3 Major Branding Mistakes Most Kid Chiros Make

As chiropractors we spend so much time sorting out and choosing our primary adjusting technique 🙌 , and we wear that title with such pride that we mistakenly try and take it 'outward' to our community. What do I mean by that? I mean this stone cold reality is true - less than .1% of your community cares what technique you use my friend. 

I've found that the vast majority of chiropractors are absolutely freaking phenomenal at adjusting 🙌 (albeit not all by any means), but really terrible at the topic of this email -- brand positioning. 

Read thru the 3️⃣ Major Brand Mistakes that most Pediatric Chiropractors make, and then be sure to check out the end of the email 📧 where you can get clear direction on what brand position you DO want to take... if you want to make massive impact on kids 👶 and families in your community, and have a wildly successful 🔥 at the same time!

Mistake #1 - Thinking 'Family' is Enough

The number of chiropractic practices in every community that have the word 'Family' in the name, but struggle to see many kids 👦 at all is enormous. And, it's a major bummer! These amazing chiros want to see kids, they just haven't pushed the brand envelope far enough - simple as that. Parents want a PEDIATRIC EXPERT to care for their kids, not an average family practitioner. So if you're not willing to push your training 📚 and expertise to the level of that, then the brand of your practice will 'default' back to back pain, neck pain, and Medicare even if it has 'Family' in the name.

Mistake #2 - Offering Other Services

Oh man, I was the absolute king 🤴 of this mistake my first 5 years in practice. I bought the BS that the more services you offered to the community, the more attractive you are to everyone in your community. What I learned the hard way is a truth similar to the one shared in Mistake #1 above - parents don't want to take their kids to the 'Walmart of Health Care' where they offer everything under the sun ☀️ and then some. Parents want an absolutely focused, obsessed Pediatric & Family Expert. Nothing more, nothing less. The more you offer to your community, the less you actually offer to your community. 

Mistake #3 - Not Slaying Social Media

It'd be nice if 'word of mouth' 👄 was enough these days, but it's not. A 'referral only' practice is wonderful and easy, but it's one that grows slow and limits the impact you can make on your community! Social media and online 💻 marketing is the single greatest opportunity ever put in front of Pediatric Chiropractors! Moms are on there 24/7 looking for Hope, Answers, and Help! They want to fire their medical doctor 👩‍⚕️ yesterday, and take a completely different path 🗺 for their entire family! 

They will watch your IG Reels 🎥, read every word of your Patient Testimonial ♥️, and sit through your educational 👩‍🏫 Facebook Live or YouTube videos. 

Even if they first hear 👂 about your practice from another mom or friend, you can absolutely guarantee that 99% of them are going to get online and Google you, check out your Facebook and Instagram 📱 , and do their homework on your long before they call you. If you're not on there, and showing strong 💪 on social - they don't call.


If any one or all of those mistakes above sounds like your practice, or you're a student and startup and don't want to make those mistakes 🤦‍♀️ - then set aside 1-hour and dig into this on-demand webinar 💻 !

Dr. Tony will take you through the 3️⃣ Simple Steps he took to position his practice as the Leading Pediatric Chiropractic Authority not just in their community, but worldwide!


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