3 Moves We Made This Year to DOUBLE the # of Infants We See

3 Moves We Made This Year to DOUBLE the # of Infants 👶 We See This Year!

  • Rock 1-2 Instagram Reels 🎥 Per Week
  • Rock 1-2 Long Form Facebook Live videos 🎥 Per Week
    Create + Nurture 1-2 Professional Collaborations with Holistic, Natural Pediatricians + Practitioners

Breaking it down for take-home, application...

First, never worry about making your Reels and Videos 🎥 perfect.

If it sucks and no one but your grandma 👵 watches it, that's ok... you assess, learn, and make the next one better.

DOING things is the best way to learn. Always.

Second, go granular.

There are endless topics that #subluxation interferes with and jacks up in an infant's 👶 life... from latching and nursing to sleeping 💤 , to digestion, pooping 💩 , and colic. Literally, we could (and are) do a video per week on infant 👶 and toddler health and easy have a year plus of content ideas 💡 .
If you make things too "big picture" and general (ie. "The power 💥 that made the body" sort of weirdo chiro speak and jargon)... your content will go nowhere.

If you make it practical, relatable, and real life... a few will literally go viral.

Third, learn from the best and model them.

What's so dang great about the Pediatric Experience network of docs is that they are GSD-ers, constantly taking action and getting results! Stop following Kim Kardashian and Kanye on IG, and follow the top Peds + Family clinics that are getting it DONE ✅ on IG on a daily and weekly basis!

Here are a few of the best you'll want to search out on IG:

Those are some of our fav accounts that are consistently producing great content and keeping it nearly 💯 focused on pure, principled, subluxation-based, neuro 🧠 focused chiropractic!


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