Something Has Got to Change

This past week has been straight crazy, filled with reflection for Tony and I. A lot of questions, a lot of soul searching, and a lot of worry…but only by me, Tony doesn’t worry. Like ever. 😒

We knew the path was going to be different but we didn't know how or what until we stopped trying to make it about ourselves and make it about pediatric and family chiropractic. It was at that moment that the ideas came flooding in and the path became so freaking clear!

It’s so clear, it’s almost surreal we didn’t see it sooner. The path to take pediatric chiropractic to more kids and families is by realizing no one owns it. The more we try to protect it for ourselves and our own gain, the more we suffocate it. “You can’t be in growth and protection at the same time” Bruce Lipton is something from the very start of our journey that I say to myself often when I get scared making business and life decisions.

Funny how that same quote made our next step so obvious. We can teach, we can share, we can show what we learn through clinical care but we simply cannot own pediatric chiropractic. By trying to limit others from it, we only hurt the families we aren’t serving because we spend so much time trying to protect something that isn’t ours. It’s time to let it free and let it fly. For THEM. 

I said we took a next step towards this vision but in reality, we dove head first off a really tall building. It might seem crazy to those on the outside but I've seen chiropractic create many miracles and I've seen Tony's heart and soul in action. God built him to never shut up about and to share pediatric chiropractic with the world. So if he asks me to jump, I grab his hand and leap. So here we are. In 5 days we went from a brand new idea to a business. 

No one better to officially send off the state paperwork filing for this new baby of ours. It's always been about him. Our Oliver and all the other "Oliver's" out there will always be our true north. That might make the path a little messy at times but we know in our hearts it's still the path we're meant to follow. 

It still needs some paint, some décor and a little bit of furniture, but the foundation and walls are up. It was built with passion, purpose, and it was actually built without chiropractors in mind. 😳🤯 

That's right, we want you to join us in something that we actually didn't build for you. We built it with your community in mind FIRST! We built it so you know what to do for those moms and dads to trust your skill enough to hand their brand new baby to you. What does that mom staying up late searching for answers need you to know? What does that skeptical dad need you to communicate so he agrees to give you a shot to change his family’s life forever through the power of an adjustment?

That’s who we thought of when we built this. Your growth and your success will be a byproduct of you helping the kids and families in your community. 

This is going to be different. 

Because it simply has to be. We love pediatric chiropractic enough to see we haven't made that big of a difference. We've tried for sure, but we haven't really done much if these numbers have not grown. In reality, we've tried to do it alone.

This group here, or that group there, but still essentially alone and without collaboration among those groups. Docs, our communities need us to stop protecting chiropractic for ourselves to the point that the public is not thinking of us FIRST with their families! Most think of us NEVER. Not cool. 

If you join us and learn something, we want you to keep it. We want you to keep using it even if you’re not still paying us. We want you to absolutely crush it even if you decide we’re not for you.

We also don't want to be the only group you're a part of, and we are making the price point a no-brainer so you don't have to choose us or them, but to get to choose ALL the groups, places, and organizations that help you get more kids and families under chiropractic care!

Even better, we're going to bring in lots of other experts, groups, and collaborations to help move the needle forward.  Because the ONLY way pediatric chiropractic wins is if we all win. 

Want to know something awesome? PWC Chiropractic in Crystal Lake, IL, is an all cash, adjusting-only office, collecting $1.5 million and seeing 1,100+ paying patients per week! Want to know the bummer? PWC Chiropractic is the only all cash, adjusting-only office collecting $1.5 million and seeing 1,100+ paying patients each week that we know of.

Our mission is to create offices doing that and MORE in every single town, all over the globe! It’s time we lend a hand to each other, drop the ladder down and have as many chiropractors as we can climb up! Pediatric chiropractic is not ours nor yours. It’s theirs! It’s your communities! And good Lord is it time we gave it to them! THAT is the only way we make an impact! THAT is the ONLY way pediatric and family chiropractic moves forward.

Let's stop thinking about what we want and start leading with what THEY want. I love this thing called Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Chiropractic so much and I can’t wait to see where it leads us. I'm all in with you and I'm so excited to see where this new baby of ours will lead us. 

Here we go... Launch is Monday at 12 Noon Central (or maybe even before, Tony is a Raging Bull you know)! 

❤️ Kristina


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