The 4 things to grow your BRAND to STAND OUT and be wildly different


I want to dive right into some elements that will really move the needle and grow your practice. I’m going to list out four things that will set your brand on fire and position your practice vividly and distinctly different from everybody else. Not just in chiropractic, but in healthcare as well. We're going big with this one! None of this is fluff, this is what we do that works

A few weeks ago I dove deep into this topic inside of the Pediatric Experience membership and we taught on personal and practice branding. We brought on a marketing and branding expert that helped us out, so I'm going to give you the cliff notes and foundation of it here. If you execute these steps and understand this concept, your practice will really catch fire. 

The Subluxations That Hold Your Brand Back

First off, let me cover the two subluxations. I really think it's one subluxation that has two parts that hold our profession back from seeing more families.

#1 we just aren't even known to exist.

We are completely obscure, not even an option. Parents who have sick, colicky, stressed babies and toddlers, wound up kids and anxious teenagers, don't even know that we exist. So it's not that your brand is boring, there is just no feeling about the brand of your practice because there's no awareness. So the top of your flywheel as we teach it has no momentum because you're just not out there loud enough, clear enough, or enough period! 

#2 if your brand is simply too bland.

98% of chiropractors have a spine in their logo, and talk about the spine, back pain, and accidents a lot.

You look like everyone else. You're not only getting watered down by all the other chiropractors, but you're really not that much different. You look about the same as a massage therapist, physical therapist, yoga studio or orthopedist. It looks like everybody else and goes into what’s called a red ocean. 

We're going to use our practice, PWC, as a real-life example of how you can recreate and model the four things we do. What's great about this one is how important YOU are to this. You can't just do exactly what PWC does, because your brand needs to be authentic to you. The truth of the matter is as a pediatric, prenatal and family chiropractor, your personality - personal brand, story, passion and why - need to be infused strongly into your practice brand. You cannot only brand yourself based on the school you went to and the technique you practice. 

The 4 Key Branding Differentiators are:

  1. Your Personal Story (passion, purpose, and personal experiences) 

It starts with number one, our story, my story. See, we had already built a brand of chiropractic on pediatrics, prenatal and family care as we were on the journey towards having our family and kids. You do not need to wait to have your own kids or wait to experience a significant, miraculous struggle story as I did with my son Oliver. Were those brand boosters to us… yes! We were already building a foundation of pediatrics and family care and then God sent me down that road and that happened in my life. 

That is how it works, your work life and personal life are not separate. Burn those books that tell you about work-life balance! When you fall in love and truly have passion and purpose, which if that's your story right now before you have your own family - passion for kids, pregnant moms and families - that's enough! The absolute lit-up, on-fire foundation of our brand is our purpose, passion and personal story. 

  1. Your Ideal Who (that one certain patient condition or detailed category you feel most called and crafted to serve)

Number two is our focus on The Perfect Storm. Branding yourself as a pediatric, family practice, “we see everyone”, is the worst kind of brand. The most useless, unhelpful brand you can have. That's what most chiropractors try to do when they move into seeing more kids, they just put family in their name or on their website, yet back pain and all the other crap washes it out. 

Our brand is actually anchored on The Perfect Storm. So when you whittle down your brand, you actually need to have a very specific who or The Perfect Storm is kind of a cohort or category of certain kids and struggles. That's what sets our practice wildly, distinctly and uniquely apart from even other pediatric and family wellness chiropractic  

practices, which are all over this town and country in an awesome way. They do a lot of good things, they just don't touch The Perfect Storm like we do. And every perfect storm child has a little sibling whose parents don't want them to go down that road and who have been and are stressed out. 

The Perfect Storm is our absolute, fast-paced, wildly successful cheat code, as I like to call it, to end up with a lifetime family wellness practice. It works better than anything else if it's true to your heart and you've backed it up with your training. 

  1. Your Clinical Approach and Expertise  

 (ours is a NEURO-focused approach with Insight Scan Technology to SHOW it) 

The third element is our obsessive, relentless focus on subluxation-based, neurologically focused chiropractic. Our approach is so neurologically focused, instead of spinal, physical, or structural, that we are able to stand out in our community in a unique way with our neurological focus and Insight scans. First and foremost, full homage and respect to Dr. Fletcher and the crew that brings those to life. The Insight scans are for us clinically and we get incredible patient results, which is part of our brand as well, Expect Miracles. The Insight scans are the way we show the community our uniqueness after we're using them for clinical care planning, adjusting and those sorts of things. 

  1. Your Patient Experience ️  (“customer service” through things like design, culture, core values, systems, and team) 

The fourth element of our brand that we are very loud and clear about in the community is the way in which we take care of people. We call it our care formula, creating absolutely ridiculous experiences. The care formula is our patient experience. Our office is gorgeous and in a nice part of town. We have an incredibly high-end team. We provide an outstanding amount of customer experience because we want that to be part of our brand. We want our patients and families to think, that not only are they passionate, have a unique specialty in pediatrics (The Perfect Storm), and show us the nervous system in these scans, but the way they take care of me and my family completely stands out. 

Those are our four brand positioning elements.

What are yours? Have you thought about them? Have you written them out? We have a brand book that we have designed and written. There is a formula to our brand and we didn't stumble upon it, God sent us to it then crafted and called us through it.

  It's on a document that I can look at it and see all of our content. I just hired a new writer for PWC. We're about to hire a new CA for PWC. We're about to hire another graphic designer for PWC. This brand book right here is the first thing I send to these people when they join the team so they know, this is who we are and what we project to the community. I know for a lot of you, you just haven't gone to that degree yet. 

There's a lot here and there's a lot you can do with this. I gave you our example so you have one to model, but it's your story that matters. It's your who you want to take care of. If it's not The Perfect Storm kids, who is it? What is it? It's your clinical obsession that is there. Find your 3, 4, 5 of these that I know will crush it for you. Write them out, gather your team, have a strategic planning meeting, get on your social media feeds and get them out to the community. 

Branding matters a million times more than marketing because it's what sets your marketing. It matters more than sales, you don’t even have to talk about sales when you brand well. It's also what you then are committed to backing up and delivering to your community, so it actually is very important for your clinical results as well. When you tell the community what you're going to do, you need to deliver upon that.

I hope this helps you like crazy. The brand of chiropractic needs some help and adjusting. The brand of pediatric chiropractic for the most part has looked more like family, natural wellness practitioners and subluxation, neurology and clinical excellence has all just been washed away. Myself, our team and The Pediatric Experience are here to bring it to you, through you and to them. I hope this catches you and you get after it.


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