Step Up, Not Out… to Scale Up

The first mistake most well-meaning chiropractors make when they bring on a new associate doctor and start to move towards a team-driven model is mistakenly thinking their first move is to “step out” ✌🏻 of the practice.

This fills them with worry and anxiety 😕 almost instantly. It certainly did for me early on before I had help and mentorship around true leadership, building a team, and scaling up 📈.

What will the team and patients think if I’m NOT in the practice adjusting and “doing things” all day every day like I have been?

How will I make sure they know I’m still working hard and looking to grow the practice?

These are questions 🙋‍♂️ that went unanswered for years for me. And therefore, I struggled. As I looked to scale PWC, it was a long series of starts, struggles, stops, and slides back down 📉.

And honestly it was all because I was missing this crucial, foundational piece said perfectly in the quote above — I wasn’t supposed to step out, I was supposed to step up 🆙 .

- Step up and cast the VISION 🚀 bigger and better than ever before!
- Step up and build 🛠️ a STRATEGIC PLAN more robust, organized, and badass than ever before
- Step up and become the LEADER 🔥 our team needed and wanted

Docs if you’re ready to grow a 10+ Doctor, insanely impactful 💥 practice not ever seen before in this profession… then STEP UP 🆙 , not out.

If you want to learn exactly how to do that — step IN to PX!

Learn more here!


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