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We're chiropractors too  — so we build our training the way it should be.

Take advantage of PX's online training and certificate course to quickly improve your skills and make massive impact in your community.

Our team of experienced doctors and care advocates will guide you through simple and easy-to-follow action steps and frameworks for pediatric and family practice building. 

All while giving you the flexibility to go at your own pace.


Access a vast collection of both pre-recorded + weekly training that is ultra-organized, and easily accessed video content, providing you with all the necessary knowledge and tools to care for kiddos and families!


Receive guidance and accountability anytime you need it with our weekly office hours and support communities within PX. Docs and CAs get a catered support experience to ensure implementation and action.


Benefit from the expertise of the best in their field. Team PX provides top-quality content and brings in renowned experts to teach alongside us whenever applicable!

"I’m excited to learn the science that creates the certainty to assist in miracles that change kids' lives!"
- Dr. Kathleen Monaco

The best part of the PX Community is that it's built for everyone, no matter where you are in practice right now!

PX is perfect for...

  • Students in chiropractic school looking to greatly expand their pediatric training.
  • Startups just getting started in practice.
  • Pain-based chiros looking to go cash & see more families + kiddos.
  • Established family practices wanting to shift your brand more towards kiddos & Perfect Storm focused care.
  • Existing Pediatric-Focused practices wanting to create even more impact in your community via expanded marketing and improved systems.

Our primary objective is to provide a practical, actionable education rooted in fundamental principles relevant to all PX practices.

Meet Dr. Tony & Kristina Ebel

Our mission is to empower thousands of chiropractors specializing in Pediatrics, Prenatal, and Families with the necessary tools and resources to establish and scale a successful family practice. By doing so, we aim to make chiropractic the number one go-to health care option for millions of families worldwide.


"You guys have made it stupid easy to listen on the go. Exactly what I was looking for!"

- Dr. David Lutz

"There is content for everything you could possibly ask for a practicing doc, a new doc, and even a student."

- Dr. Scherina Butcher

"Being a part of this community makes me feel like the cavalry has finally arrived.."

- Dr. Stacey Cantrell


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20-CE Credits (In-Person)
60-Hours of Online Training
Certificate of Proficiency
Gain Absolute Certainty

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Results-Driven, World-Class Content
Weekly Calls & Office Hours
Led by Active Docs & CAs
800+ Docs & Teams and Growing

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PX is Designed to Get You Results, Fast — While providing comprehensive training in all areas of your practice.

The PX Success Pillars...

Science + Philosophy

It all begins with understanding the foundations when it comes to your level of certainty. Learn in-depth trainings from Dr. Tony Ebel and special guests, covering:

  • Certainty
  • Confidence
  • Clarity

Here, you will fully immerse yourself in the 10D Model of Subluxation and the certainty needed to take on those kiddos and families.

Clinical Results

The principles covered in this section will give you everything you need when it comes to Clinical Results + Case Management, including:

  • Care Planning
  • Case Management & History
  • Scan Interpretation & Adjusting

Understanding the knowledge and skills to transform patients who are not yet at their best into confident, thriving individuals is key in your growth.


Master the art of communication in this key training that will position your practice to drive massive impact, covering:

  • Day 1 & Day 2
  • Report of Findings & Gametape Footage
  • Educational Analogies + Metaphors

We can't emphasize the importance of keeping your practice full of kiddos and families (for both you and them)!

Branding + Marketing

Dive deep into the world of marketing within this section and learn the top marketing systems by our team, including:

  • Social Media + Email
  • Workshop Success
  • Rocking Referrals + Community Connections

At PX, we LOVE marketing. Mastering the key activities + frameworks to drive results to achieve maximum impact is KEY in your growth.

Team + Systems

At PX, Team is Everything. We breakdown the fundamentals of team + leadership in your practice, covering:

  • Hiring, Managing and Leading Great Teams
  • Family Practice Financial Systems
  • Stats, Metrics, and KPI Tracking

We will equip YOU and your team with the confidence to take on anything while you scale your practice!

Wellness + Retention

This section holds the key to transforming and ensuring the sustainability of your practice, including:

  • Retention Building Frameworks
  • PX Family Wellness Plans
  • ROF Gametape

You will be equipped with the knowledge to turn these frameworks into practice and create a sustainable + fun model.

"The PX squad understands every aspect of what it takes to run a successful practice and they bring the FIRE 🔥 every week"
- Alaina Williams

Impact Creating Collaborations:

The Pediatric Experience is a perfectly designed 'plug in' to any subluxation-centered practice. We work with some of the most incredible chiropractic companies to reach families worldwide!

PX Membership…

  • 60+ Hours of Content
  • Live Weekly Calls
  • Active Support Forums

Join over 800 docs and their teams as they commit to impacting millions of families across the globe!

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Live Events Include…

  • Adjusting Seminars
  • Leadership & Team Training
  • Shadow Days

Join us in person for our live events happing throughout the year between Atlanta, GA, and Crystal Lake, IL.

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Explore all that PX has to offer, no matter where you in your journey.

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"The live calls, the trainings, the way that they really lean into that new growing practice to help guide by offering their experience is absolutely invaluable."

- Dr. Kathleen Monaco

The PX Mission

To transform the health of millions of kids and families worldwide by providing them with world class inspiration, information, and connection to a trained and ready PX Doc nearby.


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