Why a PX Date Night?

Being a chiropractic spouse is different. It's a unique partnership, a different lifestyle, and a different way to parent. From the moment Tony started his chiropractic school journey, it's been an us thing. So we wanted to have a monthly, open and honest "Date Night" for any couples on this chiropractic journey together.

We will be live with you on Zoom once a month (which staying awake after the kids are in bed AND looking somewhat presentable is going to legit be hard for me!) 😱

We are far from perfect, we've had struggles and we still struggle but we've learned so much along the way about running a business together and we want to share it with you. We also want to be super real with you because I think it's so hard when we only see other people's business and life wins. Sometimes there are some oh shit moments in there and it's important to be honest about that so we can learn from each other and also know we're in this together! Because if we win, they win.


I still remember when I first heard the term chiropractic spouse.  I didn't even know there was such a thing. I thought I just married someone who happened to want to be a chiropractor. I found out there was more to it when Tony was doing his internship at his mentor's office, the late and very missed Dr. Mike Cody.

Dr. Cody would let me hang out any time I wanted and ask away to all the things I had on my mind prior to opening PWC. When I asked him for his biggest piece of advice, it didn't have anything to do with the business. He told me to protect my marriage because it can be hard for the chiropractic spouse. We were still babies at 25, opening a business together while pregnant with our first baby and still in the we'll just hold hands through this all stage. It took some time for the occasional I want to throat punch you stage to appear. 🤣

13 years later and I've thought of that conversation many times and can't help but smile at how right he was. A chiropractic marriage is different enough, let alone when you operate the business together. 

Even more different is how freaking much our spouse loves their "job" and how much we love to be a part of that too.  And on top of that, how it's impossible to not wonder how in world every single person alive isn't getting adjusted!? Sometimes maybe a bit too vocal. We're a bit much for some people. 😬

Some friends kind of get sick of us because we mainly like to talk about chiropractic, our chiropractic business, getting adjusted, and then we like to top off those conversations with a little more chiropractic in case they missed the point that we love chiropractic. 🤣

This date night is really about YOU! What are some topics and things you feel like you want to dive into or what's something you want to know about us? 

I'll do my best to not have sweats on because I'm SO excited to get to know you more, so I'm in for the extra night time effort! 😜 We are doing this through zoom so we can be live with you and answer any questions that you have throughout the date night. You'll get the zoom link for this via your PX email but mark your calendar for the first Thursday of every month at 8:30PM. The first one will be THIS Thursday, April 2nd. See you soon!


A Proud Chiropractic Spouse,





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