Who's Ready - Club Wide PX Call - March 27th 7PM on Zoom

Can't wait to unleash this next Monday night!

If you're an active member of Club PX (students) or the PX Membership, keep an eye out in your email 📧 inbox for the Zoom Link!

As millions start to head our way, it's more important than ever that we each have a deep understanding of:

  • Chiropractic Science 🧠 , Art, and Philosophy (principles)
  • Clinical Excellence 🙌 (what it takes to get real results)
  • Branding, Marketing, + Communication 🗣️ (with clarity and confidence)
  • World Class Business Systems + Patient Experiences ⭐️ (leveling up our location, layout, team, systems, all of it)

It's go time for this tribe and this profession!


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