Subluxation Happens First

As Doctors of Cause, we can’t just be focused on finding “all the things” that cause kids to get subluxated, sick, and stressed — we need to actually take it one step further.

We also need to be obsessed with learning and knowing the exact order or ‘sequence’ with which they got sick. And once a Pediatric & Family Chiropractor is really tuned in to the importance of this crucial, granular piece of clinical information, you’ll find it exactly this way in 90% or more of your pediatric cases today — subluxation happens first.

Before they are exposed to toxins (inhaled, ingested, or injected) and things like dairy, grains, and food dyes — they are subluxated.

Before they are exposed to mental and emotional stress (hello the last two awful years for this) — they are subluxated.

No child will get to live a life free of physical, chemical, and emotional stress (3Ts). But it’s not exposed to these stressors that make a child sick — it’s their inability to adapt and overcome them.

True subluxation-centered chiropractors know that taking care of subluxation isn’t just one of the things we do, it’s THEE thing we do.

We are the only profession that truly knows how detrimental its neurological effects are, and when we understand this crucial component of what sequence stress and sickness really come from — we are the only ones who understand that its THEE missing link for kids and families who’ve already gone GFCF, chemical-free, and changed their entire lifestyle.

Pediatric Chiropractic can’t just be another therapy that families add to the list of probiotics and primitive reflex therapies… because it’s not a therapy at all.

suIt’s our job to empower and educate our communities on the exact order that which stress, sickness, and struggles arise — so they know the exact order they need to work in to help their child heal and stay healthy for life. That order is chiropractic first.

Because subluxation happens first.


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