The 3 Instant Growth Moves Far Too Many of Us Still Are NOT Making!

Hey doc!

We often set things up one way in the beginning and don't even consider changing it because it doesn't feel broken. This post is all about 3 relatively small tweaks you can make to drive immediate growth within your practice.

We are blessed to guide + mentor many of you as you look to further impact your community and grow 📈 your practice, and just like we do with patients... we don't look for just the superficial + easy stuff that creates growth (Marketing, Retention, Systems, etc.).

We dive deep when we search 🔍 for the real-life subluxations holding you back. And I'm telling ya, these 3 are extremely common things we continue to see.

I'll expand just a bit on each...

1. Expand Your Hours

Each Saturday, we see between 175-200 adjustments and process 5-10 New Patients! THAT one morning shift is a solid practice in and of itself.

More so than ever, kids + families today are BUSY as heck. You can bemoan it and think it should be different... but it is what it is. School 🏫 , sports ⚽️ 🏈 , tutoring, and for many families, both parents work.

So if you take your last patients 5:30-6 PM and aren't there on Saturdays, you're capping your growth MASSIVELY. We have 53 patients on the schedule at PWC tonight (as I write this) just after 6 PM, as the after 6 PM time frame is THE busiest hour of the day most nights of the week!

2. Take on Perfect Storm 🌪 / Neuro Cases

We all LOVE taking on the general family wellness cases of pregnant moms and brand-new babies. But the truth is that 12 + 24 visit care plans just don't add up that fast 💨 to create massive growth in your practice!

AND sadly, we all experience that these types of patients are the ones that are not as "sticky" as others, and it's just in real life that it's harder to convert them to wellness and keep them for life sometimes.

3. Hire a Tech CA

I'll keep it short and simple here -- you could be seeing 3-5 more New Patients and 30-50 more visits per week easily if you just finally stop 🛑 running your own scans!

By hiring your first Tech CA, you will immediately see growth in that camp!

There you have it! 3 steps to start seeing more patients in your practice with minimal resources. And any "investment" from these 3 growth moves is proven by us and many other practices to provide a return in your patient growth + impact!

Have you tried any of these methods? If not, what's stopping you?

Ready to level up your entire practice? Join the mission + movement that will put Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Chiropractic as the first choice and stop for millions of families worldwide. Join our FREE training, "The Proven Path to a Thriving Family Practice" here!


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