Live Interview with Incredible Pediatric PT and OT Experts on WHY They Love Chiropractic!


Get a peek inside of the PX membership with this Live Interview with this rockstar crew!

Just like being able to lean in, listen, and connect with moms and dads in your community helps you enter THEIR conversation in the most helpful and effective way — it’s just as helpful to do the same with other Pediatric Care Professionals! 

So we brought in two of our 10+ year referring and collaborating rockstars at PWC onto the mic with Dr. Tony and Jacqui to dive into what YOU need to know from them… to find THEM in your community, and build that badass relationship.

We’ve got an All-World PT Guru, Beth Saip, alongside just a heart-centered, rockstar OT Jana Smith. We interviewed them “podcast” style so you really find out what it took to first start the relationship, nurture and build it… and then how we work best together today!

This is the perfect “anchor leg” to our month-long focus on Building Kick-Ass Community Collaborations and perhaps the most valuable because hearing it directly from them will bring the PDF and Keynote steps we’ve taught the last few weeks to life like none other! 

Get ready to explode this part of your practice!

No handouts for this one, just grab your pen and notebook and be ready to soak it all up!


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