Impact Is Better When It's Made Together

For the last few weeks, our team has been working on a very special project that is very near dear to my heart. ๐Ÿ’™
As part of the preparation for this project, I had the opportunity to connect more deeply with some of the most incredible teams that we have in PX.
We asked them for their feedback on what they feel their teams have learned in PX, what the direct impact has been in their practices/communities and what level of value they felt had been created by having their team participating in our program.
I was completely blown away!
As a Perfect Storm Mom and Chiropractic Evangelist, I always struggled with the concept of chiropractors as solopreneurs. I’ve experienced firsthand just how much Impact a Care Advocate can make on a patient's experience and even more importantly, how they can help to change someone's life. ๐Ÿ™ I’ve also experienced how incredibly well-rounded and invaluable having a DOC TEAM can be for the depth of a patient's results.
No Hope Dealing, Subluxation Slaying, Miracle Maker should go at it alone.

Often docs will confide in us that they are so busy they don’t even feel they can slow down enough to hire, that they can’t find good options, they’re ill-equipped to train or that they are just “not good” with people…team member people that is.
Let’s get good at people. If you need support, we’d love to help you with that.
I am so insanely passionate about the Power of Chiropractic AND the people within it. WE HAVE THE BEST PEOPLE!!!
In The Pediatric Experience, we are determined that no community misses out on the opportunity to have an incredible experience provided to them by a Care Advocate. By leaving out this crucial role on the Org chart ๐Ÿ—we’re leaving out a WHO that’s really vital to building the healthy and thriving communities we all yearn for.
We’re committed to helping every owner doc have a team of all in, sharp, and driven associate docs to deliver clinical excellence alongside you.
I’m gonna call my shot here that it is time for the days of the chiropractic island to be over.
Every single word shared with us by the World Changers ๐ŸŒŽmentioned above was an affirmation of that.
Impact is BETTER and BIGGER when it’s made TOGETHER!!!
Ready to feel confident about hiring, training and managing your team? We got you covered inside of PX. In fact, we have over 15 lessons just on this topic inside of what we call our core content in addition to our bi-weekly calls. Learn more here!

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