We Have Momentum, Let's Go!

Perspective matters.
When I first made our lead specialty caring for and serving #PerfectStorm kids (Autism, ADHD, SPD, OCD, ODD, Anxiety, Epilepsy, Special Needs, etc.) the #1 Goal parents had for our care was getting their child OFF of drugs and medications 💊 .
By the time they called ☎️ us or attended the Perfect Storm Workshop 🎙 and signed up, they saw us as the "Last Resort" -- having seen every "specialist" in the medical system. NOW, however... the #1 Goal is entirely, awesomely different!
TODAY the #1 Goal nearly 90% of our new #PerfectStorm patients have is to PREVENT their child from having to go on medications!
They are awesomely, rightfully terrified of it not working and of the litany of side effects that come with it 💊 .
Parents of this generation have completely shifted the pendulum and their thinking 💭 , giving things "natural" and drug-free a full run FIRST!
Now, while this is insanely good news, we are anything but done with our work and mission of putting Pediatric Chiropractic FIRST for all these families, and especially getting all the way up the road 🗺 of caring for them BEFORE the storm 🌪 .
Today we chiropractors are still getting our butts kicked by GFCF 🍞 🥛 diets, detoxes 🤮 , supplements, and essential oil diffusers 🌬 ... and often times even we unfortunately put those things first or equal to the healing and restorative impact of chiropractic and the nervous system 🧠 .
BUT, it's a damn good feeling to know we've built up so much #momentum in the last 10 years, and that we are getting closer and closer each day to truly being in position to change health care for the better!
If you're not seeing this pendulum shift and momentum each day in your community, your practice, and your life... turn off the TV 📺 , clean up your social scroll 📲 , and get IN the trenches with real life parents who want, need, and can't wait to have our care in their lives leading the way to health, happiness, and a kick ass life for the whole family!
If you have a burning 🔥 desire to serve Perfect Storm kids and families like I do, then I'd love to train you in our clinical systems, communication and care planning, and then have you unleash the Perfect Storm Brand and Workshop on your community! ALL of that is included in the membership for The Pediatric Experience docs! Check it out at www.ThePediatricExperience.com and sign up to join the mission!
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