The Work ⚒️ Comes First

“The work comes before the belief.” - Andy Frisella 

Dang y’all, I love me some Andy Frisella and have for some time. But when he dropped this line and the context around it on a recent podcast, I freaking lost it because he perfectly articulated something I’ve struggled to effectively explain for a long time!

MUST WATCH: The Work Comes First

The Order Matters Most

You see, for a long time I watched so many chiropractors get great advice and coaching, but in the wrong order 🔢. 

They’d be fed video after video, and go to seminar after seminar that spent 99% of their time talking about “Belief Systems” and “Mindset” and so on and so forth! 

And because that was the only topic discussed again and again, it took up all the time that was needed to share with these docs what they needed most - A FREAKING STEP-BY-STEP game plan 📝 of how to do the work. 

They would go home and think all they needed to do was work on their mindset, and millions of dollars 💵 and bedazzled unicorns 🦄 would fall from the sky once they did! 🤦‍♂️ 

It killed me to see this again and again. Still does today! (Hence this blog post I guess 😎) 


My greatest mentor ever was my father. Growing up as the youngest of 4 kids on a cattle 🐄 and crop 🌽 farm meant I was his side kick and right hand man for literally hundreds and hundreds of hours. 

Long truck and tractor 🚜 rides. Long days baling hay, fixing fences, walking beans or working cattle. 

In ALL of that time, not once did he have a talk with me about my “belief systems” or mindset. There was no long philosophy discussions and pontifications 💭 that were had. 

We didn’t have time. We had 💩 to do. 

Instead of talking about mindset and success, he showed me how to create and earn it. Step by step, day after day. By simply doing the work required. 

Less talky, more worky. 

Less whining, more earning. 

Same with my first two chiropractic coaches. Thank God they were the sort that had it figured out and cared enough to share that with new, young, clueless docs like me! 

They didn’t spend 30 minutes on the phone 📞 with me figuring out whether my mom loved me enough or if I loved myself enough. They spent every minute they had with me asking me if I had done the work they laid out in the manuals and binders 📂 they had awesomely put together for me! 

That simple. That effective. 

If you think success starts with mindset first, and then you’ll somehow magically 🪄 be inspired to do the work required… you’re screwed. 

You’ll never find success, because you’re trying to go from B to A, instead of A to B.  

The work 💪 you do each day builds your mindset, and then once you have it - reinforces and maintains it. 

If you've ever wondered what a day in the life of an Ebel looks like, well this is it. Pretty damn boring in a lot of ways, and ridiculously consistent.

These days my #1 mentor is my wife, Kristina. This woman outworks us all. Every day she takes care of her health 🏃‍♀️ , our family and the farm, and coordinates 100 things for our two businesses. 

Nothing flashy or fancy, just consistently shows up and does the work required. 

And guess what? We are happier than ever! We ENJOY 😊 our life more than ever! We laugh 😆 and have more fun than ever! 

Being hard working and consistent does not stop you from having the life you love ❤️ . It actually is the exact path that determines whether you get there or not. 


Lastly, don’t interpret this blog post as a shot against the value of mindset. It’s actually the exact opposite. 

Having a strong mindset and a “you legit cannot mess with me” mentality is the greatest key 🔑 of success and happiness in life that few will ever reach! 

It’s just that few ever reach it because they don’t FIRST do the work ⚒️ required to earn it. 

Everything is earned my friend. Even your mindset and beliefs. 

- Dr. Tony Ebel & Team PX 


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