1000+ certain, skilled, and wildly impactful Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Chiropractors. 

PX Vision Statement: 

To put Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Chiropractic as the first choice and first stop for millions of families worldwide.


PX Origin Story: 

Started in 2020 by Dr. Tony Ebel and his wife Kristina, The Pediatric Experience was designed entirely with one resounding message 🎙 in mind - Every Kid Counts! 

After 13+ years of working hard to build the world's leading Pediatric & Family Practice, and 10+ years of traveling the world ✈️  teaching and training other chiropractors in all the important elements of building a thriving Pediatric-Focused Practice, they knew it just wasn't enough. 

While things like organic food 🥦 , meditation, yoga 🧘 , and essential oils absolutely flourished and grew like mad in the family market place, chiropractic stayed small and limited. We could not sit by and be ok with that.

The profession needed better training that focused 💯 on the science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic and was entirely organized around what we do that no one else on earth can - adjust! We had to help our PX Docs avoid the distractions and dilutions taught in other programs, and become absolutely obsessed with becoming a World Class ⭐️ Pediatric Chiropractor! 

That is why you'll find the PX Membership to be the most insanely, efficiently organized training program in the world. Entirely available online 💻 and through our customized app on your phone 📲 , you can take PX with you every single day in practice!

We begin where we all must start, training our docs towards absolute certainty in the science of the subluxation through the Perfect Storm 🌪 10D Model of Subluxation. Then we dive deep into Pediatric Chiropractic Analysis, Care Planning, and Adjusting 🙌 in the most advanced yet easily applicable approach ever taught. 

From there we move onto the crucial elements of Communication 🎙 and Conversions 📶, which is truly where the most impact is gained or lost in practice. When you gain the trust and confidence of parents, you immediately get to provided lifetime care for the whole family! 

Then you move onto Branding and Marketing 📢 , learning how to absolutely dominate in not just "old school" methods of networking and community building, but through "new school" elements we all must master to be influential and successful - social media 📱 , live talks and workshops, and more! 

But we don't even stop there, you also get our entire Team, Leadership and Systems 📝 that makes our nearly $2M 💰 practice flow and grow efficiently and easily each day, as well as our entire Retention System that generates a ridiculously high triple-digit PVA. 

Within all that, we even train your CA Team for you! We have an entire CA Training Curriculum 💯 Peds & Family-focused, and 2️⃣ Live Training Calls per month that are CA-led and perfectly focused on growing your practice without any more time and energy from the owner doctor (your busy enough doc)! 

You simply can't even imagine how much value is truly packed inside of a PX Membership at just $95-$195 per month! Click, join, learn, apply, and let's go 🔥 ! 




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