We can't get enough of talking about "Tone" when it comes to kids


We can't get enough of talking about "Tone" when it comes to kids πŸ‘Ά!

Watch this video above that Dr. Matt shot for parents and use it to create your own version.

Hugely important topic, especially for parents in your community that may feel their kiddo is "stuck" or plateauing with progress in therapies (PT, OT, SLP's, etc.)

Some keys πŸ”‘ to talk through:

  • You can't have low tone without high tone first!

  • The tone is just distributed in the wrong areas (most commonly the neuro-spinal system) aka subluxation

  • We can measure it with our Insight sEMG scans πŸ’»

  • The most common cause is a difficult, traumatic birth

  • Turns into a Perfect Storm πŸŒͺwhen you add in other childhood stressors (3T's)

End with a Call to Action πŸ’ͺ to get scanned and find out!

You'll gain bonus points with every PT, OT, SLP because when you combine Neuro-Tonal Chiropractic with their amazing care results will go through the roof!!! πŸ”₯

Try it out and let us know how it work!


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