Subluxation: Putting it All Together for Parents to Understand


Here's a quick explanation and example of "putting it all together" to explain subluxation, stress, and struggle for parents...

If you've ever struggled to enter the conversation (ETC) on how to explain the struggle & symptom, then the science. You aren't alone!

That's exactly where I started!

I remember not knowing what question to ask or what direction to take on Day 1 with a mom, relying on a script, or simply "punting 🏈" communication to Day 2!

But on the flip side, I love explaining the science, using an analogy, and making it relatable to the mom and dad's experience.

Here is an example I thought would be helpful as I break it all down in this video above.

In this case, we are entering the convo for a grade-schooler struggling with focus and learning!

I promise you've got all the tools:

• Perfect Storm Science 🧠
 An iPhone 📱 or Tablet
 A family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 who needs your help in your office
 A heart ❤️ to serve
 The most amazing healthcare product called a Chiropractic Adjustment!

Get after it!



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