I met Olivia 2️⃣  years ago. Mom, Tanya, had tried chiropractic care for Olivia before but didn’t quite feel like they were in the right place for her specific needs. Curious to learn more, I dug deeper.

Olivia had a very traumatic injury at birth setting off a storm 🌪 that showed up as a toddler with absent seizures, extreme anxiety, and sensory processing challenges. Noise 🔊, lights 💡, and sensory overload. These challenges became so difficult that her and her family had a hard time even leaving the house 🏡  and adapting to what most would consider simple, everyday life. 

Chiropractic was a “piece of the puzzle,” 🧩 mom said. “We’ve gone for years with Olivia, but we’re not sure we are really making any progress…seizures and anxiety are so bad right now we are having to take her out of school 📚 and sports ⛹🏻‍♀️.”

“I’m glad you’ve continued to get her adjusted,” I replied, “when was chiropractic helping her the most?” 

Tanya thought for a minute and confidently replied, “right at the start, when we were coming in a lot…”

...after listening to Olivia’s story and getting her scanned, we did just that and she got adjusted… A LOT!

Olivia started coming in daily and settled in for 3-4 months at no less than 3x a week frequency. She went from having over 20 seizures per day to having whole days fully seizure-free! 🙌🏼 She started going to school again and now she’s a boss at ninja warrior camp, basketball practice, and swim 🏊🏻 lessons! A complete 360!

This might sound TOO SIMPLE...right?... Just adjust more?

But please don’t confuse SIMPLE with EASY...

Subluxation Sucks... straight up! And nothing is EASY about clearing that STUCK STRESS with Olivia and so many other kiddos.

Leveling up Care Plans takes a commitment to knowing the science, communicating it with confidence, and being excellent with every adjustment!

Focusing exclusively on clearing the subluxation is SIMPLE.

And TRAINING HARD to master it will never be EASY.. but the MIRACLES will always be WORTH IT! #EXPECTMIRACLES

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