Find it, Care plan for it, Adjust it, Repeat!


We can never stop with the message of Neuro-development and milestones!

There is no better way to enter the conversation with mom 👩‍👦‍👦 about their child’s struggles. Milestones are truly a bridge to take a parent from symptoms to bodily systems all the way to the Nervous System 🧠 .

Symptoms tell us system struggles so never shy away from getting mom to tell her kiddo's story! As hope dealers, it gives us clues!

Above is a whiteboard video recorded a while ago tying together the CDC milestones changes with crawling and how that motor milestone ties into the digestive 💩 and the immune systems 🦠.

We used it to invite parents to our Raising Healthy Kids, Naturally workshop!

And...this is also EXACTLY what we dove into clinically on today's PX Clinical Excellence Call...helping us find the CAUSE and PHASE in development where the subluxation took place! So we can...

Find it, Care plan for it, Adjust it, Repeat!


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