The #1 Absolute Lamest Yet Insanely Important Key to LONG TERM Success in Practice

A successful chiropractic practice doesn't happen overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, and most importantly, consistency

This is why it's so important to have a long-term game plan in place from the very beginning. When you know what your goals are and you have a clear vision for the future, it's much easier to stay on track and make informed decisions that will help your practice grow.

Of course, it's also important to be flexible and adjust your plan as needed, but having a solid foundation to work from will make all the difference in the world. So if you're serious about building a successful practice, make sure you have a long-term game plan in place from day one. 

As exhausting as it is during the startup phase, it is much more difficult to sustain impact, success and maintain consistency of your energy.

For me personally, one of my strong suits is my straight-up boring, regular obsession with consistency and I want to teach you exactly what it does, how to have it, deploy it and go through it.

What I want you to think about is turning your consistency into a system, this is crucial for me. God definitely put me on this road because he gave me a ton of energy due to my ADHD, but even more so, because of my purpose and vision. 

I know how much the vision of pediatric chiropractic in your community is and the potential to get kids, pregnant moms, postpartum moms, and full families under care. I know how much energy that brings, but I also know how energy works from a human and neurological perspective. For so many of us, our energy is dispersed in the most random, chaotic ways in general and with our practice.

What I want to do for you is what we actually do with the neurological energy of our patients through a care plan and adjustments - we organize their energy, restore its balance and put it back into coordination.

Because subluxation is the opposite of that. Disorganization creates a lack of consistent health, which opens the window for challenges. So we can grow our practice, just like our patients grow their health. 

With that purpose full of energy and with my ADHD, I have been forced to turn consistency into a system. There are three main places I want you to form a consistent system of staying humble, hungry, and focused. 

Science Consistency 

#1 is in your science. It's studying the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic. You need to consistently work to improve your clinical skill set. This next year will be my 15th year of practice. I technically only adjust and see patients two days a week, but my schedule is stacked with the toughest of patients.  I take on the perfect storm intensives and a lot of our TBI and seizure patients, etc. With that, I am constantly improving my skills. There has not been a single year that I haven’t attended one or more technique seminars.  But more than that, I am also constantly reading research and working on improving my scientific, philosophical chiropractic art skillset every single week.  

Marketing and Communication Consistency

#2 is to operate with consistency in your marketing and communication. Our marketing system is a machine. When you actually open up the hood to PWC, PX or the PX Docs platform, which represents all of us as pediatric family chiropractors, it is really boring.

It lives on a Google spreadsheet and precisely says; this is when we're posting - day and time; this is what we're posting - content and style; this is who is posting and this is what platform. We have turned marketing and communication - our day one, day two, table talks, CAs trained in communication, into frameworks and structure. 

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“Scripts” may be what you thought when you read that our marketing and communication is a system and a machine, but it's not. Our machine has adaptability and fluidity designed into it because it's a framework and a structure.  

What we do is consistently hit our marks. I know that every month I'm rocking a workshop, every day we're posting on social media on every platform, and every week, I'm producing two videos that are educational, informational and inspirational for families. Every week I'm writing one blog and one article. I'm giving you these real life examples of how I live my life because a lot of people don't know how to get it all done. It's a system. It is so boring, but it's based upon consistency. 

Team and Leadership Consistency

#3 is how you lead and take care of your team. A lot of us get buried in improving our craft, going to technique seminars, and constantly studying marketing and communication. But your team is everything and you can’t forget about them! 

Lastly, I never miss my adjustments. I can lay back, relax and it’s all good if I can consistently get my adjustments. 

If you continue to focus and ask yourself how to consistently stay in a humble learning mode every day, week, month and year, it will lead to these other areas.  

Consistency WILL Grow Your Practice

I've been teaching on zoom almost every week. I get to train, lead, guide, and share what we're working on with our crew. I see the same faces staring back at me and now I know their Associate and CA's names. I know that when I see them looking back at me, their practice is huge and still growing. I know their volume is 500 and 800 and about to tip over a thousand a week. I know they're a million-dollar practice now, and those are just the chiropractic stats. I also know the names of patients that they serve, whose lives they have transformed. 

If you want to work on a single character trait and attribute that will change your life and the lives of kids and families in your community, it's your consistency.

This is also one of the greatest messages you can share with your wellness patients. Health comes from being boring. I teach our kids and our patients that my goal for them is to become boring.

My goal is for all the crap that’s gotten in the way of their health, that makes their lives so incredibly stressful, will to go away and their health becomes boring.

Parents, especially of spectrum and perfect storm kids that have had anything but boring, want that so bad. So how do we do it? You consistently do the boring, simple things. Never miss your adjustment, get to bed on time and stay active.  Chiropractic is the most consistent thing you have in your life because it's your nervous system that makes all consistent right moves for your health.  

This is a health and success lesson. This is the way to blow up your practice and see it grow forever. Consistently stay humble, keep learning and turn your consistency into an output system. It is the most important success attribute you can have, so go get yourself some consistency! 

The Pediatric Experience is built around proven pieces of training and step-by-step guides to ensure consistency in your practice. Join 800+ chiros across the world that are leveling up their practice!


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