We Don't Prevent, We Prepare πŸ’ͺ

Never before have parents been absolutely over and done βœ… with the medical profession, and their focus on fear, treatment, etc.

Whether they've joined 1️⃣ or 100 holistic, crunchy Facebook groups... the gig is up. Parents today know that the traditional medical πŸ‘¨‍βš•οΈ approach is crap πŸ’© . 

They are leaving it in droves and looking πŸ‘€ for something different.

That's why now today, more than ever, it's absolutely crucial the message you share with your community (marketing πŸŽ™) and patients must clearly provide contrast to the message of medicine πŸ’Š . 

Contrast just may be my favorite word. I'm obsessed with it! It allows you to stand out and stay separate and distinct from others, without bashing or talking down about them! 

For the last 2️⃣ weeks we had six Perfect Storm πŸŒͺ Intensive patients at our practice, staying for 2️⃣ weeks to get 2️⃣ adjustments per day. These patients especially have literally done it all, tried it all. They've exhausted the medical system of drugs πŸ’Š and surgery, natural medicine 🍞 πŸ₯› πŸ₯¦ , and therapies. 

Simply put, they are looking πŸ‘€ for something different with everything they've got. 

Therefore these parents listened πŸ‘‚ intently when I was able to really dive deep into what Pediatric Chiropractic is, and is not. I shared with them that while we obviously do NOT fit the traditional treatment and symptom chasing model, we also don't exactly fit where most people think we hang out - prevention. 

We are not treatment.

We are not prevention. 

We are preparation. 

A well-adjusted nervous system 🧠 is not one that is destined to avoid challenges, it's one that is better suited to handle and overcome them. It's as simple and profound as that. 

There is nothing a parent fears more than their child facing a significant health challenge. Those of us that pray πŸ™ , ask each day to prevent exactly that. But the reality is, a life lived is a life faced with challenges and storms πŸŒͺ .

I certainly know that we didn't ask for our newborn πŸ‘Ά son Oliver to be born so traumatically 12 years ago, spending 6 weeks in the NICU and prognosis of likely death and if he lived, severe brain 🧠 damage and disability. 

We certainly didn't ask for our gorgeous daughter to be exposed to carcinogenic toxins ☠️ at her first school 🏫 , sending her into torticollis, tics, and a years long health challenge πŸ’ͺ . 

But thank God, truly, that we were prepared. Our children were well adjusted, and therefore resilient and adaptable. 

THAT my friends is the miracle ✨ . 

Recovery and restoration is miraculous as heck, and I'll never stop celebrating them in our practice and profession. But my obsession and dream ⭐️ for this world is preparation. I'm obsessed with helping instill as much resiliency πŸ’ͺ and adaptability in as many kids as possible during my lifetime. 

I'll adjust tens of thousands myself before I'm done, and I'll also train tens of thousands of you so that you can do the same. 

The net result? Millions more children who are prepared to handle any challenge they face, for a lifetime. 

If this message resonates, please hit me up at [email protected] and share your mission and vision with me! Also, if you've got challenges in your way from serving more kids and families, let me hearπŸ‘‚ those as well - I'm here to help. 

Serve well, serve strong πŸ’ͺ ,

Dr. Tony Ebel


This blog's perspective comes after an awesomely long, fun weekend hanging with my family for the 4th of July πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ ! 12 years ago we brought this Chiro Miracle Man Oliver home on the 4th weekend, and it was then we realized had he not been a resilient, chiro kid at birth... he just may not have made it out. We hold miracles in our hands πŸ™Œ docs, don't ever take that for granted - even when you can't see πŸ‘€ it! 


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