Output = Impact

While there probably are 1M+ books 📚 on how to be successful, I've never found one as on point and practical as this one.


While having a positive mindset and badass strategy are crucial building blocks 🧱 to success, they don't matter at all if you don't show up every single day and put in the work ⚒️

The single most obvious place this shows up for us practicing Pediatric + Family Chiropractors is in our Marketing and New Patients (or lack thereof).

We all want to have our practice flooded 🌊 with ideal, already educated New Patients but, how many of us are willing to:

  • Make a high-quality post on Social Media 🤳 every single day
  • Create and nurture at least 1 professional connection every single week
  • Rock 1-2 Workshops 🎙 every single month
  • Throwdown a kick-ass Internal Referral Campaign (ie. Gift 🎁 of Health, Back to School 🏫 , etc.) every quarter
  • The actual strategic plan for how to succeed and blow up 🔥 your practice is right there in front of all of us.

At PWC and PX we've just taken our farmer 👨‍🌾 principles of "wake up, do your chores, repeat" and applied them to practice-building!

**Our Cheat Code? We do it together in a team-driven, highly organized system that allows us to share the work 🤝 . After all, it's very true that many hands 🙌 make light work.

Where can you learn it? Join us in The Pediatric Experience and see for yourself how your practice can create the highest level of impact!


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