The Great Insurance Debate

Dr. Tony’s post last week about the insurance game has really had me thinking.

The insurance debate is always so interesting to me because, in my experience, CAs do not waiver at all on if they want to offer insurance-based care or not.

In fact, I have never, EVER, had CA say to me that they want to offer insurance-based care.

Not One. Single. Time. In the thousands of times I’ve had that conversation in all these years.

As CAs our primary focus is providing absolutely incredible ‚ú®experiences and creating relationships with our patients. And the fact is that insurance has a real possibility of messing up that relationship. Not only that but it introduces a new authority into the mix. One that is not at all aligned with the best care plan, let alone the best outcome for the patient.

Insurance companies have one role and that is to limit their liabilities, period.

These points below sum up most of the feedback that we have gotten over the years from CA’s…

  • “I wish we didn’t take insurance"
  • "I know it would be so much better for our patients, we can help them get all the care they need”
  • “I know we would thrive if we didn’t have to play this game, it’s confusing to patients”
  • “Patients just stop coming when the visits run out”
  • “We’re ready, we just need our doc and CA team to be lined up on this, first”

If you at all have that feeling in your heart that you want to move out of that world and into one where there are no middlemen between you and your patients, patient care plans are based on their scans and needs, centered around lifetime care and building healthy/thriving families in your communities…I promise your team will rally around you like no other to help make that happen.

We will too! Let’s go!!!!

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