Speak Hope

Today on the way to school in the truck my daughter cued up one of our favorite songs, “Speak Life” by TobyMac, and like so many songs it took me immediately into our purpose as Pediatric Chiropractors in a major way!

Truth is that our job to “Speak Hope” into our community is not just a fun, rewarding part of our jobs… but it’s actually the absolute most effective first step in branding and marketing ourselves and our practice as well. It’s emotional and perfectly strategic.

There is zero chance that any mom in your community is going to watch a single one of your educational videos or read an educational article about subluxation, neurology 🧠, our technique, or anything of the like… if you didn’t FIRST inspire her about what’s actually possible for her child to heal or have an incredible LIFE right from the jump!

So expanding on our Friday Fire 🔥 quote for today a bit — Speak Life First 👆🏼.

We teach our PX Tribe how to Connect (market) with their community using our proven 3I System, and it’s not just doing all 3️⃣ that matter most… it’s doing them in the right order 🔢. Here’s the overview of our system:

1. Inspirational (“Speak Hope”) ✨ content first
2. Informational (empowering education) 📝 content second
3. Invitational (attend a workshop, book an appointment) 🤝 content third

Take some time today to scroll back through your practice’s social media feed, website, emails, etc.

Do you “Speak Hope ✨” enough, or are you information-heavy and clearing going for the “hook” far too soon?

PX is taking over the profession and all of Pediatric & Family Health Care not simply because we are phenomenal clinicians and patient educators (we slay these spots too), but because we are full-on committed Hope Dealers ✨ first and foremost… and we go all out there every single day!

Speak Hope ✨ Homies. It works!


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