3 Things I'm Doing Before the End of the Year 🗓

Here we are once again my friends, 6 weeks out of from the end of the year 🎉 ! 

Regardless of whether it was a great year, average year, or crap 💩 year for you... these three (3) "R" things are something each of us should be doing extensively in the next 6 weeks to get ready to grow (personal and professional) in 2022 and beyond. 

1. Review 📝 

The main mode you should be in right now is learning 📓 mode. 

First look at your practice's metrics and stats, and simply look for two main things: Where were you strong 💪, and where did you stink? 

The general flow of looking at our practice metrics is to look into our marketing efforts and results first. What were your main sources of New Patients in 2021? Did you get a solid ROII (Return on Impact + Income 💰) from where you put your time, effort, and money? Remember, marketing is as much about effort and outputs as it is money, especially if you are still a startup and have a lot more time and energy than you do extra money 💵 . 

For an example, our practice absolutely slayed it with social media. Our team freaking loves social media, and we've got a proven system of daily posting that we divide and conquer across both Facebook and Instagram - and holy cow did it work this year! 

The same goes for hundreds of other PX offices deploying our daily and weekly posting system. There has never been a time where organic social media results are all but guaranteed if you just put in the requisite time to make it happen. 

Our Instagram exploded as we let loose with fun and "edu-taining" short reels 🎥 , and then our longer form informational and empowering FB Live videos continue to produce multiple NPs per week. It's important to remember that some aspects of social media are NOT designed to generate NPs directly, but drive attention and awareness that move them into the "flywheel" and next gear ⚙️ of your marketing... that then does the conversion. 

Find that weak spot and stuck gear ⚙️ in your marketing flywheel here in the next 6 weeks, so your marketing is stronger than ever in 2022. What if you are 80% of the way there, but missing just one key 🔑 element that's holding the whole thing back? That's how marketing and all systems of your practice work. So often the whole thing is not broken, but instead has one element stuck and holding back the health of the whole thing? You know, sort of like one of those subluxation thingies? 😎 

The same concept goes for your entire practice. Here's some a quick list of the most common subluxations and "broken links" most docs find when they do their analysis this time of the year: 

  • Strong NP flow, but weak conversions (aka, poor Day 1 and Day 2 ROF communication, financials, etc.) 
  • Poor Care Plan compliance (people start but don't finish due to weak table talk, poor progress review systems, etc.) 
  • Weak Conversion to Wellness Care and Overall Retention 🔒 (not communicating the added value of lifetime family wellness care) 

It's important to use your practice metrics 🔢 to find out where you are weak, and then dive deep into the analysis of that particular problem to find it's true root cause! This is why I think running a business as a chiropractor is actually pretty easy - we are trained to find root causes and keep looking 👀 past the surface problems better than anyone! Apply the concept of chiropractic to your business, and you'll thrive! 


2. Rest 🧘‍♂️ + Recharge 🏖 

There is absolutely a purpose to winter, and it's not complicated. Once again as chiropractors who know science, neurology, and biology well - don't overthink it. There are less daylight ☀️ hours than dark ones the next few months, because you're supposed to rest and recharge more than you do during summer. 

Everything is energy (neurology), and it's quite likely that you are just wrapping up what has been many months of going all out with your business and personal life! 

Take the time to get in a vacation (our crew heads to Florida for a week every Thanksgiving for fun, family time, and now freedom 😎), get that extra sleep you know you need, and spend some time sitting by the fire place taking in some good books 📚 all winter long. 

We all know that for our patients to really heal and restore function to their nervous system, they need to take time to rest and recover. Why would we be any different? 

If you try and sprint through this time of the year, you'll run out of steam crazy early in 2022 and have little to no chance of hitting your goals. Don't look at rest as non-functional, because it's actually the opposite. The better you do during restful seasons, the more you grow and gain during "get after it seasons" that spring and summer tend to be! 


3. Rock Extra Internal Action 🔥 

Knowing that so many of our beloved patients and families we care for will not heed the advice of the 2nd R above (Rest + Recharge), they're going to need us during the winter months and into the new year more than ever! 

Once again as chiropractors we know the actual truths and science behind so many commonly held myths like "cold and flu season" showing up during winter. We know that it has nothing to do with more viruses or bacteria 🦠 circling around during those months, and everything do with most people having even more exhaustion and dysfunction settling into their neuro-immune systems. 

They either keep the same levels of stress and 3Ts in their daily lives, or for most during the holiday 🎁 season... they actually ratchet it up and see it increase. 

We know that math well. The increase in their stress, sedentary living (less time outside in nature 🌳), and sugar intake with Halloween and Holiday parties... just sends their neuro-immune system into a further tail spin. 

So, be there for them. 

During the winter months we offer 3️⃣ main things to help our patients BOOST (a term we used heavily long before the medical turds 💩 tried to steal it for their marketing campaigns) their health and keep up with it all: 

- Gift of Health Internal Marketing Campaign: Now that exhausted mom and dad who've been putting themselves last and holding off care has no chance (in a good way), because we make it insanely affordable, easy, and exciting to get started with care! We generally double our internal referrals easily during the months of December through February, and our practice explodes in growth 🚀 without much external marketing needed at all. 

- Supportive Boost Wellness Plans: Simply put, we take a large run of our patients who are normally on weekly wellness care and we boost that up to 2x per week through winter! 

- Wellness Community Events: We put on super rad events that teach them how to build up better health with things in addition to chiropractic during the winter months... hosting events at our favorite hot yoga and CrossFit gyms, healthy cooking classes, and more! 


Point blank, if you run a Peds & Family practice that is constantly adapting and leaning into your patient's needs, you should set growth 📶 records pretty much every year in the winter months. It's just how it works out! 

But like all things, you can't simply sit back and hope that happens. You've got to plan for it, take the appropriate actions, and have enough energy to make it happen! 

Take on these 3 R's and get ready to see your practice rocket 🚀 forward!


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