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Let’s stop blaming toxins (🥖🥛🍟💉) and get the “order” of our stories straight so parents know what matters MOST in getting their children well and keeping them well!

Whether you're still in school or you've done a bunch of extra training, you most likely know about all the things that I'm going to talk about here today. But I'm going to provide a level of clarity that few of us have. I'm very passionate about it because we need to be first to get it in the right order, with the right perspective and clarity. Then we can educate our communities and patients. Right now the vast majority of us don't have it in the right order and I know that and am speaking to that because it wasn't my understanding after all my training. 

I went to school, I'm fully ICPA certified, I've been at autism one, I've trained at it, all of that.  Most importantly I've been in practice and I've taken care of a lot of really sick, struggling kiddos and I've put my chiropractic lens through every one of those cases, every single time to look for the cause with clarity.  

What I was trained on in the beginning was that all the teas are bad and all the teas are equal. But in today's society, especially as natural health is taking off, one of the teas is getting more of a bad rep than the others. That is toxins which has caused us as pediatric and family chiropractors to feel we need to educate the world on toxins and how bad they are. 

I'm not trying to be right for the sake of being right or trying to be controversial. As with everything I do in my career, I am busting my butt to be effective. Not for us, or for theory, but for our patients, because if we don't have the clarity or things lined up right, then we don't line things up right for them. So this is through you to them. 

The Truth About Toxins

The truth of the matter is, toxins are not new. I’ve put out a new version of the perfect storm over the last couple years after I found this clarity. It is much different than the original perfect storm when I used to rage against the machine about gluten, dairy and vaccines and everything else under the sun.  

How Can Pregnancy Stressors Affect Our Babies?

Here's what it comes down to. I want you to look at the order of life through which kids get sick. The first thing we know for adults is the worst thing in the world is emotional trauma - thoughts. The truth is during pregnancy, a way bigger deal for that mother as it would affect the child, is if she is emotionally stressed to the max the whole time. That is way more harmful than if she has BPA in her plastic water bottle. If the accumulation of destructive emotional stressors during her pregnancy due to fear, anxiety and the unknown thrown on her by the world, or medical doctor and due to lack of emotional support, empowerment and education - that is a big problem!  

That is why it is prenatal chiropractors that'll save this damn world from all these sick kids. Because when we step into that space, not only can we handle the next thing I'm going to talk about, which is the physical connection to the nervous system, but we can support, empower and be there for these moms. We can help them stay strong, confident and out of that emotional storm. 

How Birth Trauma Can Impact the Nervous System

The second thing that throws kids sideways is the physicality of birth. We are literally yanking, pulling, twisting, and physically destroying the upper cervical spine, the cranium, C one, C two - the entire neuro spinal system is completely altered from the very beginning of life. That is the neuromuscular neuromotor system. Motor development determines brain development, but motor development and motor function of the upper cervical spine through the brain stem through the vagus nerve, controls gut and immune development and function massively. 

When we have an emotionally distraught mom all the way through pregnancy, you automatically dial up because the umbilical cord is the electrical cord that connects to the baby as well. It's not just for nutrients or bringing in toxins. It's the neuro emotional power cord to the baby. So if that mom is stressed to the max during the pregnancy, the child's autonomic nervous system as it develops, all it knows is sympathetic dominance. Since they will not be in a parasympathetic state, their system is not going to be able to rid the body of toxins. Sympathetic means stuck. So toxins, dairy, gluten, aluminum, folic acid, everything gets stuck in the system when the system is neurotonally stressed out. 

Then we yank it out and we create a significant physical influence of Subluxation at the birth process and what we have from the beginning of life on, whether on the inside and when they show up on the outside, is kids who are so subluxated that Dysautonomia reigns supreme and they are shifted into a sympathetic dominant state, which also means the parasympathetics are shut down. That shuts down the gut neurologically and immunologically. Now you put toxins into those kiddos today and they can't get the toxins out. 

You may have misread this and think that I’m saying toxins are fine. That I think, you know what, throw some fast food cheeseburgers and cigarettes in there and you'll be good to go… NO, I’m not saying that at all!  But the truth is we are raging against the world right now in our profession against toxins and they're not new. The generations before us that weren't riddled with autism, asthma, etc, had toxins too. They had lead paint, asbestos, and cigarettes everywhere. So we have to wake up to a new understanding. 

I understand that I may not make friends in a lot of the pediatric chiropractic world because it's easier in the natural holistic world to have a conversation about toxins, because all the moms on all the Facebook groups will agree with you because the world on its own has woken up about toxins. Thank God. That's why Chipotle, Panera, and organic foods are exploding. But we're not. Our pediatric chiropractic utilization rate is as stuck as it's ever been because what we've done is taken our brand off the back pain train and over to the pediatric and family practice train, but attached it to the toxins train more than we've attached it to the subluxation train. That's not helping us help more kids!

What I figured out years ago is we have to be the voice for emotional stress during pregnancy for moms. We need to explode prenatal chiropractic, not talking about it from a way of misaligned spine and tight uterine ligaments. Even that keeps us limited, because that is a musculoskeletal approach to chiropractic just applied to baby positioning, which is why nobody will refer to you to a pregnant mom unless the baby is breech. We know it's more than that!  But how would they know it's more than that if that's all we've educated them about. 

Prenatal chiropractic is about neurological empowerment, neurological care, and education. That's the style of education you want to bring to your community about what we do. Then you can talk about sacral misalignment and round ligament tension if you want. It's a bigger message. Don't be the rage against the machine toxin saver of the world. Every Facebook group will do that for every mom. They can easily google ‘toxins and kids’ to be educated on how bad they are. 

We need to focus our conversation on the things that the world doesn't know about. We just crushed another Perfect Storm Workshop, which we do every month. At this workshop, we allow them to see who in the room is already gluten free, casing free, red dye number 40 free, is using a whole bunch of essential oils, has seen a doctor who is to treating your kid for Lymes or Pandas - then I ask them to raise their hands if any of these apply to them. 80% of the room for the last five years will raise their hand. They don't need that from us. 

Here's the last point of clarity I will drive home to hopefully prove my point so that you can get clarity about this that you can bring to your community.  Why do you think all of those parents who are already gluten free, casing free, have had the tongue tie revisions, are living a chemical free life, have done detoxifications, take supplements and use essential oils, were sitting in my office last night for the Perfect Storm Workshop? It’s because their children are still subluxated. So if all of those things were the thing causing the biggest issue for their children, they wouldn't have needed to come see me to get help. 

To sum it all up, it's not toxins. That is the least of our worries. They've been around forever. Now am I for them? Heck no. Nobody's putting a damn toxin in my kid ever if I can help it. They're not going to inhale it and certainly not going to inject it into my four babies. But if they ever have to, knowing that their nervous system is balanced, their vagus nerve is on the job, their gut and immune system neurologically is on point, if they're exposed to toxins they're going to punch those toxins in the face and laugh at those toxins as they don't mess with my kids. 

This is not a hate straight philosophical ranting chiropractic message that you've heard in the past. This is scientifically proven, taking care of kids and listening to what really causes them to get sick and I want you to do this in your practice. It's the emotional trauma of pregnancy and the physical trauma of labor, delivery and birth that is wreaking havoc on our kids and then severely limiting their ability to get rid of toxins from their system. So put it in the right order. 

Please educate your pregnant moms, your community, your parents about the fact that chiropractic care is the single most important thing you can do for your family because it takes care of the nervous system which runs the gut, the immune system and our adaptability to toxins. I hope this helps. Put in some comments or questions if you need help or education on this. You need to be trained to help get this message out. Let me help you because this is what our world needs to know. God bless, be well and go save some babies. 


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