These Kiddos Need Care Planning

In Chiropractic, care planning is a touchy subject. Many are in the camp of care planning being an absolute must and some are in the “we’ll see” or “that doesn’t work” camp.

I get it, truly, I do. It can feel like it doesn’t work (in the sense of conversions) or that parent will comply more if we take a more “let’s see how it goes” approach. The challenge we face as a profession if we miss the mark here is monumental.

Here’s why….

I remember this day on the left like it was yesterday. It was April 4, 2010, Easter Sunday. A day meant to be enjoyed with family and fellowship. It was the end of the day and I really wanted to take a picture with my baby boy, Logan. The trouble was that Logan cried, all day, every day. You can see how drenched his shirt is, that's because he would suck down his bottles so fast that it would spill out the sides of his mouth. Unless he was eating or bouncing, he cried incessantly and he barely slept. In order to get this picture, I bounced him on my knee a little bit until my husband could get one shot of him smiling a little. It’s one of about 3 photos we have of him being happy before he was 5 years old.

Back then we had no way of knowing what lay ahead for us as parents. What our life filled with therapies, diagnoses, and constant struggle would be for the next several years with Logan. It was hell.
I think of who I was back then, what I needed, WHO I needed. Who we needed was Dr. Tony Ebel & the PWC Care Team, Pediatric Perfect Storm Chiropractic, and a CARE PLAN!!! I’m so thankful🙏 that that is what we got when we finally did land here when he was 5.

Here is what I know….if we got “we’ll see”, Tony would have lost all of my confidence and credibility to me as a mom. If I had been able to dictate my own care and do what I wanted to do when it was convenient for me or given a frequency and duration that was watered down to a level that he thought would accept, I would not be here today.

Our family would still be at the bottom of that pit of despair we were in when we came here. We got enough of that kind of “care” with every other therapy and solution we tried for him…it all amounted to a fat lot of nothing.

Signing the care plan was a huge value exchange for us, in fact, it was all the money that we had at the time. It took extending the payments by one month to make it happen but we knew the care plan was what Logan needed. Tony’s certainty made us know so.

Patients NEED CARE PLANS and they will absolutely comply and convert when we get so damn Convicted, Certain, and CLEAR in our communication about why. Yes, some patients will say no or not right now but a heck of a lot more will say YES!!! And for those that do, they GET a future that is what their dreams and goals for care are made of.🔥

Just the other day before school, Logan and I were chatting about the upcoming end of his sixth-grade year, his 4th quarter in a row of High Honors Roll, and all the things he is looking forward to this summer. He’s thriving! He’s healthy and he’s happy. So damn happy.

A robust care plan did that, followed by years of Supportive (2x a week) Wellness. We fought hard for the today we enjoy with Chiropractic the lead difference-maker in his life. We will do this forever for him and your patients will too.

While it may seem impossible to communicate with certainty and convert care plans at a high level in your practice, I promise it's the best thing you will ever do for your patients. It will yield the most incredible results and build you the most thriving and impact-making practice along the way! ✨

Care Plans Make Miracles ✨ Happen - Don't Miss Out!

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