Dr. Tony's 'TED Talk' on Tongue 👅 Ties!


Tongue 👅 Ties are a hot button and trending conversation amongst parents and us professionals — and if you don't take the WHOLE thing in here, it's easy to take bits and pieces of it out of context.

The Tongue 👅 Tie Talking Points I Cover:

  • What's causing them (Medical 🥼 vs. Natural/Nutritional 🌱 vs. Neurological Chiro 🧠 viewpoints)
  • What is the 'Neurological Sequence 🔢 ' of subluxation onset, Tongue 👅 ties, and all the troubles linked to them
  • How do you communicate 🗣 that to parents who've asked about it, already had it revised, etc.?
  • How do you clinically case manage + CARE PLAN appropriately for these infants 👶 with all these challenges and who's parents bring up the Tongue 👅 tie question and conversation

This video's entire goal is to help us help more kids live full lives. That will only happen if subluxation is annihilated and "well cleared" from their lives early and often. 

I pray 🙏  that this video does that through you, for them!



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