The Growth 📶 Paradox

The #1 thing we all want so badly, growth 🔥 🚀 , quickly becomes the #1 thing that trips us up and stresses 😩 out to the absolute max! 

Been there, done that haven't you? 

If you've been in practice for even a short period of time, it's likely you know all about how growth 📶 works... and how it doesn't. 

Growth does NOT have a tendency to come in consistent, steady, bite-sized chunks like this little emoji here - 📶. Nope, instead, it tends to come seemingly all once and awesomely sets fire 🔥 to most everything in our practice and lives! 😳 

We end up: 

  • Working straight through lunch, preparing ROFs, and catching up on paperwork 📂 
  • Staying late to fit more patients in, finish paperwork 📝 , and keep everything else in order 
  • Our systems 📓 we worked so hard to sort out, are rendered near useless and start to look like a 1988 dial-up phone ☎️ 
  • Our team gets worn out, exhausted 😤, cranky, and perhaps even quit 🤦‍♀️ 

What gives? Why is exactly what we wanted, so darn stressful! 

It really doesn't have to be.

Or at the very least, you can keep up with the rapid-fire 🔥 growth and get out of that stressful season as soon as you got into it if you commit to these 5️⃣ things we've learned over the years and work hard to apply during our growth seasons: 

  1. Go nuts 🥜 with gratitude - if you don't appreciate it fully, you'll lose it quickly
  2. Don't stop learning 📚 - so many people say to themselves during busy seasons, "I don't have any room to learn anything new, I just need to get done all the things I already know to do." But that mindset taps out fast, because even once you get "all the things" done now you wake up and have no clue where to go and what to do next... because YOU stopped growing 🤦‍♂️ . 
  3. Hire more amazing team members and helpers 🙌 - if you think you need 1️⃣ person, you likely need 2️⃣  
  4. Get adjusted more often - I hear 👂 it helps you de-stress, better adapt, and improve neurological efficiency 😉 
  5. Celebrate 🎉 and enjoy the ride - you are the one that got on the roller coaster 🎢 in the first place homeslice, don't complain that it goes fast and gets a bit crazy 😜 ! 

Growth is flipping awesome my friend, as long as YOU grow right alongside it! Keep that fire 🔥 my friend! You earned it! 

Every Kid Counts, 
Dr. Tony Ebel & Team PX 


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