The 3 steps we can all take to get READY for THEM!


The 3️⃣ steps we can all take to get READY for THEM!

I want to talk to you about why there is a great resignation happening in healthcare. Now this term, “the great resignation” is something that's being kicked around in a lot of online articles about the workforce and workplace. When everything got disrupted with the lockdowns and work-from-home situations, a lot of people chose to change their job, switch their career, start their own company, etc. 

I want to take the term great resignation and turn it into something that is phenomenal. The fact that there is a huge resignation also means that millions of parents are leaving the faulty trust and care they never really had with Pediatricians and taking action on that gut and hunch that something wasn’t right and they're leaving. There's a great resignation from traditional healthcare, the medical system, pharma system, that pill for every ill - the gig is up, people are aware that what they always wondered is true. 

Naturally that means when parents are moving away from something, when they're firing one kind of doctor, they're looking to hire another kind of doctor and they basically have two different primary choices. They have what we'll call a natural health doctor - naturopathic, integrative, nutrition, and wellness. Or they can move to a neurological doctor, which would be us, pediatric and family chiropractors.

There are three things that I want you to write down. These are three must make moves to get ready for this great resignation that's headed towards us full of kids, families, and pregnant moms. 

An Online Presence Is Crucial

Number one, you must get online. I'm not even talking about paid advertising. Our organic reach on Instagram, Facebook and Google - SEO is so good right now we really don't even need paid ads at all. 

When I say get online, get there because they are there. Those moms are Googling, joining Facebook groups, Instagram scrolling and story watching. So you have got to be on Instagram rocking reels and posting beautiful kid pictures that are inspirational. Instagram is not for education, you can sneak some in there, but it's for gathering attention - the attraction phase of the flywheel. 

You can absolutely be crushing it on Instagram right now and you'll convert some patients for sure if your Instagram game is really strong, but the way you want to absolutely explode your online presence is to tie everything together. You don't want to be dependent upon just one platform because all the consumers, parents, moms looking for help, live their lives on both looking for different information. Facebook is where you can add more information, such as your longform videos or longer write ups and testimonials. The answer is to have a presence on both. 

Then you add old school, online SEO. We are crushing our articles right now. Our PX Docs website, which is only a few months old, is about to pass 15,000 hits. We're sending hundreds of referrals to Pediatric Experience chiropractors through our directory and it’s basically on autopilot these days, thanks to SEO and social strategies.

The Power of a Strong Alliance

Number two, partner up. This is where old school becomes a really important way to scale up your practice. There are other practitioners that are very similar to us in philosophy and style, and they should be your homies! The birth community and the integrative holistic natural health pediatric community is on fire as well. Old school marketing is connecting with other professionals in your community. 

Right now if you even look, smell or sound like a functional med or integrative natural health clinic, you all have new patients coming out of your ears. This includes the pediatric PTs, OTs, doulas, pediatric dentists, etc. These are people that you can collaborate with and build your own Alliance. You build your own community within the community and network of professionals. You host meetups, you communicate, you do things for them, such as giving referrals, posting Facebook live and Instagram opportunities on your channel for them, and away you both go. 

Now Is the Time to Go All In

Number three is scale and invest. It is not time to play small. I am someone who invested and borrowed half a million dollars to open our clinic in the middle of the recession in 2007. I have always heavily invested in the future of pediatric chiropractic, knowing that the world was going to shift towards us and away from medicine. I am here to give you encouragement and advice that says - it's time to scale up. Hire CAs, higher associates, look for a bigger space, buy your building, invest in real estate and increase your footprint. 

You would be insane not to invest in pediatric chiropractic right now and if you happen to work for or own a pediatric, prenatal and family chiropractic business, you are the hottest market right now in healthcare. So you should invest, invest, invest - in people, software, systems, training size of your practice, all of it! If you're facing a decision right now, should I, could I, is this the right thing to do? Even if I don't know you, if you are even a halfass pediatric and family chiropractor, the answer is yes, because they are ready for you - and if you don't feel you're ready for them, we're ready to train you and teach you. 

We are online and digital; we are in person with a certificate program, CE seminar and hands on adjusting seminar. The pediatric chiropractic ecosystem is now inside The Pediatric Experience. We will be the ones to lead this to them in the marketplace as they haul towards us. 

Any help you need from clinical, training and certainty, we start there. From communication and marketing, we own there. From team and systems and how to scale your practice, do that, been there - am still doing that today. 

These three things we just broke down will get you there. And if you need help doing one, two, or all three of them, just get with The Pediatric Experience. We're ready for you to get you ready for them. 


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